Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks is an educational app presented in the market by Beelinguapp Languages that come up with features to enable you to translate all the text on your mobile phone screen in your native language to read it right at your fingertips. Users can add a lesson to the favorite folder to learn it later.

Beelinguapp: Language Learning lets you post the link of a lesson on your social media profiles to share them with your family members and learn with them.

You can access the font settings section from the home screen to increase or decrease the font size and change the color of the text to view all the text at a glance. Beelinguapp: Languages Audiobooks Music features various filters to sort the list of lessons according to the skill level or categories. Users can type the name of an audiobook or keywords to search for it.


Beelinguapp Alternatives



SPEAKLAR app assists users in speaking English with complete strangers to improve their spoken English skills while learning accurate pronunciation from native English speakers from all around the globe. You can report a profile and add it to the blacklist for bad behavior.

Speaklar: English Speaking Practice app features a straightforward interface with buttons to access audio calls, group text messages, and profile sections from the home screen. You can also play simple word games with your new friends to learn new words in a playful manner.

Users can discover new friends to share their native language with them and discover new creative ways of speaking English in their daily activities. Speaklar: English Talk app lets you access the settings section to make your profile visible to strangers to get text messages and calls from them. Users don’t need to create an account to interact with their new friends.


#2 FluentU


FluentU: Learn Languages with videos is an educational app presented in the market by Enux Education Limited that comes up with a large number of real-life videos to learn various national and international languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Korean, and many more.

You can select your favorite language from the home screen to start watching videos according to your language and pronunciation skills. FluentU app features downloading of a video lesson to save it in the internal storage and watch it later without connecting to a WiFi network. You can send the definition of a word to your family members through various social media apps.

FluentU: Language Learning app shows information about each video such as total duration, title, skill level, and the total number of words in each video lesson. Users can search for the meaning and definition of a difficult word in their native language from the built-in dictionary.

#3 SpeakNative


SpeakNative – Practice & Learn is a free English learning and practice app to start speaking fluent English in the native accent in a short period of time without spending any money. You can make a video conference call to speak with a stranger while watching their expressions and way of speaking.

SpeakNative app shows the list of all the online language exchange users at a glance, and users can tap on a profile to start speaking with them after turning on the mobile data of their phone. You don’t need to share your personal or contact information with strangers to secure all your private data.

Users can view the profile of each stranger with information such as name and the date of joining the community of language speakers. SpeakNative – English Speaking Community app features options to create a post by adding topics and video lessons to each post to invite strangers to your practice sessions.


#4 English Conversation


English Conversation app provides users with real-life English conversations of native speakers in the audio format to increase their communication skills and easily communicate with their foreign friends without any hesitation.

Users can select the level of their spoken English skills to receive audio lessons accordingly and move to the next set of lessons after finishing the last one. It contains more than 100 different audio conversations divided into three different categories according to the level of difficulty.

English Conversation app features an extensive collection of aptitude tests to put their conversational skills to the test, and they can retake a test as many times as they want to get full marks before moving to the next test. You can post your result card on your social media profiles after taking the test to share it with your family members and motivate them into learning a second language.

#5 Speak English Fluently


Speak English Fluently is a free educational app to improve your pronunciation of the English language and start speaking the language more fluently while saving some extra bucks. You can speak in the phone’s mic and record your voice to run a side by side comparison between your original voice and the voice of the narrator to assess your progress.

Speak English Fluently app features an offline audio mode to download an audio lesson and save it in the internal storage to listen to it later while being offline. Users can add an audio conversation to the favorite folder by tapping on the heart icon.

You can also connect your mobile phone with an active internet or WiFi connection to listen to the audio lesson and download it for later use. The app features a long list of audio Conversations to learn a language according to their schedule.

#6 Let’s Talk


Let’s Talk is an educational app developed by K12 Insight LLC through which users can engage in live chat with a large community of users to build a trustful relation with them and start meeting them in real-life to take their friendship to a whole new level.

Users can contact their school or district authorities to get a unique ID and other account details to start using sending messages to complete strangers right at their fingertips. It automatically synchronizes all your chats on a cloud server so you can view them on your other smart devices.

Let’s Talk app lets users send invites to their friends and family members to make new friends as well as learn about what is happening around them to get to know more about their community and its members. You can also share your ideas and thoughts with other members of your community to get comments and suggestions from them.

