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Apigility is an API (Application Programming Interfaces) builder that is created to simplify the creation and maintenance of useful and well-structured APIs. With this solution, you can easily build APIs that allow mobile apps, developer communities, and all the other consumer-controlled access to your apps… read more

15 Apigility Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Paw

Paw is a feature-rich HTTP client that lets you test and describe the APIs you build and consume. It has a beautiful native macOS interface to compose requests, inspect server response, export API definitions and generate client code. Paw is also known as all-in-one tools for API development that contains all the major tools and services to manage your APIs. The best feature of this application is that it introduces a new teamwork feature that allows you to create a team, invite your team members and everyone gets the updates seamlessly. With the help of this solution, everyone can work on a separate branch and merge changes only when ready, that keep your API projects safe and control who has access to your team. Paw is fully compatible with Open API, and RAML definition formats, all field description, types, constraints or JSON Schema will be preserved. This API solution also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Do try it out, it is best for all the developers.


2. Apigee

Apigee is an API Management and Predictive Analytics Software founded in 2004 for developers and API providers to debug, test, protect and get analytics on APIs. It is an alternative to DreamFactory and offers all the similar services with some new features. It is for a new internet of APIs, where billions of mobile, tablets and set-top apps connect to the web that has moved beyond the browser. With the help of this solution, developers can easily create and deliver modern application, build a bridge between legacy systems and modern applications as well as easily deliver partner and third-party offering to the customer through APIs. Apigee provides multiple ways to design and build API proxies and visually configure code API policies as a step in the API flow. With this solution, the developer can also be able to customize API behaviour using the JavaScript, Python and Node.js. It also includes key features such as publish API, developer portal, intelligent operations, open banking APIs, API management for visibility and control etc. Do try it out, it is best for all the professional developers.


3. DreamFactory

DreamFactory is the disrupter to the full API Life Cycle Management Industry and known as the easiest way to get enterprise-grade REST APIs in the heartbeat that makes all your disparate data-sources uniform and accessible in one place. It is a complete solution that allows you to get secure every API endpoint with User Management, Role-based Access Controls, SSO Authentication and Active Directory. One of the best parts is that it enables server-side scripting feature that allows you to implement the custom logic on the request or response of any API endpoint or quickly create your own custom APIs with JavaScript V8, Node js or PHP. As compared to the other similar platform it is quite easy to understand and no required expert skills to manage its services, just follow its steps and enjoy its features. DreamFactory most prominent feature includes instant API creation, Deep SQL support, combine database, turn SOAP into REST, Live API docs etc. Overall, It is an all-in-one API solution as compared to the others.


4. MultCloud

MultCloud is a freemium solution that drives cloud drives for Dropbox, Google Docs, SkyDrive, FTP, and lots of others so that you can easily merge them and centralize management. Once the process of a cloud to cloud transfer or cloud to cloud sync starts, you can be easily able to shut down your browser even computer, and the solution will complete your cloud transfer or cloud sync task offline.

It also offers a scheduling feature that allows you scheduled your transfer task to transfer your cloud data is available in MultCloud. It can help you quickly transfer, sync, or backup data between cloud drives at a regular interval or for a special timing.


5. Drive

Drive is a system managing your cloud storage accounts. It supports most of the storage services that above mentioned website does and imbibes other platforms as well. Drive allows you connect your YouTube account, SoundCloud, Social accounts, CloudApp, Droplr, and other accounts. However, just one account of a service can be connected to you. Drive comes with multiple attributes for all your connected accounts of online storage services. It allows you move files from one platform to another; you can upload and download data, and much more. Drive is your record program in the cloud. Do all that you need with your files: seek, duplicate, erase, rename and drag documents where you require them to be? Continuously accessible in your program, Drive is absolute necessities have on your Chromebook. Drive gives all of you the instruments you have to work better. From reports, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs or pictures, you can open and alter everything and spare it anyplace you need. Make your capacity helpful: breathe life into all your substance back. Play your music, see and change your photographs and stream video notwithstanding when the first administrations don’t offer that component. Associate every one of the records you have. Use both work and individual records in the meantime. Efficiently move documents between various administrations and never come up short on capacity.


