Arsenal Remote

Arsenal Remote app allows you to connect your DSLR camera with your mobile phone to remotely take control of all the different camera settings such as shutter speed, the vibrancy of photos, dynamic range, brightness, ISO, exposure, etc. It supports a large number of cameras from various manufacturers, and users can view the list of supported devices from the official site.

You can merge as many photos as you want to create a time-lapse video and add various transitions to make the video more beautiful before posting it on your profile. Arsenal – The Intelligent Camera app helps users edit their time-lapse video to remove certain frames from the video.

Arsenal Remote app features a built-in assistant to increase your focus and show off your photography skills to the outside world. Users can turn on smart settings to automatically adjust the lens and other options according to the background.


Arsenal Remote Alternatives

#1 Slow Shutter Cam


Slow Shutter Cam is an app presented in the market by Cogitate Software to take the photo capturing experience to a whole new level by taking photos after adjusting the shutter speed. You can pause a video to start capturing again right from where you left.

Slow Shutter Cam – Long Exposure Photography app features motion blurs by applying various presets such as motion blur, light trail, low light trail, etc. You can manually set the ISO and shutter speed or set values on the basis of guidelines from professional photographs.

Users can tap on the camera icon on the screen or use the volume key to capture a photo after selecting the desired brightness, contrast, and exposure. Slow Shutter Cam app shows a preview of a photo to retake it at a different angle or save it in the internal storage to view it later.


#2 NeuralCam Night Mode


NeuralCam Night Mode app helps photographers capture perfect photos in low light conditions without worrying about lights, brightness, and other factors. It contains a countdown timer to set a timer and prepare for a new pose to take a photo after the timer ends automatically.

You can change the white panel, exposure, and focus on capturing more details in a single photo while dealing with extra lights or no light at all. NeuralCam – Night Mode Camera app features zoom in and zoom out options to capture more details by swiping on the screen with their fingers.

NeuralCam – Night Camera, Night Photography app helps you select the format of a photo from the given choices to reduce the size of the photo without losing any pixels. According to lights, users can select a shooting mode to adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, etc automatically.

#3 Night Camera


Night Camera grew up in a magnificently used night vision camera that carries all the features, and you can use it for all your desired purposes. Night Camera is an easy-to-use tool developed in the market by Almalence Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy plenty of shooting modes along with full camera mode. The app is just full-fledged for shooting at night or evening, indoor, in the twilight, and any other dark environment.

You can precisely capture high-quality images in low light, and you can use your camera everywhere, anytime you want. You can elegantly take noise-free and sharp images, even in dim or low light. Night Camera app lets you see everything clearly and in amazing details with the night vision viewfinder.

The app features No blur, no noise feature, full-resolution support, advanced low light performance based on explosion fusion. The app also carries a paid version that brings advanced features, such as zoom, flash control, location tagging, shutter mute, and various others that helps you to manage things intuitively.


#4 NightCap Camera


NightCap Camera is an exceptional tool that is used significantly in low light and nighttime to make dark photos look like they were made in a daytime, developed by Realtime Dreams Limited Inc. The app helps you in capturing as well as nourishing photos and videos in an excellent way. It also aids you in unlocking the entire potential of your iPad or iPhone’s camera if you find your videos and photos dark or grainy in low light.

You just have to hold steady and tap the shutter button available over the camera of your cell phones or tablets. The elegantly designed special camera modes give you real and fantastic DSLR-like results if you prefer manual control and want professional-level stuff. It also contains a Long Exposure mode for reducing image noise and fantastic motion blur effects in low light.

NightCap Camera app also carries Light Trails Mode that is magnificent to use in moving traffic at night. It lets you record videos with full manual control and special Night Mode effects. You can also enjoy making time-lapse videos with adjustable speed, light trails support, long exposure, and up to 4K resolution on mobile phones. So just give a chance to download the NightCap Camera app on your cell phones and enjoy dozens of professional-level photos and videos whenever you are in the dark.

#5 Handy Photo


Handy Photo is a designed and significant tool for all the photography enthusiasts who love to take and edit photos in a professional way, available to use on Android devices only. Handy Photo is an easy-to-use tool developed in the market by ADVA Soft Inc. that lets you improve the general look of your pics by having both local and global colors as well as tonal corrections in them.

