Antics 2-D Animation


Antics 2-D Animation Alternatives for Android

#1 V360 – Video Editor


V360 – Video Editor is a free to use mobile application that allows you to create 360 videos from your phone camera. It is a comprehensive solution with almost all the leading tools and features, such as combining multiple videos, trim, sort, add music, and save your video in 4K resolution. The most interesting facts about this solution are that it allows you to edit your simple video with a range of 360 editing tools.

Like other similar video editing solutions, V360 – Video Editor also comes with built-in libraries of unique stuff that save you a lot of time and effort. With this, you can easily combine unlimited video clips to create a professional mashup video. There is also a feature that allows you to add music into your video or add your own voice to make it better than others.