6. Jumptuit

Jumptuit is an extremely sophisticated page helping you manage your cloud storage accounts. It affords a gorgeous interface and allows you connect some services including Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Instagram, Xbox Live Music, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Facebook, etc. Jumptuit enables you to select multiple files and folders to copy or move from one storage to another. Unluckily, it doesn’t support the feature to copy or download files for photo sharing pages, like Facebook and Instagram. However, for the rest of the services, users can conveniently download files and folders, upload files, share, and move files. In case you have numerous distributed storage records and documents scattered over every one of them, Jumptuit is another administration that offers a solitary expert record for every one of them, a bound together hunt box to pursuit every one of them, and one application you can use to peruse, stream, or move documents around every one of them. Jumptuit associates with administrations like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and others, and once they’re all associated; you can utilize the Jumptuit application to discover music records, photographs, motion pictures, or another archive in any of them. You can open documents in the Jumptuit application (like music and films,) or move it starting with one device then onto the next or one cloud record to another, which is particularly helpful. For instance, you can stream films from Dropbox or music from Box in the same application on any gadget, and duplicate reports from OneDrive to Google Drive rapidly.


7. Otixo

Otixo supports up to a score services to organize from a single station including: Box, Picasa, Yandex, OneDrive, Amazon, OwnCloud, Facebook, etc. After you have connected the services, you are able to carry out all important options to organize your accounts. The service allows you preview files, download them to PC, upload files, delete files/folders, craft new folder, share files with other users, etc. For sharing the files, it allows you set ending days and password. In case you’re utilizing more than one distributed storage administration (hard not to, with all the free space being tossed around), dealing with your documents between them can be precarious. Otixo gives you a concentrated perspective of all your online records for simple duplicating and gluing between files from the web interface or through a mapped drive on your desktop. Otixo at present interfaces with Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Picasa, MobileMe, and Amazon S3. You can likewise include your own particular FTP or WebDAV servers to interface with. Otixo doesn’t store your documents on its servers or recovery your login certifications—much of the time, that is (the SugarSync API appears to work uniquely in contrast to Dropbox, Google, and SkyDrive, however you can pick not to have your secret key spared in the administration). When you associate your records, you have an Explorer-or Finder-like perspective of every one of your documents and can move and customize them freely, and in addition rename documents, download to plate, offer, and, for PDFs and pictures, see the records on the web.


8. ZeroPC

ZeroPC has a matchless feature which is allowing you access and views your local storage files and folders within its interface. The service gives a ‘cloud desktop’ that enables you to add shortcuts of connected services. After this, you can open any shortcut to view your files integrated with that account, and plunge into actions. Along with cloud storage websites, it supports photo and video sharing websites and others. Some of the supported platforms include OneDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, Yandex, 4shared, Facebook, etc. Multiple files can also be selected to download, delete, copy and paste. Connect your cloud and safely get to every one of your records, photographs, music and recordings from numerous administrations all under one virtual rooftop. Drag and Drop any substance starting with one administration then onto the next. Look and find everything in your cloud content crosswise over various administrations. Safely share any element of any size in a flash with anybody. ZeroPC is accessible on Web, iOS, and Android. ZeroPC Cloud Desktop moves the full desktop experience on the internet, safely associates with the majority of the client’s substance in prevalent administrations like Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, SkyDrive and then some, giving a brought together access through a program from anyplace. The client can straightforwardly make new substance/organizer in any associated administrations with its rich mix of upheld Web Apps and Local Apps drag and drop any content starting with one administration then onto the next from this entirely practical work space with up to a sum of 100GB joined free storage room. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator App gives you a brought together, simple and secures approach to get to the majority of the client’s cloud content in any case which administrations you utilize. With Cloud Navigator’s moment hunt, it’s anything but difficult to discover, oversee, get to and share the greater part of the client’s substance on-the-run with a solitary ZeroPC login, right from your cellular telephone or tablet. Skimming and discovering your substance from a wide range of cloud administrations has never been less demanding. The App is accessible on iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Android Phone.


