AppTrailers is an Application where you can watch video trailers of apps, enjoy gossip, DIY videos, and win points. After winning an attractive number of coins, you can also redeem them through PayPal, Gift Cards, and many more.

It is one of the hottest, high-quality streaming video applications available to use on both Android and iOS platforms. It is an only application where you can see a movie preview of apps and get rewards for it.

The most addictive features of this app are that it allows you to play trivia over 100000 questions and get huge bonus points every day. AppTrailers app brings a free and great way to check out the best features of an app quickly.

It offers multiple rewards options such as gift cards of multiple popular brands, converts points into cash, and more. The team of AppTrailers is always busy to deliver something new that attracts more audiences to spend more money.


AppTrailers Alternatives

#1 Verydice


Verydice is a casual application where you can roll the dice to win tickets and free real stuff without any effort. It is available to use on Android and iOS platforms, developed by SquareTwo Inc. Verydice is very simple and easy to use applications, which allows you to tap and hold the button to roll your dice and start the fun.

Whatever you roll, you must win a ticket. You can redeem your tickets anytime, anywhere, for brand new gadgets, electronics, and more. It is one of the most addictive applications where you can quickly get massive rewards, just by rolling the dice.

One of the most exquisite and enjoyable things about this application is that it offers a referral bonus that allows you to get a bonus reward by inviting new friends. Verydice is a fun application for all the ages where you get ultimate rewards from your smartphone at home or anywhere.

It has millions of users around the world, and it also spends up to 300 million dollars as rewards. Do try it out, you will be amazed at all things in this exciting app.


#2 Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is a Free Online survey mobile application available to use on iOS and Android platforms developed by Google. It allows users to answers surveys and earn massive rewards.

This app is available to download in multiple countries such as Australia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Austria, the United States, France, and Norway, etc. On Android, the users earn Google Play credits, which can be used by purchasing paid apps from Play Store.

You can easily get started over Google Opinion Rewards. First, you need to download the app, place basic information about yourself, and then start surveys around once a week. You will also get a notification on your mobile device when a new survey is ready.

It contains different types of questions such as “Which promotion is more compelling”, and “Which logo is best”, etc. You have to do all the surveys with extreme purity and precision and earn an attractive amount of money.

#3 Receipt Hog


Receipt Hog is a fun and easy application that allows you to turn your everyday receipts into real cash and rewards. You just have to take a snap of your receipts from any store, restaurant, or café and send them to earn receipt hog rewards.

These rewards include more spins and more coins at the virtual machine. After collecting a certain amount of cash, it allows the users to redeem the cash with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. It offers lots of advanced features that make it more batter, such as Hog Slot machine, earn more when you level up, daily deals, and much more.

You can access it anytime, anywhere around the world. Receipt Hog is an excellent application that lets you join the world’s best diver community.

These divers get paid for uploading images of their receipts for market research. Receipt Hog app is one of the best applications through which you can turn your receipts into real cash and have fun.


#4 CheckPoints


CheckPoints is a free application that rewards you by scanning the products such as Coca-Cola, Olay, and tons of others. Whether you are hanging out at the mall, grocery shopping, or at home, you can have a fun collection of easy rewards every day in millions of places.

You can intuitively collect points when you are out for shopping. You can use the CheckPoints app in your favorite stores to scan barcodes of your products and earn points toward great rewards. When you’re at home, you can answer the surveys, play games, watching videos, and use hundreds of exciting apps.

You can enjoy huge rewards for your every activity. You can intuitively redeem your points for free rewards like Xbox, Amazon, American Airlines miles, cool gadgets, and gaming systems.

The best thing about this application is that it offers lots of hot deals in order to win huge rewards by playing, watching, purchasing specific stuff. CheckPoints app also offers to refer rewards that allow you to get up to $25 gift cards for each friend you refer to.

#5 FreeMyApps


FreeMyApps lets you get rewarded for watching cool videos, playing fun games, and trying new apps. FreeMyApps is a Free Application that allows you to earn amazing rewards in the shape of gift cards and cash. With the help of this application, you can earn more than $25 by watching videos from your favorite streamers, play addictive games, and trying awesome apps.

You can earn exciting gift cards to popular retailers that include Xbox, Amazon, Google Play, and more just by discovering the new games and apps. FreeMyApps is a very simple and easy to use app where you can get started just by getting registered with a verified Facebook account.

