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Ayrex is the most trusted binary options trading platform that can execute transactions in the blink of an eye. It offers a massive variety of trading tools, including the Close Now feature that allows you to close trades any time you want, which makes trading very flexible… read more
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10 Ayrex Alternatives & Similar Software


1. OneTwoTrade

OneTwoTrade is a web-based trading platform that provides the latest technological advancements for the benefit of its clients. It is an adware winning solution for delivering efficient and sages trading platform. It comes with all the primary tools and features that fulfill all the size of trading needs. It introduces a new Rollover feature that rolls over the trades to the next expiry time for a premium. This feature used to increase the length of the trade if the initial prediction proves wrong.

OneTwoTrade is a web-based solution, and you can access it anywhere around the world. It is available to use in many languages like French, Italian, English, and lots of others. The platform includes core features such as a variety of assets, high returns, double up and buys me out feature, etc. OneTwoTrade is one of the best web-based trading solutions as compared to others.


2. 2options

2options is the world’s most leading binary options broker that allows trading to be done without any problems. It provides a massive range of tools for traders to maximize their profits. It is a complete solution and uses modern trading software that has developed for over three years. The platform also has a cross-platform trading application that is quiet and powerful.

A trader can use this app to access trading assets using a centralized trading console. All non-traditional assets such as BTC offered for trading. This trading platform also provides up-to-date stats for each asset that allows traders to make informed decisions without any risk.


3. eXbino

eXbino is a binary options broker that uses TechFinancials as its trading solution. TechFinancials is an advanced level solution that comes with all the trading tools and a simple interface. It also allows traders to trade via mobile phones and tablets with the mobile app. eXbino embraces top-notch technology to provide a superb trading experience to traders.

The solution makes full use of your computer display to ensure you do not miss any features. With this, you can also control the chart and keep track of portfolio performance as you make trades. The best thing about this application is that it offers a global reach as they cover several of the biggest markets in Europe.


4. IvoryOption

IvoryOption is an all-in-one binary options brokers that use the popular SpotOption trading platform due to its ease of use, flexibility, and reliability. It is a 100% web-based platform, and you do not need to download any software. All you need to do is an internet connection to make your trades.

IvoryOption price and execution modules are impressive, and the broker uses advanced technology to ensure your trading convenience and overall satisfaction. This comprehensive solution offers the investor a professional and well-organized trading environment and specially designed with the user experience in mind.


5. IQ Option

IQ Option is a trading solution from most of the generic platforms. It is an alternative to MarketsWorld and offers all the similar services with some key features. Asset selection is made using the tab system placed on the top and down list placed on the right side of the tabs that offer more assets.

The platform features action buttons for option types you want to buy. It offers predefined amounts such as $10 and $20, which you can choose. Its cabinet section shows banking transactions and trading history. It also hosts the customer support option that makes it better than others.


6. MarketsWorld

MarketsWorld is a user-friendly trading platform that allows them to focus on strategy and entry points. It is straightforward and easy to use web-based solution, which means you do not need to download and install any software. Simply use your computer or mobile phone to get connected to the internet and start trading.

The solution gives you any time and anywhere access to your account. MarketsWorld also offers a mobile application that helps you trade on the go. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with additional features and services to deliver a complete and realistic experience.


7. First Binary Option Service

First Binary Option Service is the right place for online trading on financial markets that offers instant access to up to 100 assets of the world’s leading companies. The best thing about First Binary Option Service is that it helps traders to become more familiar with the trading solutions before they invest their money.

With this platform, you can trade about 50 instruments of various types, including CFDs, indexes, and currency pairs. First Binary Option Service is also a web-based solution, and you don’t need to download and install any software on your PC.


8. Option888

Option888 is a Binary Options Brokers that combined a modern and user-friendly platform with the latest advancement in online technology to give its users, fast and accurate trading experience.

Option888’s standout features are the Close and Extend options, which enable you to close the trade before expiry or extend the expiry time correspondingly. You can use these tools to maximize returns and minimize losses. The platform made sure that their traders are confident about the security of their investments.


9. CherryTrade

CherryTrade also uses the SpotOption trading platform that is now available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. CherryTrade is 100% web-based that means you don’t need to download and install any solution. It can be retrieved anywhere in the world.

You can quickly access all your transactions, deposit, and trading portfolio in its My Account section, and the maximum amount you can invest per individual trade is $5000. It is an alternative to MarketsOption and offers all similar tools and services with some key features. The platform provides secure trading as it utilizes the wildly used SSL security system to encrypt all the credit card payments over the web.


10. Bloombex

Bloombex is another Binary Options Broker that uses the intuitive, modern SpotOption trading platform. It is an all-in-one solution that comes with all the primary tools and services. You can see the payout ratio as the percentage in the large figure on the right sidebar of the solution, and on the left side, you can view the trader choice bar that reveals the direction of the market sentiment.

Compared to other binary options brokers, its interface is quite simple and clear. Its graph shows the movements of asset prices. To get a more comprehensive view of available assets and it’s possible to change the platform layout format. It was established in 2009 and the actually among the very first brokers who entered the market. Bloombex accepts customers from the USA, Israel, the USA, and lots of other countries.

More About Ayrex

Ayrex is the most trusted binary options trading platform that can execute transactions in the blink of an eye. It offers a massive variety of trading tools, including the Close Now feature that allows you to close trades any time you want, which makes trading very flexible. It comes as the alternatives to MarketsWorld but offers lots of new features that make it better than others.

The standout feature is its policy regarding returns; you can request a partial amount or full funds from them. The accounting department will review the request, and the funds will be credited to your bank account within ten days.

This trading platform starts with a very basic level, and now it has more than 230, 000 users around the world who use it to invest more in their business. Like all the other solutions, it also has an Android application that allows you to manage your work anytime, anywhere. Ayrex is one of the best trading solutions for the size of investors.