Beach Spikers


Beach Spikers Alternatives for PSP

#1 Dead or Alive Paradise


Dead or Alive Paradise is a Sports, Casino, and Single-player video game developed by Project Venus and published by Tecmo Koei for PlayStation Portable. The game serves as the part of the Dead or Alive video game series and is considering as the remake version of 2006’s release, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. It comes with extra fun-filled activities and lots of beach-related mini-games.

In the game, the player starts the game at a resort situated in New Zack Island. The island is full of swimsuit-clad girls who appeared here from the Dead or Alive game series. There are several gameplay aspects, including beach mini-games like Dead or Alive 2 Xtreme. Before starting the game, the player requires to assemble a team of girls and compete against a team for points.