You can precisely download the hottest new apps, games, and watch videos through FreeMyApps and earn credit for every activity. It allows you to effortlessly and securely redeem your credits for free gems, gift cards, and more.

FreeMyApps app has millions of users around the world, and the more interesting fact about this platform is that it spends up to 31 million dollars in gift cards till now. If you also want to earn a reward by playing your favorite games and watching videos, then this app is made truly for you.

#6 ShowBox: Reward App


ShowBox is a platform where you get Cash-points for playing games, and you can use these cash-points to redeem multiple gift cards or pay your mobile bills even cash out via PayPal. It pays almost every week. ShowBox has more than 3 Million users around the world who earn more than 25 USD per week by playing fun games.

It offers one of the simplest ways to earn cash by using trail apps, play games, and watching videos. The great thing about this app is that it delivers much information for earning purposes. Show Box app also offers hundreds of deals that give referral code, which you can use to get some extra points and bonuses.

It requires registration with your correct email address. ShowBox app has enough amount of content to watch, play, and enjoy to earn cashpoints. Just give a try to the ShowBox app if you want to make some extra money right through your cell phones and tablets.

#7 Gift Lotus


Gift Lotus is a stunning app through which you can earn real cash just by trying free games, apps, and while watching videos for free. Gift Lotus: Free Gift Cards is a free mobile application that allows its user to try new apps from Gift Lotus walls to earn coins.

It is similar to Google Opinion Rewards, where the users enjoy hundreds of paid stuff for free to earn coins. It has millions of users around the world and available to use on Android devices only. You need to download and sign up with a correct email address to get a reward in your inbox.

You can enjoy simple earning via watching the latest movie trailers, apps trailer, game trailer, install apps, games, and more. Each activity will reward you with a handsome amount of coins. You can easily convert these coins on Gift cards and PayPal cash. It takes only 48 hours to send the gift code to your inbox.

Just check the app, and enjoy free coins and enjoy your favorite stuff without any endless exploring. You can use the search bar to find specific content and enjoy its user-friendly interface. Gift Lotus is a great choice for all who want to make money by phones and tablets.

#8 TryMyApps


TryMyApps is a fabulous platform to make money and redeem gift cards and PayPal. With the help of this platform, you can easily make money by installing the recommended games, apps, and doing other exciting tasks. You will be rewarded with PayPal Cash, iTunes Gift Cards, Alipay Cash, etc.

TryMyApps is also the best way to get paid apps for free and make money online with your phone. It is very simple and easy to use the application where you can sleekly open the TryMyApps to explore the app list. You can also download your favorite app, earn points, and use these points to redeem gift cards or PayPal cash.

It enables you to share your referral code to your friends with email, text message, or Facebook and get up to 100 free points from each friend you invited as your reward.

TryMyApps includes prominent features such as daily bonuses, add hundreds of new stuff, enjoy thousands of paid games for free, and easily search new apps. Overall it is an addictive reward app that paid more than others.

#9 AppLike


AppLike is specially made for those people who want to try new apps and games. It recommends the best choice of apps and games to use and earn rewards when you try them out. App Like app is a free rewarding application that contains millions of products such as all the hottest games and applications.

It provides the best opportunity to discover mobile apps and earn huge rewards and gifts in response. No more endless searching, it recommends games and apps that match your preference. If you try them, you’ll get rewards as well.

AppLike is a completely free and simple to use application where you will easily find the right stuff without spending anything. You can collect points for each game and apps from the AppLike recommendation as compared to the others. It is the highest payouts, the best rewards, and the best way to earn money by phone at home.

You can exchange these points for great rewards such as PayPal, Google Play Store, Amazon, and Spotify, etc. Some of the most amazing features of this app include great app recommendation, 100% free scenario, discover new apps, simple to use, refer bonus points, and daily deals.

#10 Points2Shop


Points2Shop is a Free Mobile Application where you can earn virtual points or cash rewards with online activities. The app lets you watch videos, complete different surveys, play games, and while trying new apps as well as online shopping.

It is one of the largest free rewards platforms that allows you to earn money anywhere you are, whether you are at home or school. Points 2 Shop app enables you to redeem your points for millions of rewards that are available in the Points2Shop site. It includes game cards and gift cards, or you can also be able to withdraw your cash earnings online.

It supports an active online community with exacting members that help you with any questions or suggestions. Another great thing about this app is that it offers free daily bonuses and hundreds of deals that help you to earn more by completing a few tasks. Do try it if you want to make money by phone at home or anywhere you want.

