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AppInstitute AppBuilder

AppInstitute AppBuilder is a self-service application development platform with integrated mobile marketing solutions. It enables businesses to build custom solutions for internal or for customer use while developers can utilize the software in producing and selling applications to small businesses. With this platform, employed developers and freelance can build apps with cross-platform capabilities… read more

15 AppInstitute AppBuilder Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Retrace

Retrace is an all-in-one IT Management software solution that is designed to help app developers manage their logs, track bugs, errors, servers, and all the other related things. It is a comprehensive application performance solution that comes with all the major tools and services. The solution offers developers with the performance that centralizes critical data needed for app development, server monitoring, error management and providing users with the unified dashboard that covers multiple data centers, server dashboard, and applications. This complete solution also enables developers to see instantly how their codes are performing what issues are plaguing the code and quickly perform the necessary actions in order to fix issues. With this developers can also identify and resolve system problems, server issues, and information leak among others. As compared to all the other similar solutions, it is quite simple to set up and offers immediate out-of-the-box value with its auto-discovery functionality and perfect default settings. It can be scaled up to down seamlessly base on your current environment and requirements. There is also a list of core features that make the solutions perfect for all kind of application developer.


2. King of App

King of App is a premier application development solution that enables users to transform their website into the visually-appealing and purposeful mobile application. It is an open-source management platform that provides all the necessary tools for creating a one-of-a-kind app for any platform. The solution aim is to make crafting distinctive and exceptional applications within reach not just for developers, but also make it possible for professional designers at a fraction of the cost of the high-end application making tools. With the help of its graphical user-interface, the solution can indeed assist even with beginner knowledge about application building. Also, it has themes and lots of customization options for developers to make the app truly theirs. Enterprises, small businesses, and professionals can seamlessly transform their web content into the well-designed and serviceable applications with this solution. King of App also allows them to make use of whatever content they have to deliver information to mobile users. With this, they can reduce the time to market and reach their target users rapidly. Aside from reaching their audiences through the websites and social media accounts, creators can also target users with the aid of King of App. This is because the solution has an extensive application marketplace where products can be promoted for a wider reach. Overall, the King of App is an excellent application development solution for professional developers.


3. Recast.AI

Recast.AI is an end-to-end bots solution that is designed on a robust natural language processing technology. It’s a collaborative solution that makes the development, training, deployment, and monitoring of bots on any channel and in any language simple and efficient. The best thing about this application development solution is that it provides all the vital tools that allow developers to easily design powerful conversation interfaces with infinite potential AI trained by the messes. Recast.AI offers brick of codes written to run the initial steps of artificial intelligence integrations autonomously. It also eliminates the hurdles that exist between the user and AI in order to make the integration straightforward. The solution is known as the best way to create bots that understand humans and facilities connected to the popular messaging channels. The rapid prototyping feature facilitates the development of conversation logic that makes it easy describe obligatory steps and establish user flow for the bots, The prototyping and bot flow can be customized in order to create optimal user interaction for the bots. The customizations simplify the connections to external integration and enable users to acclimatize bots behavior based on their preferences. Bot connector, bot builder, dialog management, community template, conversational NLP and channel integrations these are the core features of the solution. Try it out, if you need a comprehensive end-to-end bot platform.


4. Branch

Branch is an Application Development solution that helps businesses acquire, involve and measure across several platforms, channels, and devices through the powerful linking and marketing solutions. It plugs in seamlessly into the marketing stack that enables businesses to boost mobile growth. The Deep Links directly point the in-app content from different channels and platforms for better user experience. The platform also ensures that the users reach the correct pages, while it brings fresh users to the appropriate page from install. Branch’s analytics and attribution tools capture all customer touch point across different platforms and channels that eliminates mobile fragmentation and provides a better understanding of the customers. The also supports seamless integration with popular platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and Braze, etc. Branch aims to cover this weakness using deep linking and makes it easier to branch deep-linked email that means the users are always logged in, which ultimately results in higher conversion rates and better user experience. Just like all the other application development solutions, it also includes core features such as deep linking, AMP support, ad conversation tracking, social media branch links, data feeds, organic search and much more. Do try it out, if you really need a mobile linking and marketing solution.


5. Ninox DB

Ninox DB is an Application Development solution that enables businesses to build custom database apps and offers Mac, iOS and web applications. It makes it easier for users to get the start and create powerful DB applications in a minimum amount of time. The solution is also perfect for beginners and allows us to start building a database application using the ready-made templates that are designed to make life easier and provide a head start. Since the companies have their own organizational culture and processes. The customizable business application makes more sense as they enable creating custom forms, field, and other related things. The customizable application also improves team collaboration and productivity and enable employees to focus on things that matter the most. Ninox DB saves users from the hassle of dealing with complex excel sheets by syncing data in real-time and properly defining roles and rights. With the help of this tool, developers can build various applications that include event management, invoicing, meet management, contact management, CRM, accounting and collaboration, etc. Its collaboration tool helps increase productivity and enable users to invite team member to collaborate, while admins can define the permissions that are granted to each user. Custom DB app building, ready-made templates, real-time sync, accounting, projects, web application, and contact management these are also a feature of the solution. Try it out; it is best for all kind of developers.