9. Koofr

Koofr offers EU-based distributed storage with the capacity to connect individual storage platforms and Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive and OneDrive records. Koofr works with every single advanced program and in addition Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, WebDAV and has applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Koofr can consequently go down information from telephones, and store PC reinforcements. Information is transferred with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption and put away, scrambled, in no less than three physical areas inside very secured datacenters in the European Union. Metadata and genuine substance are continued separate layers, or totally isolate servers, and once documents are erased from the garbage, no duplicates remain. Koofr can likewise be utilized by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and cloud foundation suppliers, to offer STaaS (STorage as a Service) answers for their clients. Koofr can be associated with an assortment of various record and question stockpiling frameworks, and completely coordinated and marked, running either on-reason or in the cloud.


10. Storage Made Easy

For any individual who juggles many cloud storage platforms in the meantime, this platform is the solution for their petitions. You are placed in the driver’s seat with a shrewdly planned dashboard that coordinates all the data that you should have the capacity to inhale once more. We would profoundly prescribe attempting their free individual or strategies for success, and test it out with your different mists to get a decent vibe for this awesome administration. You can likewise get a fourteen day free trial for their Enterprise bundle. With their excellent elements and bolster, you won’t be disillusioned. The champion component of this administration if the consistent inquiry over all mists. This means after the Storage Made Easy reinforcement arrangement can bolster more than forty-five open, private, and SaaS information mists, you can scan for a document over every one of them in the meantime. This component not just spares you the season of seeking through every cloud independently yet it likewise demonstrates how all around incorporated the greater part of your mists are, accordingly making administration of your cloud(s) fantasy. The entire thought behind this administration is to make cloud use less demanding, so it is nothing unexpected that their particular administration is amazingly simple to utilize. Record sharing is a fantasy paying little mind to if you are utilizing sharing connections or messages. There is additionally coordinated workspace effort where, as the name recommends, you can make joint effort gatherings and workspaces. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are a business or venture client, you can even get occasion warnings so that you can monitor changes made by your group. The entire administration permits you to at the same time oversee most if not the majority of your mists and this procedure is significantly streamlined as you can set management and review controls.


11. odrive

There are an enormous amount of cloud administration alternatives out there. Definitely, everybody finds a top pick, however, more than likely; you’ll wind up with a cluster of unused free stockpiling from different administrations. Perhaps you’re notwithstanding juggling documents over various mists because of your work’s foundation. Cloud aggregators like Oxygen’s Odrive were made to help by gathering the greater part of your cloud administrations in one spot and move records between administrations with only a fast duplicate and glue. In any case, the employment of Odrive and different aggregators is not quite the same as that of distributed storage administrations. Since aggregators aren’t giving the capacity themselves, they need to concentrate on giving awesome programming and a list of capabilities that adversaries or beats the components of their accomplices. A client is more enticed to utilize the aggregator’s product if their most loved elements are secured. Odrive isn’t impeccable in such manner; however, Oxygen Cloud’s administration is full-highlighted enough for me to suggest experimenting with, at any rate, to take a stab at recovering some of that unused cloud potential. Distributed storage is better when it matches up with your PC. The odrive sync motor makes your cloud documents work like nearby records. Specifically, open and alter any file; any progressions naturally match up with the cloud. Placeholder records permit you to adjust large distributed storage even with restricted plate space; see everything except for just download what you need.


