autoTax is a well-equipped solution that helps companies in reducing compliance work to make the whole GST work seamless. The software is known for reconciling returns, e-way bills, and other features to automate GST return filing. It enables businesses to gain access to tax visibility through their past tax returns and reports on current ones.

autoTax works easily for all levels, whether it’s a company or a business group. The solution comes with the role and permission-based access to ensure data security for its users. It provides a single login for all GSTINs and automates return generation, which reduces the time of users.

The solution ensures the reported and claiming millions of tax with ease, and it offers e-way bill compliance services. It provides developers, importers, transporters, and enterprises a platform to generate compliant e-way bills through the system directly. The customer portal enables clients to ensure compliance with the customers.


autoTax Alternatives

#1 Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud


Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud is a reporting and tax compliance tool that provides tax determination, tax reporting, and invoicing compliance in a single place. It is suitable for medium and large businesses that safeguard form modern tax and risks.

It manages complex transactions by adopting the technology requirements and government regulations as well. The tool provides regulatory analysis with the help of a secure cloud system. It uses the infrastructure of grade S1 that ensures the scalability, security, and reliability of applications.

The top features of Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud include 360-degree scanning and monitoring, Sales and use tax vendor-charged tax analysis, Value added tax(VAT), Exemption management and many more. It has the ability of tax filling and taxability verification.

In finance and accounting features, Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud offers Electronic payments, Financial analysis, and Integrations with third-party as well as APIs. The tool ensures up-to-date applications and data at all times.


#2 Worxtime


Worxtime is an online administration tool designed for SMEs, startups and large-sized enterprises. It has a benefits Administration facility that offers tracking with the help of ACA compliant service. It gives one place solution for administration bodies.

The tool can streamline reporting by generating forms and e-filling to the IRS automatically. Its reporting feature is only for employees who manage IRS coverage requirements and allow them to include an efficient account manager as well.

The key features of Worxtime include Audit wizard access, Strong data integration, Reporting based on standard, and many more. It provides the most robust ACA compliance option that offers built-in automated alert features, printing & mailing and serves the client services team.

It uses cloud-based hosting that supports many operating systems such as Web app, Windows. It offers payment methods on a monthly and yearly basis with no free trial.

#3 CCH Sales Tax Office


CCH Sales Tax Office is an online tax calculation tool designed for larger corporations that manage the sales queries. It has seamless integration with CCH includes form filing and tax rate calculations. It offers exemption management with the feature to create an additional custom exemption.

CCH Sales Tax Office offers transactions between platforms modules and has the ability to remove the manual data processes. The tool’s process automation gives the facility to set-it and forget-it rule with ease. It provides free operation of cloud deployment for maintenance.

One of the core features of the CCH Sales Tax Office includes Tax research data and functionality that handles demanding calculations. It provides tax researchers to ensure the accuracy of the content and offers the domain expertise for compliances.

It determines the tax rates and rules as well as jurisdictional boundaries with the help of Wolters Kluwer’s data of sales tax research. It can manage your sales tax compliance process by producing interactive reports and organizing data.


#4 Taxamo


Taxamo is a modern digital tax compliance platform to realize the digital sales growth service. It supports the GST/VAT compliance service, unrivalled breadth, gives the expertise and unique insight to meet the requirements of global taxes.

It is available in 2 services such as Taxamo intermediary plus and Taxamo advantage, and these services can quickly fulfill the commercial needs after configure it in systems. It provides groundbreaking technology and innovative thinking that enables global tax challenge.

The core features of Taxamo include Tailored services in which an automated tax compliance tool allows a business to grow and manage own GST/VAT calculation globally. On the other hand, its tech tool allows the sales of digital services for clients and also liable for GST/VAT.

It gives modular services that meet the tax requirements easily from all over the world. It has the ability to enhance your service design with mix-and-match services. It gives the stable integration with your own custom checkout process.

#5 VAT Recovery


VAT Recovery is an advance tax compliance solution that transforms your tax data into business decisions. It is a cloud-based recovery tool for enterprises with the help of intelligent automation. It gives deep insight into transactional data for further actions.

It allows you to make a strategic decision based on transactional data and ensuring unrivaled compliance. It has a data-driven methodology that enables financial leaders to leverage and powerful analytics to ensure compliance with authorities.

It offers to limit tax liability while optimizing returns and provides a single access point for local and global management across all jurisdictions. The tool facilitates you by consolidate multiple data and handle the unified workflow efficiently.

