Description is a straightforward schedule management software solution that takes the hassles out of scheduling and managing appointments. The solution interacts with your prospects that allow them to pick the schedule of their appointments based on your availability with just a single click… read more
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19 Alternatives & Similar Software


1. OnSched

OnSched is a flexible, affordable, and scalable online booking API designed for advanced level businesses. It has a set of features that enable you to create your workflows and imbue them with your branding through its while labeling capability.

Once you have integrated it with its custom applications, you can easily and quickly launch it to your preferred marketplace and utilize it in your goal to increase your company’s revenues and employ it for consistent user experiences. The solution also demonstrates its robust architecture by providing you with extreme visibility across your organization.


2. Vagaro

Vagaro is a powerful tool that specializes in rendering services as a search engine for spas and salons located in different areas. It is a web-based solution and comes with the aims to promote the small, medium, and large salons and spas as well as a freelance with the directory of new/old customers.

The liaison between customers and business owners is smoothly run through this solution. With the help of this, businesses can easily register themselves with the Vagaro application, create and manage profiles, market their brand, and get the appointment fixed.


3. Booqable

Booqable is a simple yet powerful browser-based rental solution designed for small and mid-size businesses. The solution helps you plan and manage rentals and keep detailed track of the inventor. Both together in the calendar that makes it simple to view your schedule and what’s newly available at any given time.

Its admin area is also the place to create branded invoices, contracts, and quotes and store any information needed to complete your daily tasks. Booqable online store add-on makes sure you are always an open business that helps you capture every potential customer on your website, even you are closed.


4. BananaDesk

BananaDesk is a cloud-based front desk and property management program for hostels designed to simplify operations by providing tools for managing bookings, reservations, rates, and availability as well as accounts, check-ins, add-ons, and upselling, etc.

It is a comprehensive solution and offers integration with, Hostelworld, and Facebook that enable users to manage reservations from 3rd-party booking channels, in addition to those made through the optional built-in booking engine.


5. Bookafy

Bookafy is an online appointment scheduling platform built to help small businesses provide online booking services to their client as well as scheduling services for their staff. The solution created to shorten the scheduling process for business owners and administrators so that they can remove the stress that comes with managing calendars and appointments via the automation of the numbers of similar processes, such as organizing data and confirming appointments, among other things.

The system is customizable to suit your every need that make it intuitive. Bookafy solution can also be deployed on various web browsers, mobile platforms, and operating systems. The cloud-based solution runs on secure servers through Amazon AWS that means users do not have to deal with all the technical aspects of this solution.


6. vCita Business App

vCita is a powerful application that specially designed to help you manage business and schedule, interact with customers more efficiently, and save valuable time. It is one of the best alternatives to SuperSaaS and offers all the key tools that help you to streamline your day to days such as manage your client with mobile CRM, manage schedule, appointment, an event, capture new leads, and more.

As compared to all the other similar scheduling solutions it is more powerful and let client schedule a free consultation, book and pay for different services and register for the event online, 24/7 from any internet-connected device. vCita also comes with a customizable scheduling page where customers can view your services and up-to-date availability as well as a personal client portal for each client.


7. FlexBooker

FlexBooker is a powerful online booking solution that allows businesses of different sizes to accept and manage bookings from their website and manage to schedule more efficiently. It is easy to use and set up in minutes and works on smartphone devices.

The solution also enables the customer to quickly sign up using any device through the booking widget as well as book pages. Its color-coded calendar view makes it easier to manage schedules and is accessible from any browser. The system not only enables clients to make bookings easily but would allow businesses to receive payments online and automatically deliver essential reminders.


8. WhyQ

WhyQ is an appointment scheduling solution that enhances and simplifies the way companies manage the influx of their customers. The solution utilizes SMS and MMS gateway technology to deliver a simple yet effective way to help customers to manage their waiting time and do other things instead of spending hours setting while waiting for them to be called.

WhyQ is the most leading queuing system specially designed for businesses that have a client waiting for consultation, meeting, and other services. It is a perfect fit for hair salons, banks, doctor clinics, and other similar platforms.


9. Skedda

Skedda is an online scheduling and booking solution designed for space style resources. It is a solution built for the reservation of meeting rooms, personal studies, sports facilities, coworking spaces, classrooms and community venues, etc. As a mobile-friendly solution, the software has the objective of eliminating double booking and managing the availability of venues.

Also, it reduces the time spent in the administration of such resources. Skedda comes with some advanced tools services that make it better than others. It provides users with the opportunity to fully customize the rules, pricing, and conditions of their online booking process.


10. Booker

Booker is online booking software specially designed for small businesses in the salon and spa industry. It is a core CRM solution that handles customer management, bookings, marketing, and payments. Booker is an online solution and gives you and complete a solution to run and manage your business, so you have more time focusing on growing it and driving profit.

The software seamlessly integrates with your current website so you can easily add Book Now button or customize it. Your website audience can see available time slots and a boot appointment on their own. Booker is best for you, your staff, and your customers, who can use this software on the go mobile and tablet.


11. Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus is a comprehensive Appointment Scheduling software that helps you to manage everything related to scheduling an appointment. The appointment is a key component in modern businesses; whether they are interviews or meetings, you need to manage reminders, clashes, and other aspects that can be a bit daunting.

The solution gives you the luxury of easily managing these aspects, and it becomes more of the digital secretary to you. Once you schedule your appointment with your clients, the solution sends automated emails and text reminders to your clients. The best part about this platform is that it gives you multiple customization options that make it better than others.


12. Xoyondo

Xoyondo is a powerful, browser-based scheduling management solution designed to simplify the task of organizing, meetings, setting appointments, and collecting people from different areas for an online discussion and collaboration, among others. It is a very friendly solution, even for the beginners, that allow them to set a common date for everyone to meet up.

Aside from scheduling and organizing meetings, the solution also functions as the polling platform, excellent for organizations that seek prevailing sentiments from their workers or discover common opinions among members.


13. My Work Scheduler

My Work Scheduler is a customizable customer scheduling platform that is hosted in the cloud and designed to meet the needs of small companies and professional freelancers. With the help of these solutions, companies get to enhance their customer service performance, and advantages from the plethora of out of the box feature crafted to enlarge their customer base.

Some of the most prominent functions to grab your hands around are streamlined email communication, drag and drop scheduling, marketing campaigns, and analytics, etc. The most noticeable advantage of using this platform is that the system is priced separately for each client, and the content of the package is the same for all users.


14. SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS is an affordable online appointment and scheduling software solution designed for individuals, organizations, and businesses. It is a feature-rich solution that can connect with social networking channels as well as a personal web app to make the appointment process more coordinated and efficient.

The solution integrates with all the popular payment gateways, supports all currencies, works with more than 29-languages, and also works in all the time zones. SuperSaaS needs no installations at all and can be accessed via any device with an internet connection.


15. Apptoto

Apptoto is a simple yet powerful automated appointment reminder that connects with existing calendars, extracts contacts and sends appointment as well as follow-up reminders to customers via SMS text, email or voice call to ensure they arrive on-time.

It is a web-based solution that gives users the flexibility to easily manage appointment reminders anytime, anywhere, even via any internet-enabled device. The software uniquely designed to work within the user’s existing workflow and calendar, and the best thing about this solution is that it supports integration with multiple systems, including Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Office 365, Salesforce, and more that make it better than others.


16. Scheduly

Scheduly is a state of the art scheduler that allows small to mid-size businesses to manage their appointments. It is a simple yet powerful solution that does not include any extra stuff and notifies your customers with SMS. The software comes with a drag and drop interface that allows you to create quickly and edit appoints.

Scheduly works quite simple, and you need to choose any appointment or meeting on the date in the calendar, enter details such as client information, time, and contact number. There is also has an option that allows you to edit client details, add notes, and delete an appointment, etc. After finishing, the software will send your customers a text message reminding them they have an appointment the next day.


17. Booksy

Booksy is a beauty marketplace anchored by the SaaS app for finding, scheduling, and managing appointments all over the world. The application offers two different apps, one for the business and one for the clients. This is an appointment scheduling app for clients, barbers, stylists, and all beauty professionals.

The app acts as a virtual assistant for its users through its self-service client booking, calendar and client management, social media integration, and business management tools. With its online calendar, a client can schedule or cancel his appointment easily. Moreover, Booksy allows users to run the business efficiently by managing staff and accepting online payments.


18. Petal Booking (PetalMD)

Petal Booking (PetalMD) is a simple yet powerful patient appointment and booking software integrated with most of the leading electronic medical records. Its software is designed for small to large size healthcare agencies and contains all the core services and features such as automation of reminders, online appointment bookings, and more.

With the help of this, a patient can easily book an appointment on the user clinic website that maximizes access to physician availabilities. It prioritizes the link between the patient and the physician when assigning an appointment. Its automated appointment reminder system automatically alerts about upcoming appointments via SMS and email.


19. Booksy Booking Software

Booksy Booking is an appointment software that works collaboratively and allows you to easily interact with the system and book your appointment at any place. It not only provides database software and cloud-based operation, but it also offers Android and iOS apps.

The main functionality of the system is to provide you outclass appointment booking solution, especially for hairstylist, barber, salon, and spa. Booksy also gives a separate module for communication, payment, and the interface. The interaction module gives fast response as per user requirement and attracts the user is doing it the most utilized application service provided by the system.

More About is a straightforward schedule management software solution that takes the hassles out of scheduling and managing appointments. The solution interacts with your prospects that allow them to pick the schedule of their appointments based on your availability with just a single click.

One of the best things about this appointment and scheduling solution is that it integrated with the leading online calendars applications. This integration enables your prospects to see your available days and eliminates instances of double booking.

The solution also provides you with a clear image of your team’s statistics and performance that give you clear details about their progress and help determine the pages with the best conversation rates.

Just like others, it also comes with custom email notifications that can be triggered based on a specific set of rules like sending reminders to a day before your scheduling appointment. Time zone synchronization, manual availability settings, personalized link, break time, API, email integration, multi-user, and Google App integration are also features of the solution.