The app brings a magic crop feature with unique photo un-copping functionality. The app lets you remove unwanted or harmful content from your pics through a single tap and even add objects over them without any effort. The app also includes some exceptional photo filters, such as Duotone, Golden, HDR, Black and White, Cross Process, Dramatic, Bleach Bypass, and Old Photo, etc. You can also add attention-grabbing frames to add on your photos, such as Glass, Autumn Leaves, Lace, Paint Splashes, Pencil Sketch, Polaroid, Retro Photos, Sea Shell, Torn Paper, Vintage, and plenty of others.

Other than these, Handy Photo app also features Polarization, Fog, Glow, Color Standout, Halftone, Ink, Lomo, Sepia, Sketch, Tiny Planet, Vignette, Smart Contrast, Tilt-Shift, Vintage, and various other filters to apply over your photography to make them look classier. It brings advanced retouching techniques, magic crop tool, high-quality frames, and textures, up to 36 MP pic support, raw format support, and lets you enjoy everything over a sleekly designed and stylish UI.

#6 Photo Editor HDR FX Pro


Photo Editor HDR FX Pro provides you with the best and the most HDR effect on Android and helps you to make professional-level stuff. Photo Editor HDR FX Pro is an excellent tool developed in the market by Lyrebird Studio Inc. through which you can elegantly enjoy loads of significant options for making fantastic photos and videos.

Apart from providing HDR effects, you can precisely apply curves adjustments to your tablets and cell phones and do everything without doing much. The app also provides another essential editing tool called Levels. You can precisely achieve professional results with adjusting gamma correction with a single touch as well as adjusting white and black tone adjustments.

The app comes with a lot of frames and border options that can be applied over your desired photos in just a few clicks. You can also crop your photos with a single click and even without compromising the resolution of images. Photo Editor HDR FX Pro is one of the most comprehensive photo editing apps on Android. It gives you the capability to do anything that you want about editing them with simple steps.

#7 Silent Camera [High Quality]


Silent Camera [High Quality] is probably the best silent camera app that comes without any shutter sound so that you can take pics without making any sound. Silent Camera [High Quality] is an excellent tool developed in the market by Peace Inc. that is significant for spy and pranksters who want to take pics without making any noise.

The app features high-quality images, timer shooting, scene section, white balance, high-speed continuous shooting, color effects, zoom support, and plenty of others. You can not only avoid sound while taking photos but also make high-quality images whenever you want.

Other than these, Silent Camera – High-Quality app also brings composition guide, geo-tagging, image size selection, photo editing with dramatic filters, image size selection, volume key shutter, and various other features. So just download the Silent Camera app in your cell phones and tablets to enjoy making classy images without making any sound of shutter or anything else.

#8 Camera Awesome


Camera Awesome app helps you in taking your pics to entirely a new level by shooting sharper and fast, better-exposed photos. Camera Awesome app elegantly makes your pics come to life with impressive effects that can easily manage accordingly. The app carries a pretty interface along with plenty of valuable options that can be accessed with a single click. The app provides features like a level for the horizon, set exposure, and the capability to focus in one place.

The Camera Awesome app lets you upload photos and videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, SmugMug, and Flicker with just a single tap. You can also use its auto-sharing option and let the app provides you with rest. The app precisely takes you back to the future and captures the action 5 secs before you hit the button.

#9 ProCamera


ProCamera is a sleekly designed as well as a leading professional camera app available on iOS platforms that helps you to enrich your stuff with real-class. ProCamera – Shoot with a Manual RAW Camera is a magnificently designed tool developed in the market by Cocologics Inc. that is significant for catering to enthusiasts, pros, and creatives for making remarkable photography.

The app features various modes such as include Automatic Mode, Semi-Automatic Mode, and a Manual Mode that can be chosen accordingly. The app features Exposure Compensation, Portrait Mode, Selfie Mode, Self-Timer and Intervalometer, Live Histogram, Digital Zoom, Rapid Fire mode, AIS Image Stabilization On/Off, and various others.

