Apple ARKit


Apple ARKit Alternatives for iOS

#1 AugRay


AugRay is an augmented reality-based app that enables a user to create a 3D model of any product by scanning it with a camera. You can use AugRay for educational purposes, but its functions are mostly made to enhance user experience with the end product or any product sample for reviews in the business. Advertising the product in augmented reality is the modern way of a brand campaign. As a brand, you can advertise your product with the users without having them buy it.

You can use it to review clothes, shoes, in the automotive industry, and for virtual room tours. One of the biggest features is the Geo-Location that allows users to explore the space with tags on the available subspaces inside it. You can demonstrate your project via this app if your product is too big or heavy to be shipped to the client, or you cannot travel to the actual site to experience the product.