AnyCloud Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 CloudMounter


CloudMounter is a cloud storage management application that empowers its users to mount their cloud storage platforms as a local drive on the Mac. It will allow you to instantly connect your local storage to all the leading cloud storage services. This reliable system offers the management of multiple cloud storage accounts. What makes it special is the security and data protection system that it is offering to its users. It allows its users even to encrypt all of their clouds.

This tool’s interface is simple and user-friendly, which makes it easy for the users to reach all of their cloud accounts easily. With this system’s usage, you can easily mount the clouds and deal with transferring files and data in a more systemized way. The data protection system of CloudMounter is so advanced and secured that you will always enjoy a secure connection to the web servers via secure FTP or standard protocols. CloudMounter also works as a data management and data transfer program.