#11 FeaturePoints


FeaturePoints: Free Gift Cards is a classy application that allows you to earn a reward by playing fun games, Trying New Apps, and Watching Entertaining Videos.

It is an excellent app for FreeMyApp and offers similar services with some new features. Feature Points is available to use on the Android platform only, and after downloading the app, you just need to sign up via the correct email address or Facebook to get started.

After completing the registration, it allows you to enjoy app services to watch videos and games to earn points. With the help of this application, you can easily swap your points for exciting rewards such as Amazon, PayPal, Steam, and Google Play, etc.

FeaturePoints also offer to refer bonuses that allow you to invite new friends and get up $30 for each sign-up. As compared to the others, FeaturePoints: Free Gift Cards is one of the best-rewarded apps because of its exciting deals.

#12 Cash Gift


Cash Gift is the most profitable application that has more than 3 million users around the world who can redeem up to $10000000 free money of cash rewards.

It offers easy tasks to earn money, which includes playing fun games, watching entertaining videos, and trying awesome apps, etc. Each activity delivers a massive reward that you can redeem through PayPal, Amazon, and Google Play Store, etc.

As compared to the others, it supports maximum rewards such as $1 to $10 Amazon Gift Cards, $3 to $10 PayPal, and $10 to $25 Google Play Gift Cards, etc. The app also required registration with a verified email address.

It also allows you to earn more points by inviting new friends. Cash Gift app is one of the best platforms for those who want to make money by phone at home, developed by IcePoint Inc.

#13 Perk TV


Perk TV is a magnificent place where you can watch videos and try new apps to earn points and win rewards right over your cell phones. Perk TV is the number 1 mobile rewarding applications that offer rewards for using significant apps and more giveaways. It allows you to watch different kinds of videos that include movie trailers, apps trailers, and game trailers to earn Perk Points.

This app is available to use on iOS and Android platforms. To use the service, you must download the Perk TV app, sign up with correct information, watch the video, and win points.

Like other similar applications, it also offers cash rewards, exciting gifts, and gift cards of all the popular brands such as Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, and more. Perk TV is completely free applications and offers a massive collection of videos and trailers to keep you entertained for hours and get rewards in response.

#14 AppBounty


AppBounty is a fine platform created by Advertile Mobile GmbH. It is a free application that is specially made for users who want to get free gems, diamonds, cash, and gold by simply downloading apps and playing games.

It is one of the best alternatives to FreeMyApps that offers lots of advanced features that make it more interesting. AppBounty has available to use on Android and iOS device and has millions of users around the world who can make up to $300 each week.

In order to make money or win exciting cash rewards, you need to try out different applications through AppBounty. Earn credits on each app and spend them on gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and PlayStation as well as the cash out through PayPal.

One of the most exciting things about these applications is that it offers hundreds of exclusive deals to earn international rewards. AppBounty an enjoyable app for all the ages for exploring tons of exciting stuff as well as for earning money.

#15 Mileup


Mileup is an amazing mobile application that tells you about your driving. The application offers a powerful driver’s dashboard that displays your driving stats, compares it with others, and provides the overall performance rating on your driving style.

It is free to use applications, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Mileup focuses on driver’s safety services and is pioneering new ways to keep drivers safe. It is quite simple to use app through which you can precisely manage to get your efficiency and working scenarios in a way like never before.

First, you need to download it over your mobile device. Then, you have to permit the app to access your location and motion sensors to track your driving activity. After doing all the things, you can grab useful stats on your driving behavior.

With the help of its driver dashboard, you will learn how many trips you have taken and for how long. It also rates your performance in different areas such as handling, phone usage, and speed, etc. Overall, Mileup is one of the best application that makes your driving safer.

#16 Smore


Smore – Earn Cash Rewards is a significantly used app created and published by Lab456 LLC. It is a lock-screen rewarding application that allows you to earn points in exchange for placing ads and content on your phone’s lock screen.

It gives you points in exchange for having it installed, and regardless of how many times you can see the ads, you’ll have points added to your account. It is quite handy and easy to use the app where you don’t need to do any work so that you have to use your phone as you usually do and get paid.

With the help of this reward application, you can also complete paid surveys and offers, and refer a friend feature to get more points. Once you earn a handsome amount of points, you can quickly redeem them for gift cards from retailers that include Amazon, CVS, GameStop, and more.

It is an excellent solution for all those users who want to earn some gift cards or price at home. Smore app’s prominent features include bonuses, paid surveys, complete as many surveys as you like, attractive interface, and easy to use.

