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15 Alternative Apps Like ANDY Voice Assistant

ANDY Voice Assistant is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant created by ETX Software Inc. for Android devices. It is not just as the personal assistant, also known as knowledge navigator and voice control software that helps users to gain knowledge and complete your task quickly and easily. ANDY can send messages, give you directions, answers the questions and update about the weather. It covers most of the Wikipedia information that’s why it delivers a massive amount of information. ANDY Voice Assistant smart enough to answer the question even if English is not your first language. In order to give a command or ask a question you just need a tab on the application home screen, shake your mobile or simply type your question manually on ANDY home page. It will deliver the best possible answers in seconds. With ANDY Voice Assistant user is able to complete multiple tasks such as play music, query live flight status, covers device hardware details, ask about upcoming events, word definition and send emails etc. ANDY is also available in a premium version that unlocks some brand new advance features no ads.

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1. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant

Jarvis is another Personal Assistant Application on Android device developed by ItsMyLab. It comes with a cool factor like no other in the store that’s the way it is more than just a show-off, he can be your virtual assistant keeping you informed about news, weather, text messages, calls and whatever you want. It adds all the cool thing he does making you look awesome such as Access Jarvis from…

2. EVA

If you are looking a Virtual Assistant that makes your work quickly and easily, then EVA is best for you. EVA is a Premium Voice Assistant that helps you to send emails, voice messages, reading and replying messages and find locations etc. One of the most prominent features of this application is that it has a dedicated Car Mode that is extremely useful if you want to use your phone…

3. Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana – Digital Assistant Application introduced by Microsoft that bring your smart assistant to your smartphone to help keep track of the important stuff wherever you are on your mobile device. It is introduced to compete with Apple and Google who had their own Digital Assistant (Siri and Google Assistant). The application gain popularity in a short time because of the new Windows versions and its advanced features but…

4. Google Allo

Android iOS
Google Allo is an Instant Messaging Mobile Application created by Google for Android and iOS platforms. This application requires phone numbers as identifiers and allows their users to exchange messages, voice notes, images, and video notes etc. It also has a virtual assistant option that automatic generate reply suggestions, find locations and set alarms etc. Google Allo is an enjoyable messaging application that helps you to say more and more.…

5. HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant is an excellent way to search using your natural voice. It is a Virtual Assistant like Siri and offers some new and exciting features. Hound can use follow-up questions and commands to filter sort or add more information to the actual request. In order to deliver your command, you just need to talk to a search query OK Hound, and you’ll be amazed at…

6. DataBot Assistant

DataBot Assistant is the most useful and most fun Voice Assistant. It answers with its voice to your requests upon multiple topics which you are interested in. You can use your assistant while you work, travel, study and playing games, it will search for you and what you wish to listen. DataBot Assistant inspired by Siri and offers lots of advanced features that make it more better them other virtual…

7. Robin

Robin – AI Voice Assistant, has more personality than others assistant, voice search and chat that gives your phone a smarter character. Robin is another Virtual Assistant on Android that helps you to complete your work quickly and easily. It gives you texting by voice, GPS navigation, local information even jokes while keeping your eyes on the road. Robin – AI Voice Assistant is more than just a voice assistant,…

8. AIVC (Alice)

AIVC (Alice) is a Virtual Assistant that help you do things quickly and easily developed by YourApp24. It is available on Android platform only and also has a Pro Version that offers some additional features and no Ads. It understands more than just a commands you just need to ask something. You can make a conversation with AlVC, give her instruction or as ask general terms for information. It works…

9. Genie

Genie is a Virtual Assistant Application that has millions of downloads developed by Pannous. It is an alternative to Siri but offers lots of advanced features which makes your phone friendly. You will no longer need to memorize special keywords or phrases, just simply speak into your phone and voice acting will automatically respond to what you want. With this application, you’ll be able to send emails, answer questions, set…

10. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Android iOS
Lyra Virtual Assistant created by Artificial Solutions which runs on both iOS and Android platforms. This application uses natural language to answer the user’s questions on multiple topics. It allows their users to manage their stuff virtually with the help of different commands which they have to speak or to type it down. It has multiple features of this application which are there for people utilize. The main one is…

11. Siri

Siri is an Intelligent Personal Assistant that use voice queries and natural languages users interface to attempt to answer questions, make recommendations and performing different actions by giving requests to a set of internet services. It is available on Apple platform only. There are lots of features of this app which can be useful for people who has Apple Phone. Siri is a language interface which helps to decode whatever…


SHERPA is another Personal Assistant Application that uses powerful Artificial Intelligence Algorithm based on probabilistic models that predict the information which will interest you. It will help you to smallest to biggest such as update Twitter, plan activity, create a reminder, find locations, take a selfie and send email etc. There is a board list of features of this application that can be listed here. You can get answers to…

13. Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a Free Personal Assistant Application developed by Nauan Communications Inc. for Android platform only. It helps you complete your tasks quickly and easily. You just need to give command your assistant and It will do in seconds. It is a specially made for those people who want to manage their stuff virtually. This is similar to other in same categories including Siri and Google Assistant with…

14. Google Assistant

Android iOS
Google Assistant is an Application that acts a Personal Assistant just like Siri. It is available for Android and iOS platforms.  You can access your assistant by holding and pressing down your home button or by simple ask Ok Google. Remind yourself to send text, make calls hands free during your commute and playing your favourite tune your assistant is always ready to help you. You can ask questions and…

15. Utter! Voice Commands

utter! Voice Commands is a Virtual Assistant Application developed by Saiy Ltd and available to use on Android platform only. It is an offline voice controlled personal assistant with super functional and ultra-fast response. The app allows many device based commands to be performed offline without the need for a data connection. utter! Voice Commands runs in the background of your device is a very lightweight app and offer simple…

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