#7 Speak English


Speak English is one of the best educational app available in the market to improve your listening abilities and easily understand full conversations of native English speakers to reply to them in their language. Users can save a lesson in the download folder to listen to it while being offline.

Speak English app provides you with a clean interface to access the list of English conversations on a large number of topics, as well as can listen to audio stories to enjoyably spend your extra time learning something new. Users can learn the meaning and the definition of a difficult word from the built-in dictionary.

You can access the search bar from the top of the screen and type the name of a topic or keywords to search for conversations. The side panel contains buttons to access stories, favorites, home, talks, expressions, sentences, and conversations with a single tap.

#8 SpeakingPal


SpeakingPal app comes up with real-life videos of native English speakers to learn from them about how to speak in the native accent and join a large community of other learners from all around the globe to speak with them. The profile section shows information such as learning level, friendship level, name, profile picture, and other details.

Users can translate each lesson and topic in their native language to learn everything in detail, and the app supports more than 14 different languages. SpeakingPal: Learn English, Speak English app shows a complete report about your performance, and you can share the report with your family members.

Learn English – Speak English with fun videos app features an extensive collection of learning material, including a vocabulary of more than 6000 difficult words, conversations on 150 topics, video tips to improve their pronunciation, and various other study material.

#9 English Talk


English Talk app helps you in engaging in a live text chat with strangers from all around the globe to practice your English language lessons with them right on your mobile phone screen. Users can also exchange their native language with strangers for increasing the number of speakers of their language.

English Talk: incognito speaking app shows all the available chat topics on the home screen, and you can select the desired topic to connect with a stranger with a single tap. Users can read the meaning of a word with the use of the word in an example sentence.

You don’t need to enter your email to log in to the app and install the app to find a language partner to start learning according to your schedule. It features options to report the profile of a stranger due to bad behavior to block them from engaging in an audio call with you.

#10 VOA Learning English


VOA Learning English app is an easy way to improve your English while increasing your knowledge by learning about various facts about the world and what is happening all around the world.

Users can increase or decrease the size of text and the color of the text from the text options menu. VOA Learning English – Practice listening everyday app features a user-friendly interface to help you access the podcast, video lessons, information, downloads, favorite, sharing, playlist, topics, and settings sections from the home screen. You can synchronize your data on a cloud server to access it on your other smart devices.

Learn American English Podcast app features a history section with a list of all the recently read articles, and users can clear the history to start reading all the way from the first step again. You can type a word on the search bar to view all the related words in the same article.

#11 Supiki


Supiki is a basic practice app through which you can engage in real conversations with the narrator in the English language to improve your spoken English without spending a single penny on any in-app purchases. Users can complete a level by giving correct answers to all the questions to earn some extra badges.

Supiki English Conversation Speaking Practice app features a clean interface with buttons to increase or decrease the speed of speech of the narrator to listen to the Conversation according to your pace. Users can share their experiences with other students to help them in learning faster.

You can select the desired level from the home screen to start taking conversation lessons according to your routine and save a lesson in a separate folder to listen to it later. Supiki app shows the complete report after each level with information such as the average score in all levels, best score, and total points.

#12 English Conversation Practice


English Conversation Practice app provides users with a chance of a lifetime to practice English conversations while saving their time and effort of finding a language partner. You can bookmark a conversation to start learning again from where you left.

Users search for topics to engage in a conversation on the basis of categories, and they can select a conversation to start listening to it with a single tap. It features conversations on a large number of trending topics such as traveling, family, food, kids, fashion, cars, and various other categories.

English Conversation Practice app contains various practice partners to take the remote learning experience to a whole new level, and they can select the language exchange partner according to the category of topic. You can use the stop button to take full control of the playback of the audio file and move to the previous dialogue by moving the slider control.

#13 English Speaking Practice


English Speaking Practice app helps you in enjoying your extra time while learning about how to start and end a conversation in English, just like native speakers of the language. Users can take a short quiz to quickly test their knowledge and take a quiz as many times as they want to get high marks.

English Speaking Practice app features a straight forward and clean interface to enable you to access formal conversations, categories of topics, informal conversations, settings, and sharing menu from the home screen.

You can share a conversation with your family members in audio format through email or other social media profiles to learn with them. It allows users to translate dialogue in their native language to learn the meaning of a difficult word before moving on to the next lesson. You can start receiving new lessons and conversations after selecting your skill level.

