AirParrot is a mirroring based streaming platform that enables its users to beam digital media files or screen wirelessly to multiple ranges of multimedia receivers. Just after the installation of AirParrot, it will instantly discover the available receivers over your local network. By using this bridge connecting platform, you can wirelessly share the content from any digital device to all those that support the media receivers.

The Quick Connect system of this program will automatically discover the available content in your network. In addition to music files, the users of AirParrot can share the video, presentations, and even the whole screen.

You can use the AirParrot with multiple receivers at once as well because it is designed to forward the content to multiple receivers at once. The next stage is the broadcasting stage for broadcasting the content to various devices, including the ChromeCast and Apple TV.

You can even share the music files with all types of AirPlay-enabled speakers. If you want to get more from the AirParrot, then use it in combination with Reflector to create a seamless mirroring experience to any PC or internet-enabled device.


AirParrot Alternatives

#1 AirMyPC


It is a mirroring application to make the link of Windows PC to ChromeCast or Apple TV. By using this tool, you can equally share the sound and screen of your PC to Apple TV or ChromeCast. It is just like AirPlay of iDevices.

Just like Android, AirMyPC permits its users to cast mirror what is one the screen to the TV via ChromeCast. You will enjoy the same feature in the AirMyPC as it will also make you able to stream your multimedia files from Windows PC by adding AirPlay and cast screen mirroring capabilities.

AirMyPC also deploys the AirPlay or Cast to stream photos, music, video from your PC, or wirelessly to ChromeCast devices or Apple TV that are sharing the same Wi-Fi or local network as your PC. Everything here is in a wireless environment, so there is no requirement for wires at all.

Just after installing the AirMyPC, it will automatically start to transfer all those data that are on PC on that PC speaker to your TV. AirMyPC is available in the free and paid version. The paid version is available for $12.95.


#2 AirPlay


AirPlay allows you stream music throughout your entire living premises wirelessly. AirPlay wireless technology will be completely incorporated into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems from companies such as Bowers & Wilkins and Denon. So, you can entertain yourself through your complete iTunes library – every song and every playlist – anywhere and anytime.

Its Mirroring allows you to display what is on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac screen to everyone under one roof. You can show web pages, games, videos, spreadsheets, photos, class material, and more on your HDTV via Apple TV, and much more.

By using this program, you can enjoy the wireless streaming between multiple devices of audio, video, device screens, and photos together with related metadata. In addition to streaming pictures, music, and videos by using AirPlay, you can even display the iOS screen on Apple TV as well.

AirPlay allows its users wirelessly to stream the content on their iOS devices to speakers and HDTV by way of Apple TV. They can even mirror what they want to display on the big screen. Either it is about vacation photos or blockbuster movies, you can go for streaming any media content by way of using AirPlay.

For the information of the readers, AirPlay is compatible with the second-generation Apple TV or later. Moreover, AirPlay Mirroring is available for the iPhone 4s and later. Use AirPlay and enjoy the streaming of your digital media content from multiple devices.

#3 Stream What You Hear


Stream What You Hear is an application for the music lover that will allow them to stream their PC music from any DLNA or UPnP devices. By using this, you can enjoy the streaming of Windows music from the amps, TVs, game consoles, network receives, and all those digital devices that support an internet connection.

It is an open-source and free program that allows its users to configure its settings and options as per their requirements. Check out some key technical features of the Stream What You Hear that are record any sound on the PC or what you actually hear, streaming as WAV/PCM or MP3 over HTTP, support for UPnP/DLNA 1.0 Media Server, supports automatic DLNA/UPnP Media Renderer, record the audio in the MP3 file and much more.

Stream What You Hear is much featured rich in terms of supported media renderers. When it comes to helping for media players, then Stream What You Hear is highly advanced in this scenario as well that support the media players of all most all digital devices and operating systems.

Among a lot of advantages, there are some disadvantages that are in the shape of no support for some TVs and players. Stream What You Hear don’t support the Samsung TVs, Popcorn Hour Players, Philips TVs, Sound Bar Philips, Home Theater Sony, and Onkyo Amps. So, if you are using any of this device and want to use the Stream What You Hear, then you will not get any advantage of this experiment.


