Baby Valley


Baby Valley Alternatives for PC

#1 Baby Blimp


Baby Blimp is an Addictive, Fantasy-based, Virtual-World and Single-player Simulation that is a based on the story said to kids about where the actually come from. In this game, the player can take on the role of a Chief Stork, and the primary goal of the player creates numbers of babies and deliver it to their parents. At the beginning of the process to the transfer of baby its parents, the player have to take care of a child and perform multiple activities that mom normally does. It allows the player to change the dress of his/her child and try to make happy with toys and feed them. After the progress of the game it unlocks different things such as new toys, and foods, etc. that will help the player to in during the gameplay. Baby Blimp includes key features such as different locations, Customization options, mini-games, and Upgrades, etc. The game offers superb game setting, quite impressive gameplay and excellent visual details.