One of the core features of VAT/GST Recovery includes Tax tailor in which you can optimize your domestic VAT recovery potential. It also improves compliance by resolving queries with ease and reduces risks.

#6 Sales Tax DataLINK


Sales Tax DataLINK is a tax advisory and management solution that facilitates you from calculation to reporting of taxes. It is a customizable and accurate solution for all kind of businesses. The tool provides direct control between tax compliance and business.

It has a tax collection feature that manages comprehensive and affordable sales taxes. It handles rate accuracy and jurisdiction details in which industry-specific information includes. It overcomes the complexities of sales, general contractors and tax for manufacturers.

The tool provides a tax reporting interface that validates the page before data hits. Core features of Sales Tax DataLINK include Consumer use tax, Tax calculator, Taxability verification and Tax filing. Additional features in the accounting side include Non-profits, Purchase orders and many more.

It offers business hour support and available as SaaS with regards to system requirements. It gives training with the help of live online and webinars. It is a paid tool with three pricing plans such as Platform, Training with a free trial.



EXEMPTAX is a tax exemption solution that manages sales tax exemption certificates and resales form the collection phase to the audit phase. It supports small and large businesses that allow you to vast your business seamlessly and professionalizes the tax exemption management process.

EXEMPTAX can collect certificates electronically that upload the digital certificates into account directly and eliminates the paperwork and filing cabinets etc. It has built-in validation rules that identify to validate certificates and allow you to customize your own setting.

One of the core features of EXEMPTAX includes an automated email facility that informs the updates regarding missing certificates and expiring problems. It gives the facility to the auditor by providing online access to data they need with ease.

It provides a one-click solution for integration like with QuickBooks. It gives add-on services includes e-Cart, Backlog Support, Managed Services, and Jumpstart. EXEMPTAX maintains industry standards with SSL encryption to secure the certificates.

#8 XaTTaX


XaTTaX is a GST reconciliation and filing solution that simplifies the raising invoices, filing of returns, and refund claiming facilities. It is a multi-layered security mechanism that secures transactions. It is primarily for Startups, Freelancers, SMEs, and large-sized enterprises.

It is compatible with ERP systems, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and even supports custom solutions as well. It allows high-level collaboration and integration in all segments of businesses like IT, logistics, and accounting quickly with ease.

Top key features of XaTTaX include Mismatch/ITC report generation, Salesperson monitoring, Multi-branch connectivity, GST audit reports, and many others. Additional features include Fast search, Fully customized dashboard, Email integration, and SMS integration as well.

It is available on desktop platforms as well as mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The tool offers two pricing plans, such as CLOUD and ON-PROMISES, with 30 days free trial.

#9 CFS TaxTools


CFS TaxTools is an advance tax compliance solution for accounting professionals that allow them to calculate and optimize the tax quires for businesses. It identifies the databases for preparers and clients to import data in print form with ease.

CFS TaxTools provides straight forward and intuitive design that helps you to prepare tax returns with a flexible scheme of pricing. It is CFS software’s flagship product suitable for all tiers of markets. It can collect all the necessary data for the preparation of taxes.

Top robust features of CFS TaxTools include Vast catalog of federal and state tax forms, Flowchart to understand filing status, Print worksheets with the user as well as client’s name, Present tax returns with a proper invoice and many others.

It offers access to the specialized program with financial calculators, low price worksheets, and breadth of work-sheets as well. CFS TaxTools conveniently allows you to retrieve information of the client in any storage device easily.

#10 Exactor


Exactor is an online sales tax compliance tool designed for organizations, merchants, and companies of all sizes. It handles the sales taxes across global markets, different channels, and provides fully automated, highly accurate descriptions.

Exactor simplifies the sales tax process with the help of a tax compliance system. It gives the calculation of value-added tax, sales taxes, and verification of exact transactions for the sake of accurate tax reports and sales tax.

It conducts the sales tax audits, manages to file sales tax returns and sales tax exemption. The core features of Exactor includes transaction tracking module for sales tax, address verification service modules, global support, and fully automated solution, and many more.

It provides solid integrations with ERP systems, Point of sales systems, Payments gateways, e-commerce platforms, and accounting programs. It has a sales calculation module that identifies the correct transaction reports and calculates the entire sales taxes efficiently.

#11 Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE


Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE is a robust tax automation tool that centralizes the entire cycle of tax and other related information on tax compliance. The tool combines all global tax with the help of expert-backed systems that hold taxpayers in a single tax solution.

It can find the most appropriate solution according to your desire and needs with the help of intelligence, expertise, and the use of the right technology. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE specially designed for large-sized enterprises to fulfill the needs of complex corporate tax returns.