6. DronaHQ

DronaHQ is the most leading low code application development solution that offers studio for forms-based, workflows, dashboard based applications and more complicated application by using its SDK. With this help of this platform, organization and companies are able to digitize and enrich user experience, turn their rigid legacy applications to the latest digital application capable of working and integrating with new technologies via API. DronaHQ lets you create an application without having to go through repetitive tasks like determining policies and working on functionalities. Common app development features such as SSL pinning, SAML integration, data encryption, and enterprise data source integration are all time-intensive. No longer have to create and rewrite codes or develop complicated enterprise engineering layers. You can design your app, debug and deploy in minutes. Aside from streamlining deployment and development of apps, the solution makes app maintenance a total breeze. Whenever an issue arises, you can create and deploy bug fixes in just minutes. So you never have to deal with delays and roadblocks. And when you need to scale, the solution lets you do that in a flash. DronaHQ also includes lots of core features that make it better than others. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful development platform.


7. BitBucket

BitBucket is a web-based hosting platform for commercial projects use either the Mercurial or Git revision control systems. The solution is specially designed for professionals and allow users to code, manage and collaborate on Git projects. It supports all the major programming languages, tools, and frameworks in order to deliver a complete and comprehensive solution. BitBucket also provide tons of advantages for professional developers and code workers. It comes with the distributed control features that enable easy collaboration and massive scaling that make the solution more interesting. This development solution can be deployed according to the needs and sizes of teams and users have the option to host it on their servers or in the cloud. It also boasts unlimited private and public repositories. Another great thing about this solution is that it offers JIRA software integration that makes the solution complete for professionals. BitBucket also includes core features such as pull requests, inline discussion, APIs, 3rd party integration, Wiki, smart mirroring and much more. It is a commercial development solution and has multiple price plans.


8. MobiRoller

MobiRoller is a Powerful, hassle-free application development solution that allows users to build an Android and iOS application without any coding. It is an innovative solution that offers an easy to use interface to help users to create an application that can monetize effortlessly. The software also enables users to hire app making experts create native applications on their behalf. Also, it enables users to scrutinize and preview development applications to check their performance and short out potential hurdles to expedite their publishing to the market. MobiRoller solution introduces the vital tools that not only allow users to create effective applications but also push them to recognition. It offers a free plan that empowers users to build and actually publish a mobile application. Some of its key features include a user-friendly interface, real-time updating, push notifications, user segmentation, and hybrid app making, etc. If you are looking easy to understand app development solution, then try it out it is specially designed for you.


9. Rollbar

Rollbar is a powerful tool for web and mobile applications and helps effusively track bugs and issues. It is simple and easy to use software and available to use in multiple languages that make it easier for coders around the globe to track all the errors before users report them. Rollbar’s offer easy-to-setup that provides meaningful notifications and helps in quickly analyzing diagnosing and fixing the issues. This development solution supports all major languages such as PHP, JS, Ruby, WordPress and .Net as well as identify messaging and source-code issues. Businesses of multiple sizes can benefit from the solution as it works with all major languages and frameworks. It pinpoints the errors and helps analyze where and why the code was broken that make easy for users to manage exception from different platforms and environments by offering all the data at the single location. Just like other similar platforms, it also offers customizable grouping rules with some additional features and tools that make it better than others. Rollbar also includes core features such as REST API, support of all major languages, smart error groping, tracking of code deployment, custom log messages, full-text searching and JavaScript Source Maps, etc. Rollbar is an excellent platform for all size of businesses.


10. Fliplet

Fliplet is an all-in-one no-code enterprise application building platform that comes with all the major tools and services including HTML and CSS editors. With the help of this solution, businesses can expect easy rollouts of updates in case of primary changes, because the application does not require recurring downloads whenever a new version is released. Instead, the solution automatically refreshes the application to reflect the recently distributed changes. In addition, Fliplet affords your developers the ability to connect the solution with third-party software that helps not just in transferring or exchanging information, but also in drawing data. Enterprise apps built with this solution works on multi-platforms. Employees and vendors can also access them easily from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Window Store as well as in private enterprise stores. On top, the apps are also accessible via web browsers. One click dial, multiple layout options, visual editing tools, push notifications, app preview, API integration, photo sharing, app distribution, and customization these are core features of the solution. Fliplet is a commercial development tool and has different SMB and enterprise plans; each plan has its own core benefits



