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Apple Mail is one of the neatest email clients available and enables you to work with multiple different accounts at once. It has an integrated Spotlight search, so it’s easy to find emails and is integrated with Mac OS X so you can send replies from the Notification Centre… read more
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15 Apple Mail Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Outlook Express

Computers sold with older Internet Explorer versions such as 4.0 and 6.0 included Outlook Express, an email application from Microsoft. When Windows 7 was released, Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Live Mail. Still, users of Outlook Express became accustomed to its set-up, interface, and features. Standpoint Express, in the past known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News, is a suspended email and news customer included with Internet Explorer forms 3.0 through 6.0. All things considered, it was packaged with a few variants of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and was accessible for Windows 3.x, Windows NT 3.51, Windows 95, Mac System 7, Mac OS 8, and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail. In Mac OS, Outlook Express was replaced by Apple Mail. As this popular service has been discontinued by the Microsoft so the internet users are looking for its alternatives. Now you can avail many other services that are also like Outlook Express.


2. Zimbra

A most wanted among users, Zimbra Desktop, is a collaboration suite that includes an easy-to-use email client. You’ll undoubtedly find Zimbra easy to use and visually attractive. It has an auto-configure feature for the most common email services like Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL. It even includes a work-offline functionality that allows you to catch your email locally so you can access it offline. Zimbra also provides one-stop access to all your social platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Zimbra Collaboration conveys your Mailbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Files and considerably more on any gadget: smartphone, tablet or iPad and Desktop or Laptop Computer running Windows, Linux or OS X. Zimbra is a venture class email, timetable and cooperation arrangement worked for the cloud, both open and private. With an upgraded program based interface, Zimbra offers the most creative informing background accessible today, associating end clients to the data and action in their mists. Zimbra incorporates now two-variable verification, making your Mailbox more secure by giving a physical layer to deliver a fruitful and safe login. Zimbra SSL SNI permits the server to display numerous endorsements from the same IP location and TCP port number so that different hostnames can be served over HTTPS from the same IP address. Zimbra Archiving and Discovery is a discretionary element that empowers you to chronicle messages that were conveyed to or sent by Zimbra Collaboration and to look crosswise over letter boxes. It’s exceptionally intended for lawful and review purposes.


3. Opera Mail

Opera Mail for those using the Opera browser, Opera Mail is a good alternative to Outlook Express. Opera Mail is the email client built into the Opera browser, so no separate email client is needed. Your email will be displayed right inside your browser. Like Zimbra, it offers offline access so you can browse your email even when you are not online. Opera Mail has a spam filter running behind the scenes and allows for simple email organization in your inbox. Musical drama Mail is exceptionally basic, spotless and light-weight email customer. Individuals, who like insignificant UI in programming, will love this new email client program. It’s additionally extremely adaptable. You can redo every single toolbar and include or expel wanted catches. You can even appear or stow away coveted areas, for example, messages list, marks, connections, and so forth. It’s likewise simple to arrange, and you can rapidly include and setup your email accounts. It gives exceptionally restricted and essential choices to arrange in its inclinations window which makes it a simple to utilize and necessary project. Musical drama Mail bolsters all well-known email administrations, for example, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and so on. It additionally permits you to import existing messages from other email customers, for example, Thunderbird and Outlook Express. All great email recovery conventions, for example, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP are bolstered by Opera Mail.


4. Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail helps you sort out your mail, date-book, and contacts all in one spot on your PC. You can utilize it to check various email accounts, similar to Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail Plus, and even see the majority of your stuff (messages, schedules, contacts) when you don’t have an Internet connection. The application makes it simpler to discover what you’re searching for by permitting you to gather discussions together. Up and coming occasions show up by your inbox, and you can rapidly add things to your schedule right from your inbox. Windows Live Mail likewise accompanies an inherent inquiry highlight to help you find important messages by title, sender, or substance of a message. WLM has a strip interface, and it means the highest point of it would seem that Microsoft Office. The strip has a great deal of alternatives to it, most likely more than you’ll even need. Essential capacities like make, forward, and move are all there and also choices for the format, envelope administration, and records. WLM adjusts with your Windows Live ID account, so setup is simple. It likewise incorporates a convenient picture viewer right inside your messages. The photo viewer can be matched up with OneDrive, which will permit you to send/get up to 10GB (25MB for each email) of excellent photographs. OneDrive additionally interfaces with connections by propelling a slideshow sneak peak.


5. eM Client

eM Client is a popular alternative to Outlook Express is an email client called eM Client. Free for home use, it supports the major email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL as well. The eM Client interface is appealing and easy to use. It includes a search feature that quickly lets you find any message in your inbox. In addition to email, eM Client supports many other collaboration features such as calendaring, instant messaging, and contacts organization. In case you’re searching for the Microsoft Outlook experience without paying an exorbitant price, you should consider eM Client. eM Client is a practical dead ringer for Microsoft’s lead email customer and coordinator, with email, errands, contacts, and calendaring, and it’s sorted out to a great extent the same style. On the off chance that you know Outlook, you’ll experience no difficulty utilizing eM Client. However, eM Client has various more elements. In case you’re searching for the Microsoft Outlook Express alternative without paying an exorbitant price, you should consider eM Client. eM Client is a utilitarian dead ringer for Microsoft’s lead email customer and coordinator, with email, assignments, contacts, and calendaring, and it’s sorted out to a great extent the same style. If you know Outlook, you’ll experience no difficulty utilizing eM Client. However, eM Client has many more components.


6. Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail has been in existence longer than any other PC email client. It’s a free product that users find an effective alternative to Outlook Express. It allows you to manage multiple POP and IMAP accounts, and multiple users as well. Users appreciate its powerful spam filter and organizational features. Pegasus allows you to group messages based on some criteria, create message templates, and create HTML, rich text, and plain-text message. Pegasus, however, supports Windows only. Even if you were a loyal Outlook Express user, feel encouraged knowing there are some viable alternatives to meet your communication needs. Evaluate your needs and choose one of the options outlined above. Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra, Opera Mail, eM Client, and Pegasus all include features and functionality to help you create, send and store emails as you wish. To close the discussion, on the off chance that you are searching for an element rich, yet simple to utilize email customer, Pegasus Mail may be the device for you. It furnishes you with all the necessary apparatuses for dealing with numerous email characters on the same PC, without putting a strain on the PC’s execution.


7. Inky

Inky is a moderately new program, yet one that has been exceptionally generally welcomed in this way. It is not certain it’s workable for an email system to be excellent – yet Inky is by a wide margin the most attractive email program ever seen. Not just is Inky incredible looking, it’s additionally pressed with components. It underpins both POP and IMAP accounts, has programmed setup for heaps of various email suppliers and even matches up to your settings starting with one PC then onto the next with an Inky username and secret word. It’s likewise impressive for more propelled clients, as it has an immense scope of various channels to compose your messages. Some of these are maybe a little excessively particular – like Maps, which isolates out any messages that have a postal location inside them – however channels are an awesome method for removing the garbage and getting the messages you require. One conceivable drawback for business clients, however, is that it doesn’t bolster Exchange email accounts right now. Another downside is that following a 14-day free trial, Inky is free for clients of the three most common free email suppliers: Gmail, iCloud or Clients of different administrations should pay a $5 every month membership – which means, of course, that it’s no more a free contrasting option to Outlook.


8. Mailbird

Mailbird is profoundly respected email customer and gets extraordinary audits from both clients and industry specialists. It’s mainly intended to be as quick as could reasonably be expected, and its interface is straightforward and simple to utilize. Like Thunderbird, it likewise has an application store which permits you to tweak it to your loving. In any case, it’s in no way, shape or form great. For quite a while, Mailbird neglected to bolster POP-based email suppliers – in spite of the fact that this backing is presently set up. The free form likewise has adverts; however these are just shown in the interface – instead of joined to your Active messages – so it’s not all that quite a bit of an issue. There are likewise new design alternatives to take into consideration both flat and vertical perusing sheets and message records. Exchanging between mail files and messages is presently genuinely quick. Gone are a significant portion of the minor yet irritating glitches that created the application to hang or messages to stack always until you restart the project. It’s likewise clear that a major center was put on truly cleaning up the outline. It’s not a significant change, but rather it’s the simple enhancements to separating, measuring, and shading plan that convey the UI to the following level.


9. OE Classic

OE Classic is an email and Usenet reader intended to be an impeccable substitution for Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and even Mozilla Thunderbird. A definitive objective of OE Classic is to be a simple to utilize, quick, little and secure project with bunches of force elements but then, simple to use for a tenderfoot. Your information dependably has a place with you as it is put away in an open area design and there are no capacity size cutoff points. Moreover, it is conceivable to deal with a contacts list for the ebb and flow character, utilize a hunt capacity over all messages, fare and import information (e.g. Standpoint Express 6, CSV, IAF), and in addition duplicate or move messages to different organizers. With regards to program choices, you can indicate the time interim for consequently checking for new messages, set OE Classic to minimize to the framework plate, square outside substance in HTML messages, select the text style name and size for forming messages, tweak the format, make marks, et cetera. OE Classic is exceptionally receptive to orders and keeps running on a quite low measure of CPU and RAM, so it doesn’t influence the general execution of the PC. In any case, the unregistered version of the application is very constrained. Moreover, it doesn’t offer backing for extra, more mind boggling highlights, considering that is not free.


10. Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes (also known as IBM Notes) is the email client solution that gives teams access to email, calendar and contact management and seamlessly integrates IBM collaboration tools and IBM domino business application. With an improved user experience and enhancement of essential email feature, it transforms your everyday email into the operational centre and becomes even more essential to how your teamwork. Lotus Notes is a quite fast solution that brings you a richer email with advanced mail management and search capabilities in order to help you find what matters most and keep it right in the front of you. IBM Notes contains all the things you need in one place. Eliminate the need to switch between multiple applications with your calendar integrated with this solution. With all the things you team in one seamless experience, your team will collaborate better. Lotus Notes is also known as a desktop workflow application mostly used in corporate environments for email but can also be used to access databases such as document libraries and custom application such as workflow. Overall, Lotus Notes is a complete email client solution for everyone.