The app helps its users to get most out of the iPhone camera and perform in a way like never before. It is a significantly designed go-to camera app with deep and multifunctional features for making photos and videos look exceptional. It brings pro-level DSLR camera features to iOS and even provides a comprehensive video editing suite along with a versatile video recording mode.

It also features EXIF/Metadata Viewer, Adjustable Fill-Light, Apple Watch Remote Control, Various Aspect Rations, Code Scanner, Manual Focus with Focus Peaking, Code Scanner, Gray Card Calibration, Lightbox, 3D Tiltmeter, Album Selector, and various others. So just download ProCamera – Shoot with a Manual RAW Camera app on your cell phone and enjoy exceptional videos and photos.

#10 Camera MX


Camera MX is an exceptional tool for making better photos and videos by letting you touch your desired stuff that you want to edit and watch. Camera MX – Photo & Video Camera is a fine photo-editor developed by MAGIX Inc. that brings an easy to use yet a fully-functional camera tool having millions of global users.

The app supports almost all the rations and resolutions that your camera enables and carries a customizable JPEG quality in the camera settings. It features a magnificently designed, fine-tuned autofocus to make sure your photos come out admirably clear. Camera MX app also brings HDR and auto-optimization for high-quality images, even in low light scenarios.

Camera MX – Photo and Video Camera app lets you carry your photo and video, making to entirely a new level by providing loads of professional tools and features. You can pause your video recordings and apply video cuts whenever you want. It also supports the time-lapse video recording feature as well to create epic fast motion videos instantly.

It also features front and rare camera support, flashes camera zoom, optional GPS settings, disable the shutter sound, and flash on/off support. The app carries enhance camera features along with multiple camera modes. Camera MX app brings plenty of customizable options along with dozens of filters and effects to give your photos/videos a surprising look with a real-class editing approach.

#11 Flow Shot


Flow Shot is a powerful app for adventure lovers to quench their thirst for adventure while saving their moments in the lens of the camera to enjoy them in their old days. It saves photos on the basis of event name and geotags to view them later. You can share a preset with other photographers through various social media handles.

Flow Shot– Hands-Free, Motion-Activated app comes up with a straightforward interface to help users view the ISO, shutter speed, exposure, and brightness at a glance to change them according to their needs.

Users choose all the settings of the camera and save them to a separate folder as a preset to apply them later with a single tap. FLOW SHOT app features autofocus to automatically focus on an object in the video or tap on the screen to adjust the focus manually.

#12 Warmlight


Warmlight– Manual Camera app is a professional-grade photo editing tool to let users bring their childhood photos to a new life by applying a large number of filters and effects. You can turn on gridlines to capture your favorite moments like a pro and apply live filters.

Warmlight app features a slider control to adjust the brightness level, or they can tap on the desired part of the photo to adjust it according to the condition of the light.

Users only need to point the camera of their mobile phone towards an object to capture a photo without having to worry about manually adjusting focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, etc. Warmlight– Camera Filters & Photo Effects app helps you in creating as many layers of a photo as you want to apply a different filter to each layer to view the difference.

#13 HD Camera for Android


HD Camera for Android is a tremendously used mobile camera app that brings all the advantages of using a full-fledged camera. HD Camera for Android is a native Android system app used by millions of global users, presented in the market by Mobile_V5 Inc. It is a professional camera app that lets you take snaps of images in full resolution and make professional-level videos and photos.

It carries an exceptional camera and video features along with three modes, including video recorder, panorama, and camera. You can precisely extemporize your images and videos with an exquisite range of filters and apply them over your photos/videos according to your choices.

The app features smart panorama shooting, pinch to zoom, countdown timer, widescreen pics, pics quality setting, exposure, location targeting, and various other things. The app supports Screen Mode Settings (Florescent, Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, and Incandescent) and Screen Mode Settings (Night, Play, Action, and Sunset) as well.

The app also brings photo collage, photo cropping, photo editing, screen mode, pic quality setting, configurable volume key, dynamic user interface, and various other features. HD Camera for Android is a fully-functional tool, exclusive for all kinds of users, whether you are a casual photographer or a professional movie maker.