#4 Airfoil


Airfoil is a tool used for sending audio from your Mac or PC out to compatible receivers. It allows users to send any audio to the AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs, all in sync!

Audio can be sent to different outputs around your dwelling, all in sync, and with Airfoil Speakers, you can convert any computer into a remote audio output. This software will make you able to transfer your audio files from your PC to output anywhere through your network.

After sharing the music with Airfoil, you can listen to it from any Airfoil supported and iDevices and even PCs as well. Airfoil is available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems users.

After using the Airfoil, you can stream any audio from any PC located anywhere. You can transfer music wirelessly to devices. Even you can listen to the music from the web-based audio streaming and share platform as well.

#5 Beamer


Beamer is a program for enjoying the wireless streaming of audio and video files from Mac to ChromeCast and Apple TV. For those who want to benefit from the streaming of their digital media content from multiple iDevices will surely like the streaming of Beamer on their TV from any iDevice.

Beamer is just like normal media players, except working as a channel of communication between two iDevices. For the first time, there is a program that supports the subtitle formats as well, either there are bitmap-based, text-based, embedded in the videos that are available in external file format.

Some intuitive technical features of the Beamer are supported for all Apple TVs with the AirPlay system, pre-enabled Google Cast, and all popular formats are supported. It also helps all form of subtitles, remote control controlling system, creates and manages the playlists, and various others. The exceptional about Beamer is that it is a highly configurable platform that allows its users to customize its settings as they like to see it working.

#6 Porthole


Porthole allows you to stream multiple AirPlay devices and your Mac’s speakers at the same time so that you can enjoy music throughout your resident. With this, you can stream all audio with just one click. It focuses on being gorgeous and straightforward to use.

The setup wizard will have you going within seconds. Just one click is needed to switch from music from your Mac to your remote speakers. By using the single setup, you can run music files from any Mac devices via multiple AirPlay speakers at once.

Some technical features of the Porthole are taken advantage of multiple speakers simultaneously, support for all audios including music streaming and sharing platform, support for keyboard shortcuts to control various devices, and availability of AirPlay for almost all devices.

The primary objective of Porthole is to make the process of air playing Spotify and other music services easy and straightforward. You can play any music from your Mac OS X system output while you are streaming.

Now all the wireless receiver and the Mac will play the music in the synchronization environment. You can perform all other functions without any further hurdles like adjusting of volume per speaker and much more. By using the volume keys of the keyboard, you can surely alter the AirPlay volume. The exception here is that even the mute button works. You can set the output preferences on your own as well.

#7 Soundfly


Soundfly makes use the Apple’s AUNetSend and Soundflower to broadcast audio to another Mac on your network. It turns up as a set containing a utility that dispatches to sound over the network (Soundfly), and another that receives and plays the audio stream (Soundfly receiver).

It performs out of the set, but if you desire further configuration, click ALT when starting both tools, and you will be able to configure the Audio Units. Soundfly is a tiny and easy to use tool that sends the audio files from one Mac device to another one.

Two essential elements are the part of the Soundfly that are Soundfly itself and Soundfly receiver. Soundfly works as a file sender that sends the audio over the other network. In the same manner, the Soundfly receiver works as the receiver of the file that receives and plays the audio stream.

Soundfly comes with the pre-default setting. However, you can configure the Soundfly according to your requirements, as well. When you are going to launch any application, then press the ALT button, and it will take you to the configuration section of that option, and you will be able to configure the audio units. Soundfly is a complete freeware application that you can share with anyone without any modification.

#8 StreamToMe


StreamToMe is a streaming media player for iDevices and Windows operating systems. It will allow you to play all of your photos, videos, and music stored on Mac or PC from anywhere. You can stream all those music and audio files and other digital media content over Wi-Fi or cellular stored on your Mac and PC.

The exception of StreamToMe is that it requires no prior conversion or synchronization at all. Just tap on the file and start playing. In addition to being simple and easy, the other features of the StreamToMe are stream from any PC or Mac device.