#17 Mobile Performance Meter


Mobile Performance Meter is an amazing mobile application designed for those who want to earn a massive income online. The app pays you for downloading and installing it on your Android mobile device. You just need to keep the app running in the background to be able to monitor your activity.

It pays you in points on a daily basis for keeping the application running the background, and you can also monitor your device as well. All the points that you earn can be exchanged for rewards. Mobile Performance Meter is an easy to use application that can be downloaded without any cost.

After completing the installation, you need to sign up, place all the required details, and enjoy it all features without any limitations. You can precisely earn more than $0.50 daily and enjoy a list of exciting gifts. Apart from these, you can also view reward history, enjoy different themes, redeem whatever you win, directly buy exciting products, and more.

#18 JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW


JunoWallet is an exclusive application that allows you to earn rewards by playing games, making calls, watching videos, doing surveys, and inviting friends, etc. JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW is completely free to use app that has more than 28 million users around the world who had earned more than $300 each week.

The most addictive thing about this application is that it allows you to download free music every week that you can store in this app and earn rewards. It offers multiple options to use cash and rewards such as Google Play, Nike, Amazon, iTunes, Papa John’s, and Lowes, etc.

Juno Wallet app is one of the best and easy ways through which you can earn money by enjoying your favorite stuff. The most interesting thing about this app is that it offers hundreds of deals to enjoy and earn massive rewards. On Juno Wallet Earn Gift Cards NOW app, you can able to make more rewards after level up.

#19 CashPirate


CashPirate is an intuitive application that allows you to earn free money by playing exciting games, watching videos, and using awesome apps. With this application, you can earn gift cards, cash rewards, and mobile recharge right under one platfrom.

It brings one of the best and simplest ways to earn money. You just have to download the app, sign in, and start making money at the very first moment. The application offers the most advanced referral system that allows you to earn more money by inviting your friends.

To refer friends, you need to send invitation code via email, short message, or Facebook. After collecting a certain amount of coins, it allows you cash out through PayPal. It also lets you enjoy a chance to win gift cards, mobile recharge, and more.

Cash Pirate app offers different kinds of activities you need to do to earn money, such as watching videos, play fun games, and use apps. CashPirate is a wonderful app that allows you to enjoy the ultimate fun with amazing rewards.

#20 RewardBox


RewardBox is one of the best reward apps that offer daily rewards for you and your friends, which you can earn by having fun. With the help of this application, you can get gift cards and earn credits by installing fun games and apps that are recommended by RewardBox.

To earn a reward today, you just need to download the application, sign up with a correct email address, explore the massive collection, and enjoy hundreds of free apps to earn money. The best thing about this application is that it allows you to convert the credits into multiple gift cards, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store, and more.

RewardBox is the best choice for any college student who wants to earn extra money. It contains thousands of products and also updates its list with new and latest apps.

Invite and refer new friends to the apps and see how they are helping you to earn gift cards. RewardBox app also offers lots of advanced features that make it more interesting.

#21 Appnana


Appnana is a Free gift card rewarding application that has millions of members around the world who earned over $10 million in games and gift card credits. It offers hundreds of advanced features that make it better than others. These include free daily points (just by coming back), invite a friend (to get more points), get multiple rewards, a user-friendly interface, and much more.

Download the app on Google Play Store, sign up by playing correct email address and earn rewards by playing games, watching videos, and trying new apps, etc. You must be earned by performing each activity.

After completing a certain amount of tasks, it increases the level that helps you to make more money and enjoy hundreds of exciting gifts. Appnana is available to use the only Android device, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

#22 Slidejoy


Slidejoy is an elegant application that lets you make money to check trending news and unlock your phone screen. It pays you in cash or rewards you with some new gift cards just for having the latest news and ads on your lock screen.

Just like the other similar apps, it also allows you to redeem cash rewards through a PayPal account or enjoy gift cards to your favorite brands. It is very simple and easy to use the application that you can use over cell phones and tablets.

After registering on Slidejoy, every time you lock your screen, and you’ll get a card with promotion and trending news on your lock screen. To make money, you need to slide up to see more news and deals. Your reward is updated daily the next, which means it allows you to cash out anytime, anywhere around the world.

Slide Joy app offers some key features such as fast payment method, easy to use working scenario, news deals and ads, additional redemption options, invite friends bonus, etc. Do try it out, SlideJoy is one of the best and the most effortless way to make money.