11. Chaos Intellect

Chaos Intellect is a reputable and flexible business-class email and contact management program that does the perfect management services in a matter of no time. Chaos Intellect comes with the contact address book with the task management, emails linked with appropriate contact, and automatic appointment schedule. Chaos Intellect has appointment and task histories that include everything, and you can share your entire data on a network.

There are multiple features to offer that include functionality, Grab data direct from MS outlook, calendar alerts, spam-fighting options, instantly locate all data, easy to use drag and drop interface, and more to add. Intellect allows you to open email messages from the people you know directly from the contact that prevents you from the hurdle from open every message, and you can put in your flash drive as well when you have done the work from the main computer.


12. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email application that users can set up quickly and comes with customized features. The software provides various add-ons to change the look of it and make it their go-to place to send mails. It comes with a one-click address book that makes it easy for users to add people to their address book.

The platform provides an attachment reminder which keeps the users to stay alert in adding the attachment in their emails. Moreover, it offers a tabbed email feature that enables users to jump between different emails. Thunderbird provides search tools that allow users to search emails in a single click.


13. Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is a software that fulfills all requirements of businesses when it comes to managing email, calendar, and contact in a single place to stay organized and connected. The platform enables the users to share their attachments from OneDrive or can access contacts easily. Managers can use this to make plans and coordinate schedule by sharing the whole time frame with the coworkers.

The software comes with enterprise-grade security that allows the organization to send their email and work on the software freely. It has the intelligence to work with the organizations to add travel or bill payments to the calendar or reminding the users to track certain tasks.


14. ALTO Mail

ALTO Mail is a remarkable multi-service email and proprietary email intelligence engine that allows you to analyze and make changes in calendar events and incoming emails. The platform provides extreme support to IMPA email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL mails, iCloud using Microsoft Exchange service. The new update comes with the integration with amazon’s suite of Alexa Products that helps users to keep their day smoot with simple voice commands. ALTO Mail provides you an easy option to manage via bringing multiple inboxes and calendars to a single place.

Your business meeting, personal appointments, responsive emails, deliverable packages, flight information, and all other this kind of critical information merge into a unified platform that pieces together your day. Natural Language voice commands allow you to find everything from restaurants reservation to package deliveries and emails from specific senders. Alexa’s integration with Alto calendar permits to read out the event from GoogleiCloud, and you can find every document and photos form any account via Stacks function.


15. Mozilla Thunderbird

This open-source email client from Mozilla is both swift and flexible. You can customize it to make it even more usable though plug-ins and add-ons. Thunderbird has a clean design and supports all the general protocols including POP, IMAP, and SMTP. Expediently, this email software is also available on all platforms, not just Windows. Mozilla Thunderbird makes messaging more secure, quicker, and less demanding with components, for example, savvy spam channels, an integrated RSS reader, and brisk inquiry. Thunderbird was intended to avert infections and to stop junk mail. Thunderbird incorporates selected email, new inquiry instruments and ordering, savvy organizers, support for Firefox, an improved setup wizard and reliable garbage insurances that include phishing and spam channels. Thunderbird can deal with numerous emails, newsgroup, and news encourages records and backings different characters inside records. Elements, for example, speedy pursuit, spared look organizers, propelled message separating, message gathering, and names oversee and discover messages. On Linux-based frameworks, framework mail records are bolstered. Thunderbird gives an undertaking and government-grade security elements, for example, TLS/SSL associations with IMAP and SMTP servers. It likewise offers local backing for S/MIME secure email. Any of these security components can exploit smartcards with the establishment of additional augmentations. Other security elements might be included through expansions. Case in point, Enigmail offers PGP marking, encryption, and unscrambling.

More About Apple Mail

Apple Mail is one of the neatest email clients available and enables you to work with multiple different accounts at once. It has an integrated Spotlight search, so it’s easy to find emails and is integrated with Mac OS X so you can send replies from the Notification Centre.

However, many users have noted issues with services, Google Mail in particular, and found it recently challenging to integrate with Hotmail and, all of which are starting to make us doubt if Mail is the best option. Mac OS X Mail is certainly the easiest to stick with, but it’s worth taking a look at other email clients. The current version of Mail utilizes SMTP for message sending, IMAP for message retrieval, and S/MIME for end-to-end message encryption.

It is also preconfigured to work with popular email providers, such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud. The iOS version of Mail is the most popular email client in the world by market share.

Apple Mail Reviews

John Slater
written on March 6, 2020

An awesome mailing application

I love this app as I do not have to open a web browser to use it and check my emails. More importantly, I can check my Outlook, Gmail, and iCloud emails through this one application. I can view all of my email accounts through this one app without turning any account off. I have added my work and private email accounts to this application and can use both of them at any time without accessing the browser or closing anyone. I would say it is easy and convenient and saves the hassle of opening and closing of one account to access the other, and its syncing feature is amazing.