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Avakin Life is a Role-playing, Fantasy-based, Virtual-World, and Social Simulation by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. It is one of the best games like IMVU because in which the player can perform lots of similar activities such as meet people, chat and dress up, etc… read more
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What are best Avakin Life Alternatives for iOS?

#1 Onverse


Onverse is a game that includes a vast three-dimensional world for you to explore. The customization choices are nearly limitless and will have you enjoying for hours on end.

The game is free to learn but does need a download that will focus on either Windows or Mac. The feature list for Onverse is nearly as limitless as the customization available options to gamers. The cornerstones in the game world though are certainly its exploration, creation, and talking options.


#2 Village Life: Love & Babies


Village Life: Love & Babies is a Simulation developed and published by Playdemic. It is another title of Village Life series in which the player can guide his villagers through life from babies to adulthood helping them fall in sweet love, go on a date and get married to grow his families. It also allows the player to find food, craft lots of tools, building, and toys to build a thriving, happy village then expand to exciting new lands. The gameplay of the game is consists of series of levels and each new level of the game offer more enjoyable and more interesting gameplay of the last one. Village Life: Love & Babies includes core features such as form a new tribe, keep his villagers fed by farming, gathering food, crafted food and grow lots of babies in order to progress. With simple controls and stunning visual details. Village Life: Love & Babies is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

#3 Suburbia


Suburbia is a Facebook video game heavily inspired by The Sims. The game isn’t a clone but has a lot of fun to be had for fans of life simulation games. In Suburbia, players have to manage their virtual life in a two dimensional (2D) environment where they can easily interact with other players from all over the world.

In the start, the player needs to choose the career which suits him and help the Sim in achieving its life goals. The player must try his best to keep the chosen character happy and overcome all the challenges that appear throughout the game.


#4 Village Life


Village Life is a Farming, Building, Management, and Social Interaction Simulation developed by Playdemic. The game lets you create your village consists of love, laughter, and babies. During the gameplay, you must assist your villagers from childhood to adulthood and help them to grow, go on a date, fall in love, get married, and raise old families.

You must find resources, food, craft different tools, construct buildings, and more. While playing the game, you can expand the village further and further to new lands. The game provides you with a chance to live your second life as a farmer and see what he do in his life.

#5 The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval is an Adventure-based, Fantasy and Single-player Life-Simulation video game developed by The Sims Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game takes place in the medieval times which allows the player to create his empire through the quest-driven gameplay. It is an exciting game in which the player can create his kingdom with different things, build his force of Sims, send into the quests and earn huge rewards which help the player to unlock new resources and upgrade his units. The game introduces new features in which the player can control all the people in his kingdom at it will not just in a single household. After the progress the player have to major jobs with his kingdom such as every day takes based his profession and the second one is the people of his kingdom must complete all the quest. The Sims Medieval offers key features such as crafting option, create his weapons, different kinds of buildings and units, etc. The game offers enjoyable background music, enhanced game mechanics, and brilliant graphics details.


#6 Party in My Dorm


Party in My Dorm is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual-World, and Fantasy-based Life-Simulation developed and published by A Thinking Ape Entertainment. The game focuses on those players who want to enjoy the ultimate college life with his friends or other players around the world.

Before starting an adventure, it allows the player to create his avatar with lots of exciting things such as costume, hairstyle, and accessories, etc. After establishing his complete character, it allows the player to dive into the brilliant world, join the club and enjoy lots of rock parties. It will enable the player to communicate with the other online girls and boys, make new friends, and enjoy the game together.

#7 Poptropica


Poptropica is a Virtual World, Multiplayer, and Free Online video game made for teenagers and children. The game takes place in the stunning world where other players are available from around the globe. The gameplay is a perfect blend of RPG, Social, and Digital World elements.

The game allows the player to choose his character from available and do a bit of customization to change the appearance of his selected character to make it unique among others. Poptropica gameplay centres on several different islands (over 30) that players can explore to complete missions and play games or correspond with some other users.

#8 Habbo


Habbo (also known as Habbo Hotel) is a Virtual World, Social, Single-player and Multiplayer video game. It has a huge users list and offers a visible social media knowledge that you could obtain in your web browser.

Build your exclusive avatar now and enter in the Habbo Hotel to connect with new people and possibly create long term friends. This game is available for free to play online community set in a virtual world. The gameplay of Habbo takes place inside the Habbo Hotel that is split up into various rooms. Gamers sign in to the Hotel and choose which rooms they wish to visit.

More About Avakin Life

Avakin Life is a Role-playing, Fantasy-based, Virtual-World, and Social Simulation by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. It is one of the best games like IMVU because in which the player can perform lots of similar activities such as meet people, chat and dress up, etc.

At the start, it allows the player to customize his/her character with the help of different costumes and accessories. It combines the elements of MMO, Social, Decoration, and the Virtual World. After creating his/her character, the game allows the player to get into the beautiful game world, interact with other online players, make new friends, and enjoy the game together.

It allows the player to decorate his home with lots of decoration tools, which makes the game more enjoyable. Explore the environment to find true love and go on the hot date. Avakin Life includes vital features such as a customization option, purchasable new outfits, endless opportunities to make new friends around the world, and lots of mini-games, etc. The game offers great mechanics, excellent setting, and beautiful graphic details.


Avakin Life Reviews

written on August 21, 2020

Avakin Life is a Role-playing and Fantasy-based social simulation that lets me take a particular role and get into the virtual world to perform multiple real-life actions. I need to perform various activities such as interact with lots of people, try to chat with them in dialogues, dress up, and much more. At the start, I have to select and customize my character by utilizing several costumes, accessories, and other factors. I must make use of various kinds of items, objects, equipment, a lot of decoration tools, etc. to decorate my home.

written on July 31, 2020

Avakin Life is a superb simulation that enables me to create and customize my character and get into the beautiful world to complete numerous missions and quests. I have to interact with multiple online players, attempt to make new fellows and friends, and enjoy a lot. The game offers a virtual world with numerous 3D experiences. I need to explore the environment, try to find out my true love, and plan some hot dates. It includes some prominent features such as perfect customization options, excellent mechanics, brilliant setting, beautiful graphic details, and much more.

Olphab Valzoom
written on July 27, 2020

Avakin Life is a fantastic simulation that enables me to traverse the ever-growing virtual reality 3D world, execute numerous activities, develop and show off my dream home. I can make new friends, chat with them, enjoy multiple mini-games with them, buy new outfits, and get endless opportunities to achieve success. I have to select my perfect character and customize it with several hairstyles, figures, eye color, and much more. The game permits me to compete with hundreds of other players and traverse all different surrounding places to get a victory.

written on June 8, 2020

Avakin Life is a great simulation that offers a vibrant and exciting virtual world and enables me to become the person I ever wanted to be. I need to create my avatar and join other millions of players to complete lots of quests. I need to execute numerous real-life actions, such as buy new clothes and even create my outfit, dress up my avatar, design, and decorate my home, etc. I must explore the world, attempt to find out some unique and amazing brands, and become a fashion star. Throughout the game, I am capable of going to different parties in several paradise locations.

written on May 30, 2020

Avakin Life is an excellent social simulation that enables me to create and customize a character to proceed. I need to dress up an avatar, pick up my favorite style, and try to become the person I ever wanted to be. I have to get into the virtual reality world and gain endless opportunities to express myself. I can socialize with millions of players, chat with them, attempt to make new friends, and search for my crew. I can take various pictures of my customized character and share them on Instagram or Facebook. I can browse through lots of objects and items and try to fill my closet with different kinds of stylish outfits.