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ArtStudio Alternatives for PC

ArtStudio developed and published by Lucky Clan, available to use on iOS and Android platforms only. It is the most comprehensive, painting, sketching and photo editing application that is designed for professionals. It is one of the best alternatives to Procreate and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others. The application offers new user interface and powerful new graphics engine to create works faster, easier and more fun.  One of the addictive things about this platforms is that it offers advanced drawing algorithm that is faster and simple than previous one. flexible canvas size, more than 16 advanced tools, up to 450 high-quality brushes, different shapes, favourite list of quickly access user’s brush setting and layer masks these are key features of the application. Another addictive thing about this app is that it is fully customizable that allows you to add and create your own custom setting. If you are looking a painting drawing or photo editor app than try it out, it is specially made for you.

1. Paint Net

Paint Net is a freeware raster graphics editor solution for Microsoft Windows platform only created by .NET Framework. It is a simple but powerful image and photo editing application that contains almost all the major tools and service to create stunning stuff without any limitation. Every feature on this platform includes the user interface, designed to be immediately and easy to learn without assistance. With the help of this platform,…