It gives you robust features includes Compliance and reporting, Global supply chain management, and Complete package of data management. It uses the cloud-base hosting that allows you to manage the needs of companies.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE provides the standardize taxation for the sake of quick decision, centralized location to streamline, accurate tracking, and enhance confident reporting. It offers a special feature that supplies the module of chain management for company growth and eliminates the risk factor.

#12 Canopy Tax


Canopy Tax is a tax solution and practice management tool for accountants and professionals. It simplifies the tax engagements, tax working, and enables you to manage tasks, invoicing, billing, documents, and many others.

It allows you to organize contacts and links with other relevant contacts and communications. It has a client portal that gives the facility to share files with you by your clients. It enables you to find the best course of action for clients involved in cases such as trust fund recovery, liens, and innocent spouse, etc.

Top features of Canopy Tax include tax resolution analytics, latter generator with e-signature, resolution assistant services, and many other features. Additional features like collection solution, data intake survey and contact management make it different from other tools.

It has a drag-drop facility in the portal that is useful for sharing documents. One of the top features of Canopy Tax is its resolution analytics that determines the resolution service assistants and solves all client queries quickly and efficiently.

#13 TaxJar


TaxJar is a sales tax solution designed for all types of businesses that gives tax filling, reporting, and automate tax computing. It allows you to eliminate tedious tasks of tax compliance. The platform provides you space to concentrate more on business.

It has a simple one-click connection that can easily connect with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, and many other platforms. It allows automatic sync with shopping carts, multi-platform support, or e-commerce channels to increase flexibility and efficiency.

Top features of TaxJar include Support destination and origin-based sourcing of sales tax, shipping flexibility as well as return ready sales tax reports, etc. It handles shipping taxability under collection detection and allows CSV data to perform.

It gives valuable customer service with the protection of sensitive data and available via email or mobile phones. To understand all aspects of the sales tax, it offers a multitude of resources that includes states tax guide, sales tax calculator, and many more options.

#14 Vertex O Series


Vertex O Series is a tax collection solution that gives you accurate determination of purchase and sales tax. It has powerful integrations with billing systems, e-commerce platforms, and ERP systems. The solution features an automated collection of taxes with the latest rates and rules.

It handles more than 10,000 jurisdictions for the sake of rates & rules. It enables you to automate and simplify the processes of tedious such as collecting, consumer use, VAT/GST, reporting on sales, calculating, and all type of transaction taxes.

It can also manage specific industry tax content for retail taxes and leasing purposes. In Vertex O Series you can use external applications and services directly and connect seamlessly. It solves complex taxability matters, standardizes all process of tax as well as provide accuracy in tax collection.

Core features of the Vertex O Series include dependable tax rates and rules, exemption certificate management, support indirect tax calculation, smooth and straightforward navigation, and many others. Vertex O Series updates standards and regulations monthly to maintain efficiency.

#15 Avalara


Avalara is a cloud-based tax compliance solution that handles tax transactions. The tool reviews your sales volume as well as risk assessment with interactive services. It is compatible with any size of business or industry.

Avalara can plugs into the system with built-in connections such as ERP systems, e-commerce, applications as well as advanced APIs. It has tiered pricing for tax collection without tangling you into the custom price tags.

The top features of Avalara include geolocation for tax assessment, compliance administration management, third-party software integration, complete tax scenario management, and many more. It offers unifies sales that handle the document management and calculation of tax with perfection.

Additional features allow returning filling and remittance that enable you to track and manage due dates and pay all your returns with a single platform. It offers you to calculate the final cost of transactions that eliminate the hidden cost options.

#16 TaxCloud


TaxCloud is a sales tax management solution that eliminates the management of internet sales queries. The tool is currently running across the US under wholesalers and online retailers. It determines the applicable sales tax rate that relies on the taxability of service.

It collects the sales tax at the transaction time to avoid the whole boring procedure. It has a slew of tools that simplify the collection of sales tax, calculate taxes, and easily maintain compliance. It offers you to track the sales tax rates, tax exemptions, and product type automatically.

TaxCloud enables you to collect and calculate taxes according to the sales tax laws. It offers strong APIs that help you to implement an ERP system, order management, and shopping carts as well. TaxCloud gives automated compliance service for free of cost.

Top features of TaxCloud includes core public sales tax APIs, track online stores and hosted marketplace integration, rapid implementation, and optional manual sales tax management as well. It can generate monthly reports on sales tax by following the jurisdictions.