Arcana Heart 3: Love Max


Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Alternatives for Linux

#1 Skullgirls


Skullgirls is an Arcade, Action, Side-Scrolling, Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Lab Zero Games and published by Marvelous. The game engages the player in one-on-one combat matches and takes place in the fictional world.

It includes different characters such as Filia, Cerebella, Parasoul, Peacock, Double, Painwheel, etc. and allows the player to select three characters from available to dive into the game world where he has to fight against other characters in different stages.


#2 DiveKick


DiveKick by the famous Galaxy Studios is a thrilling Action and Fighting video game that offers loads of hours of pure entertainment. It provides only 2 Button gameplay and lets you throw unusual combinations of different fighting techniques on your opponents, damage their health to the max, and enjoy winning rounds of hardcore battles and duels.

By adding up both the Action and Fighting genres, DiveKick lets you engage in epic Duels, team-based matches, PvP battles, and Versus events to win the games and enjoy the brilliant nature of the game. Every match win awards you more and more unlockable content such as upgrades, new fighting combinations, and a load of other fantastic perks.

#3 TowerFall Ascension


TowerFall Ascension combines the elements of Local Co-op, Action-Adventure, Single and Multiplayer Fighting video game created by Matt Thorson and published by Matt Makes Games. The game revolves around the archery combat arena.

The game takes the player in an epic battle to fight against other players. The primary task of players revolves around eliminating each other using arrows, head stomps, etc. until one player remains. In Multiplayer mode, over four players can fight against each other in a battle royal with arrows.