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Allshare TV Cast is an excellent application that allows users to cast and live stream videos from smartphones to Chromecast and DLNA enabled devices. It is an easy and effortless way to get the most out of media stored on smartphones by casting it on big screens… read more
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9 Allshare TV Cast Alternatives for iOS


1. TV Assist

TV Assist is a robust application, developed by e2esoft that allows you to view videos/photos and listen to your favorite music on PCs, smartphones, and other connected devices. To play your favorite content, you need to establish a connection between the phone and the intended device through this app.

Then, you can effortlessly select and cast photos, videos, or even music on PCs and other big-screen devices. It provides convenient access to media on DLNA devices so that you can stream media from DLNA enabled devices to the connected handheld devices or vice versa.


2. Allcast TV Pro

Allcast TV Pro is an application developed by SPM studios that enables the user to cast media like photos or videos from handheld devices to Android TVs, Smart TVs, DLNA TVs, and other devices.

It supports the casting of online as well as offline media from iOS devices to DLNA enabled devices. This easy to use application doesn’t need any setup or setting as it integrates into the network and automatically discovers DLNA devices.


3. Cast Player

Cast Player is a media streaming application developed by Andrea Bizzotto that enables the user to cast videos and photos on Chromecast supported devices. The user can easily stream videos and pictures of all formats, from smartphones to devices that support Chromecast.

The app lets users easily search and stream videos or images as well as view photos or albums in a slideshow. It features a Carousel Mode that provides access to swipe between images effortlessly and helps users to choose the resolution of videos or photos for streaming.


4. Nero Streaming Player

Nero Streaming Player is a fine streaming application that lets you enjoy streaming, transferring, and playing multimedia files over multiple devices. It is a great tool for you if you want to play music or want to enjoy videos and movies from the smartphone but on the big screen and speakers. Nero Streaming Player is an application that allows you to stream your content across multiple devices and even smartTVs.

With the usage of this application, you can easily and instantly play your multimedia files on the other smart devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and several other devices in the home network. Nero Streaming Player makes it easy for you to stream a wide range of content from one device to another one.


5. UPNP Xtreme

UPNP Xtreme is an advanced app that lets you stream your favorite content from smartphones to smart TVs and other DLNA or UPNP devices. It is a robust app that enables users to stream all types of media, including videos, photos, music, and more.

It provides support of casting media directly from the iTunes Store to devices in a convenient way. The app supports a variety of devices from smart TVs to android TVs as well as a large number of servers and media players.


6. Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP

Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP is an application, which is developed by 2kit consulting that enables you to stream videos and movies to smart TVs and DLNA devices right from the smartphone. It supports a variety of devices, including game controllers, Blu-ray players, and DLNA powered TVs. Users can effortlessly watch movies, live TV streams, photos, videos, and can also listen to music using this robust app.

The application provides easy accessibility to DLNA supported devices from anywhere you want. You can also stream offline videos, photos, and music from a smartphone to DLNA enabled devices. It allows users to stream videos from leading video streaming platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Daily Motion, and others as well.


7. Castio – Cast to Chromecast TV

Castio – Cast to Chromecast TV app enables you to cast TV and video to Chromecast supporting devices, developed by kraftwerk9. It is a robust application for those who want to cast multimedia files from smartphone to Chromecast supported devices.

You need to connect both the device and your cellular device to stream your favorite videos on the big screens. It is an easy source to watch offline as well as online videos from websites on Chromecast supported devices.


8. Photo Video Cast

Photo Video Cast works as a media player to stream on Chromecast enabled devices, developed by Swishly Inc. It is a simple app through which users can cast all their most likely videos and pictures on their desired Chromecast supported device. It offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface with integrated, powerful in-app features.

It features a beam function through which users can easily share their favorite videos or photos with family and friends on their Chromecast devices. Users can effortlessly create custom slideshows by selecting pictures one by one or by selecting the whole album at once.


9. Cast King TV

Cast King TV is a web browser developed by Kathleen Gallagher Mody, which allows you to stream media right from cellular devices to Chromecast connected devices. This app brings an excellent medium through which users can share and cast web-based media from iOS to connected devices.

You can also download media from the internet to the device’s internal storage to stream later in offline mode. Users can cast their desired content and enjoy the live streaming of their intended media through some simple steps.

More About Allshare TV Cast

Allshare TV Cast is an excellent application that allows users to cast and live stream videos from smartphones to Chromecast and DLNA enabled devices. It is an easy and effortless way to get the most out of media stored on smartphones by casting it on big screens. To use this simple app, all devices need to connect to the same WiFi or internet connection.

Users can not only watch movies and videos on big screens but also enjoy Live TV shows on Chromecast or DLNA enables devices. This app is compatible with all types of Chromecast and DLNA enabled devices that provide a convenient way of streaming content on the big screen.

The app allows users to stream favorite videos in HD, 4K, and mp4 resolutions to have fun with family and friends. Allshare TV Cast features multiscreen casting that enables users to stream media on different screens at the same time without doing much.

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