It supports the streaming of image files, music files, movies, and much more. The tool also allows its users to stream a variable bitrate for the best possible quality or select a specific bitrate. You can connect through a local network or non-local Wi-Fi as well.

Multiple options are there for the iOS devices that are in the shape of AirPlay audio and AirPlay video. You can playback through the component, composite, VGA, DVI, or HDMI cables as well. You can disable the background play supported for music and video as well.

In terms of support for multiple formats, StreamToMe is very featured rich that will allow you to enjoy a high number of forms and codecs. The supported formats and codecs list of StreamToMe contains almost all media formats.

Moreover, other formats are transparently live transcoded into the supported formats. The rest of the features and functions of StreamToMe are browsing, collections, searching, playback interface, server options, support for multiple file formats, and support for various subtitle formats.

#9 TuneBlade


TuneBlade is a straightforward yet effective platform designed to assist the Windows users in streaming Windows audio and music files over the AirPlay streaming system. In addition to streaming the audio files over AirPlay, users of TuneBlade can stream their audio content to the Apple TV and Airport Express compatible speakers and HiFi receivers as well.

The exceptional about TuneBlade is its quality of being tray utility that will make the process of audio streaming nearly simple. Some of the features of TuneBlade are stream system-wide audio, stream to multiple receivers simultaneously, minimal lag time, the buffer for reliable playback, uncompressed CD-quality streaming system, synchronized audio with the video system, remote control, and sound equalizer.

It is currently available in two versions, namely TuneBlade Free and TuneBlade Full. TuneBlade Free is free with limited features and functions while it is TuneBlade Full that delivers the maximum features to the users. There is one great limitation in both versions that will irritate you during streaming. That limitation is that streaming stops every ten minutes.

#10 TuneAero


It is an AirPlay-compatible audio receiver that is capable of receiving the audio files from the PC, iDevices, and any AirPlay-compatible platforms. This platform will make you able wirelessly to play all of your audio files from the AirPlay-compatible devices.

Install the TuneAero in your Windows and then enjoy an Apple-designed protocol for media streaming on your local area network system. The best about TuneAero is that it is entirely compatible with all iDevices because they contain already integrated support for streaming audio file from an app to the TuneAero.

In addition to streaming on the iDevices, the Windows system can be used for streaming purposes as well. Some of the key features and functions of the TuneAero are synchronization support for a multi-room music system, perfect audio & video synchronization, uncompressed CD-quality streaming, run multiple airplay receivers, play an Airplay system to various speakers. TuneAero is available in two versions that are TuneAero Free and TuneAero Premium. Surely you will get the more features in the TuneAero Premium version.

#11 Stardock Acoustic Bridge


Stardock Acoustic Bridge is a program that will make the process of redirecting audio from one PC to the speaker of another PC. By this, you can double the fun and entertainment by delivering the audio to numerous people.

It will then make you able to transfer your audio files from a PC with all music collection to another PC on the same or even different network. Some of the key features and functions of the Stardock Acoustic Bridge are redirected music to speakers of any PC from one PC, transfer the audio files between two systems on the same network, centralize the audio collections into a single PC, and much more.

Stardock Acoustic Bridge has made the process of redirection the PC audio output very simple that requires only a few clicks. Click on the sound toggle icon to enjoy the streaming of audio from one PC to another one. It will transfer music collection from one PC on the same network to that PC, where Stardock Acoustic Bridge has been already installed.

#12 Airbeam TV


Airbeam TV is a service provider that helps the users in smart screen mirroring apps for iOS and macOS. Users require no additional hardware to run it, and they can directly cast their iPhone or Mac to their Smart TV. It allows users to play movies or videos on their iPhones, which they can mirror on their Smart TV and can watch easily on the big screen.

The platform enables the users to share their screen live and they can share not only the screen but also the sound. Moreover, it allows the users to control the movie being played on the TV from their smartphone. Airbeam TV allows users to stream movies or watch their favorite shows through it. The application has eliminated the hassle of cables, and users just have to install the app to cast their iPhone to the TV, and it supports almost all TV brands.