JUSTINMIND is a comprehensive application development solution that allows users without technical expertise to get things done. The solution enables previewing ideas on all kinds of screens such as web browsers, iOS, and Android. Its drag and drop interface makes it easier for beginners to get started using templates and customize them according to their own requirements. JUSTINMIND user-interface Kits come preloaded with the platform and allow designing stunning interfaces with clickable regions, and functional experience usually needed for prototyping applications and more are also covered, while the data tables, smart forms, and dynamic behavior ensure realistic simulation of the ideas. As compared to all the other application development solution, it is more powerful and offers all the major tools that the users need to prototype feature-rich web and mobile applications, web products, sites and more. Faster prototyping and communication enable users to prototype their ideas in a minimum amount of time and mockup their applications live on multiple platforms. Its reviewer feature offers complete control over who can access or review a prototype, while the review system can also be integrated with popular users testing tools. The data grids and smart forms can instantly be tested and can also be improved with conditional navigation and advanced behaviors. Overall, JUSTINMIND is a feature-rich application development solution as compared to the others.


12. ReQtest

ReQtest is a cloud-based requirement, bug tracking and test management solution that is designed to support your software development and implementation processes. These functionalities make it one-stop program for application lifecycle management by bringing together multiple tasks by IT support team, developers, tester and business analysts for software delivery. It a comprehensive project management solution that comes with all the major tools and services. The highly-customizable requirement module simplifies, organize, review and prioritizing requirements. Also, the solution provides data visualization for tracking bugs and gives actionable insights to boost your acceptance of tester’s productivity. With its cloud technology feature, the solution is accessible anywhere and anytime easily through the browser. ReQtest’s test planning is simple and fast to set up, execute and follow up. It also has a full way synchronization with JIRA for test management, bugs and bugs reports where you can transfer bugs to JIRA or move them from JIRA to ReQtest. One of the best things about this requirement management solution is that it offers a simple drag and drop interface that save you lots of time. It also includes core features such as requirement management module, agile board, bug report, agile project management, JIRA integration, board filtering, and bug tracking, etc. ReQtest is one of the best test management solution as compared to others.


13. Plaid

Plaid is one of the best and easiest way for users to connect their bank accounts to an app and access everything over their cell phone. The platform focuses on enabling consumers and businesses to interact with their bank accounts, checks balance, and make payments through financial technology applications.

It provides developers with lots of stunning tools that they need to create an easy and accessible experience for their users. Plaid offers six comprehensive products such as Auth, Assets, Identity, Balance, Transactions, and Income. Each product of the platform enables access through the single integration and generates data to be used in improving end-user experience.


14. Zapable

Create your mobile app within minutes. Zapable is a powerful feature-rich platform that allows you to create your own mobile app without any coding. It makes it easier for everyone to develop a custom app directly from the data. The platform supports developing both iOS and Android apps using data imported from the spreadsheet software, database, and cloud storage services. It comes with advanced level customization tools that allow customizing the app features and branding, while the fully interactive emulator makes it possible to preview the apps in real-time. Zapable’s point and click theme choose makes it quite simple as clicking on the color you like. It offers more than 20 templates that are uniquely created by a team of experts. You can easily choose each one and customize without any limitation. Zapable other feature includes fully social media integration, increate engagement with digital loyalty cards, variety of e-commerce features, customize promotion, listing page, location finder, app lifecycle management, pre-deployment, app customization, data change tracking and custom forms, etc. Zapable is a perfect app builder platform for beginners to experts, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world at a very low price.


15. Morae

Morae is a complete software testing solution that allows you to record, analyze, edit easily, and share usability testing sessions rapidly and efficiently. With this, you can test any kind of websites and applications on Mac or PC. The software comes with various advanced functionality that aid in testing, screen capture, and a wide range of editing tools. Also, it has tools that track a variety of screens. It provides you with hard data and easy to understand examples of usability problems. The software also automatically calculates and graphs effectiveness, satisfaction, and efficiency that make it better than others. As one of the leading usability software, Morae offers an all-encompassing testing experience for its users. There is also has a feature that gives you the ability to record user’s interactions with your site, app, or product and enables multiple people to observe the study and collaboration in real-time remotely. Its other prominent feature includes getting started faster, customizable for your needs, dig deeper, get test assistance, easily communicate, review data in less time, fast and automatic analysis, etc.

More About AppInstitute AppBuilder

AppInstitute AppBuilder is a self-service application development platform with integrated mobile marketing solutions. It enables businesses to build custom solutions for internal or for customer use while developers can utilize the software in producing and selling applications to small businesses. With this platform, employed developers and freelance can build apps with cross-platform capabilities. This means that, if the solution they are designing is mainly mean of usage on a laptop or desktop, it can still render stunningly in mobile phones and tablets. And if they want to build application dedicated to the use of Android and iOS users, they can do so seamlessly with the same program. One of the best parts about this solution is that it offers modular features and it’s interface allows even developers with litter knowledge about application building to make visually appealing and functional applications. That is because it has a powerful drag and drop editor and has a gallery of built-in benefits they can bring from the tool tray to the window of their app that is way, users can reduce their time to market while still providing full-featured applications. Unlike others, it also has a list of core features that make it better than others.