Badland 2

Badland 2 is a Puzzle-Platform, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Frogmind Games and published by Cheetah Games. It is the 2nd title in the Badland series that offer similar gameplay in which the player can fly around the little black creature through the woods of the game… read more

What are best Badland 2 Alternatives for Linux?

#1 Trine: Enchanted Edition


For all the fantastic fans of Trine and Trine 2, Trine: Enchanted Edition is a beautiful treat. This amazing Physics-based Puzzle-Platform and Adventure game continues the adventures of your favorite heroes Wizard, Thief, and Knight and offers a unique game-play with a marvelous story and easy controls. The game is set in the world of Fairytales and tasks you to explore and solve amazingly challenging physics-based puzzles, immerse yourself into epic game-play and enjoy being part of a massive beautifully created and mesmerizing world, witness the beauty and entertain yourself with beautiful environments and sounds.

With both Single-player and Co-op Multiplayer gaming modes, Trine: Enchanted Edition lets you play with 3 of your friends, enjoy split-screen game-play, save the game in Mid-Level play (a feature that was not available in previous Trine games), enjoy solving some of the most challenging puzzles, beat all of your enemies, create and manipulate some different objects. Use them to solve puzzles and enjoy being part of a beautiful world.


#2 Feist


Feist is a Fantastic Action, Adventure, and Puzzle-Platform video game developed by Finji. The game is set in a beautiful, but Dark Forest filled with Caves, Huge Mountains and all the Hazards you can think of. The game asks you to go through the Forest, Follow the bizarre and giant creatures, solve several challenging puzzles, and complete the game objectives.

While traversing through the forest, you’ll find everything ready to kill you and to save yourself from all the monstrous creatures. You’ll have to complete several tasks such as going through the platforms, obstacles, etc. pick up the objects and either throw them directly on the creatures or use them to solve the puzzle in front of you and survive for as long as you can.

#3 Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet offers the best combination of Action, Adventure, and Puzzle-Platform aesthetics and takes you on an epic journey of space exploration. The game takes place on an unknown Alien Planet and lets you be a skilled pilot of a little space ship. Your task is to traverse through the alien environment, interact and collect several different objects, move on platforms, and solve several challenging puzzles to complete the game objectives.

Engage yourself into exploration, battling against the bizarre native aliens, avoid their attacks, keep on solving the puzzles, and exploring the planet. You have to collect several things and use them to solve the problems, earn upgrades, and keep your ship on the course, reach down to the core of the planet, and complete the objectives.


#4 The Cave


The Cave is a classic Physics-based Puzzle-Platform and Adventure video game for all the hardcore fans Puzzle genres. The game takes you to a world where your task is to go on an epic adventure along with a number of your selective friends, each with unique abilities and stories.

You can get into the game to start exploring a beautiful world around, set your path, and descend into the deepest ever mystical and dark world. Go through several stunning locations, traverse through many caves interconnected with a rail system, collect and use several objects to solve amazingly challenging puzzles, and enjoy wandering into the deep caverns.

#5 Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken


Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is an Amazing, Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform, Side-scroll, Co-op, Single and Multiplayer video game created Ratloop Asia and published by Reverb Publishing. The game offers adventure puzzle-based gameplay and allows you amuse yourself in shooting experience.

In the game, you can take on the role of a Hardboiled Chicken. The game takes place in the world of Albatropolis threatened by the Penguin leader named as Puyzki. The game tasks you to embark on an epic adventure to locate and kill the boss of penguins to free the citizen of your world.


#6 Another World


Another World is a 2D Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer, Side-Scroll, and Single-player video game developed by Eric Chahi and published by The Digital Lounge. The story of the game revolves around the main protagonist named Lester, who is a scientist, and his experiment goes badly wrong.

After that incident, he finds himself in the strange world of aliens. In the game, you can assume the role of a young scientist, and sets you on an epic adventure, where you must fight against aliens to survive. Your character can perform various actions, such as Jump, Run, Attack, and much more.

#7 And Yet It Moves


And Yet It Moves is an Interesting, Adventure, 2D, Puzzle-Platform, Side-Scroll and Single-player video game developed and published by Broken Rules. The game takes place in a unique and strange world, which made up of ripped paper.

In the game, you can control the playable character, who can jump and run. The game consists of various levels and each level filled with challenging puzzles that you must complete. You have to race against the clock on several levels, and your run will be recorded.

More About Badland 2

Badland 2 is a Puzzle-Platform, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Frogmind Games and published by Cheetah Games. It is the 2nd title in the Badland series that offer similar gameplay in which the player can fly around the little black creature through the woods of the game. Starting in the day 1 Dawn, the game progresses four stages such as Noon, Dawn, Dusk and Night. Each one has own difficulties, theme and color scheme. The game introduces new tactics in which the player can fly in both directions up and down. It also offers new difficulties such as different kinds of obstacles, water, frost and searing light, etc. that make the game more complicated. Badland 2 feature new mode that makes the creature into the rolling wheel with the aim of surviving as far as possible. To make the game more interesting and enjoyable, it also offers lots of standalone challenges stages for the player to compete against the other player and improve his leaderboard. Badland 2 offer improve visual details with enhanced game mechanics and enjoyable background music.

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