#14 Lingo Blabla


Lingo Blabla app helps users match with an online language exchange partner from all around the globe to make an audio call to improve their listening and speaking skills without much of a stretch. You can help other users to teach them your native language and, in return, learn their language.

Users can disconnect the call at any given time by using the phone icon to engage in an audio conversation with a new partner. Lingo Blabla: Speak English with real people app shows you tips and tricks to crack a large number of competitive exams such as TOFEL, IELTS, GRE, MCAT, etc.

Lingo Blabla app features a long list of conversation topics, and users can select topics to pair up with an exchange partner with similar choices. You can disconnect the audio call as many times as you want until you find your dream learning partner to start learning with them.

#15 HiNative


HiNative – Q&A App for Language Learning is an educational app used by millions of language learners from all parts of the globe to get answers to all your questions about the desired language from a native speaker in a short period of time. It automatically translates the questions from other users in your language, and you can write the answer in your language to reply.

HiNative – Language Learning app features a search bar to type keywords or the name of a topic to search for all the questions related to the topic from a large database to get the answer immediately.

You can share various multimedia files such as images, videos, gifs, and audio files as attachments from the chat section to make friends out of a language exchange partner. HiNative – Ask Questions, Get Answers app contains a separate folder to save your favorite messages to it and view them later.

#16 Anki


Anki app boost up your memory so you can effortlessly remember difficult words in the desired language by reading it from a flashcard. You can take a review to learn from your mistakes and avoid text time you take the quiz.

Users can tap on the play button from the home screen and select a topic to start learning while on the go. It features a result card at the end of each quiz to help you in assessing your performance, and you can post the screenshot of the result on your social media handles.

Anki app shows information about all the available topics, such as the title of the lesson, the total number of flashcards, and the number of finished lessons at a glance. You can tap on the next or the previous buttons to move between available flashcards to start learning again right from where you left.

#17 Sentence Master Pro


Sentence Master Pro app allows you to learn the accurate sentence structure of the English language by changing the order of all the words on the mobile phone screen to create a new sentence. Users can get more stars in each level to unlock the next set of questions and get more difficult questions.

Learn English Sentence Master Pro app rates your performance on the basis of the number of words in each sentence, and you can increase the number of words in each sentence to secure your chances of taking the top position on the leaderboard.

You can make a sentence by rearranging the words and tap on the next button to finish the quiz before moving to the next quiz. Sentence Master Pro app features a multiplayer mode to learn and play with their siblings as well as they can test their skills in the single-player mode.

#18 Learn Languages


Learn Languages app comes up with features to let users join a large community of language learners to learn with them together and read amazing facts about their culture. You can connect to a WiFi network and download a lesson to learn it while being offline.

Users can watch live videos of native speakers of their favorite foreign language to learn their language with accurate expressions. Learn Languages with Memrise app provides you with a built-in calendar to set your learning goals and achieve them in a short period of time without disturbing your daily routine.

Learn Languages app shows the ranking of all the language learners on a leaderboard, and users can work hard to earn some extra points in each test to move to the top position. You can select the desired time of the day to get all your lessons on your mobile phone screen.

#19 Hello English


Hello English is a free language learning app that contains courses to translate text from your native language to the English language to build up a strong vocabulary and crack all the upcoming exams with the highest marks. Users can tap on the speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation of a difficult word.

Hello English: Learn English app features more than 500 free lessons covering a large number of important topics such as grammar topics, vocabulary, sentence structure, English Conversation, and various other topics. It shows the worldwide and country-wise ranking of all the students to motivate them into working hard.

Hello English app helps you play interactive games with your siblings and friends to enjoy your extra time with them while learning new things daily. Users can clear all their doubts by engaging in a live chat with their teachers to ask them as many questions as they want.

#20 LingoDeer


Learn Korean, Japanese or Spanish with LingoDeer is a virtual assistant app to help users in learning a second language through courses in a large number of languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, and various other languages.

Users can choose their skill level and their own desired path of learning to start getting lessons according to their routine. LingoDeer app shows each sentence of the lesson in your native and second language to take the learning experience to a whole new level.

LingoDeer – Learn Languages app contains features through which users can download a lesson and save it in the internal storage to listen to it without having to connect their mobile phone with a WiFi connection. You can take short quizzes to immediately put your conversation skills to the test and work harder to finish your lesson right on time.