Air Combat


Air Combat Alternatives for PS Vita

#1 OMG-Z


OMG-Z is an Action and Single-player Puzzle video game that takes place in the zombie-themed environment. The game is available to play on Multiple Platforms, and responsible for taking you to a fictional city of Redfield during a zombie apocalypse. The primary gameplay focuses on causing chain reactions to remove the blood-thirsty zombies. In the game, your primary weapon is a zombie-exploding pathogen, which you can use to defeat zombies and those nearby to explode in turn.

There are over 80 challenging levels available, and the completion of each one requires the improved abilities to increase the speed of your performance and achievements to obtain higher points. During the gameplay, you find five different types of zombies, including Normal, Fat, Acid, and Soldiers. Polish your survival skills and embark on an exciting journey to confront blood-thirsty zombies. OMG-Z includes fabulous features such as detailed graphics, adventure gameplay, and more.