12. CloudFuze

The CloudFuze stage offers the consistent network to the developing universe of open, private and half-breed distributed storage alternatives furthermore undertaking content administration frameworks. All the more fundamentally, the CloudFuze stage gives a stable arrangement of management abilities that make it conceivable to team up and oversee records and archives paying little mind to where they live. At long last, CloudFuze underpins the undeniably portable work power by offering its usefulness on an assortment of gadgets. The outcome is that CloudFuze clients can utilize a single stage over the greater part of their devices to get to and deal with any record or archive paying little respect to where it is put away. CloudFuze’s Clouds Manager permits you to adjust various distributed storage files and get to the greater part of your cloud documents from one point. CloudFuze as of now backings ten open distributed storage platforms. CloudFuze offers disentangled document administration components to arrange records in an improved way. The document Favorites highlight permits you to choose your most loved records and gets to all your most loved documents with a single tick. CloudFuze’s Cloud File Manager can seek by record name over the majority of your distributed storage records and uses look as you write to recommend coordinating document names as you write. Regardless of the fact that you don’t know where the careful document is found you can see it, however, bread scrap usefulness.


13. Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi offers a combination stage that can be utilized for building cloud-to-cloud reconciliations, on-reason to-on-reason mixes, and half-breed incorporations. Using the visual interface, you can get to various necessary joining segments that can be sorted out to make end-to-end consolidation work processes. The licensed visual fashioner utilizes point-and-snap, move and customize devices to construct alliances with no coding learning required. Dell Boomi utilizes the Boomi Atom motor to convey your joining. The Atom does not send your information to the stage but instead incorporated all coordination execution action to their stage for ceaseless observing. Through the Manage highlight on the Boomi AtomSphere stage, you can see the health and action of all executions, including point by point movement logs and change process alarms. The product likewise offers a proposal device for making information maps, a determination device for group sourced issue decision alongside Predictive Assistance, an admonitory administration for making reconciliations that match your business KPIs. Given that reality, and Boomi’s widening useful base, doubtlessly Boomi is progressively a critical seller to watch in the coordination and API administration space.


14. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is a world’s leading complete platform that lets companies realize business transformation through API-led connectivity. It is an unfiled flexible integration solution that solves the most challenging connectivity problems across SaaS, SOA and APIs. With the help of this platform, you can easily connect your all application and data in order to create, test and deploy integration. An Eclipse-based IDE allows you quickly create using simple drag and drop components or languages that you’re familiar with including XML. The addictive part of this platform is you get productive in very less time. The readily available connectors, the exchange platforms, the templates all help you grasp the concept very quickly and then help provide on the solution part. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform also provides API management capability, governance and discoverability that make it easy for other developers and protects to identify already implemented service. The solution support, Groovy, Scala, Java, Python and JS this add to more flexibility when it comes to implementing solution across technologically diverse teams. As compared to other others similar systems it is more secure and safe than others that allows you to securely extend legacy systems and connect with SaaS applications in real-time or batch. It also has lots of interesting things that make it better than others. Try it out.


15. Postman

Postman is a powerful software that helps developers and companies develop API workflow. It is efficient on Chrome to test, develop and document APIs and create complex requests, go back in time and view results in the simple and beautiful way. The solution comes as the alternative to DreamFactory and offers all the major services with some new and advanced features that make it better than others. It contains all the major tools that help you to create API specifications directly within Postman’s collection format, debug your project, save everything into the comprehensive collection, test automation, documentation etc. Postman’s API development environment, collection, workspaces and tools make it a complete and powerful system to create and manage every kind of API. Postman is a commercial platform and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits. Do try it out, if you want to design, testing and full production without the chaos.

More About Apigility

Apigility is an API (Application Programming Interfaces) builder that is created to simplify the creation and maintenance of useful and well-structured APIs. With this solution, you can easily build APIs that allow mobile apps, developer communities, and all the other consumer-controlled access to your apps. The best thing about this software is that it provides JSON representations that can be parsed and used in any framework write for the web or native application. It can be used to implement APIs in PHP and developed using Zend Framework 2. You can also use this in any PHP application using all the libraries and frameworks that you want. Apigility starts with a very basic level, and now it has millions of users around the world who can use this to create APIs for any application.