18 Best Business Card Maker Software

Business card is just like simple visiting card containing the short but comprehensive information about a company or its officer. There are shared during the formal communication as a memory aid. A simple business card bears short information like holder’s name, company name, designation, and contact information. Most of the business cards contain the official logo of the company as well. With the evolution in time and way of doing business, now these contain the social media IDs like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well. First it was tradition of keeping the business card very simple but now these contain various styles in shape of color, text, fonts, etc. Overall business card can improve the prospect of your business by telling about you in a professional way. In case if a person hesitate to make a first impression then business card help them leave a lasting one. There are a lot of business card marking software that are now a days being used to create professional level of business cards. The features and functions of these are entirely different from each other. There are many that offers the ready to use business card templates along with the permission of customization. On the other hand there are also many business card maker that base on do it yourself system. For the assistance of the users some of these business card makers support for the logo design and custom design as well that are in addition to the ready to use design.

1. Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker


Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker is a free business card service by the free logo services that provide the business related designing services for free. Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker has over thousands of business card design. It is based on the system of do it by yourself where you are required to select the design that fascinate you and then start editing it to get that one you are looking for. Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker business cards are available in the category of marketing & consulting, IT & engineering, hair stylists & salon, healthcare & medical and many other professions. The best part of Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker is that it is totally based on the customization system where the user can adjust the each and every part of the selected template including its font, color, text and layout. In addition of making business card, Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker allows its users to make a logo for their professional business card as well without paying a single cent. The main advantages of using business card services of Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker are the features that it is offering to its users in shape of high quality design, fast & easy processing system great selection of design with customization and above all it is totally free.

2. Business Card Maker


Business Card Maker is a simple yet professional tool for designing all types of business cards and badges. One hundred fifty+ original templates, a wizard-pushed interface, a rich modifying toolkit, a handy database and an official print module furnish all you have to make exclusive and professional business cards. Making a business card that stands out from the masses can be a real project for small and medium-sized corporations and entrepreneurs. Business Card Maker solves this main issue – now any individual can readily design and print top rated nice business cards. The application has a step-by step wizard to help you create the first industry card in less than 5 minutes. Prefer the card type and dimensions, enter the holder’s data, decide on the design and layout – and the cards are ready to print! For those who decide upon to take time designing their small business cards, begin their challenge from scratch and make use of the backgrounds collection, clipart gallery, and color schemes for text blocks. The software provides all the indispensable instruments for photograph and text enhancing to assure the excellent nice outcomes. The good news is that you do not need to have any unique talents of photograph enhancing and working with layers for designing business cards. Business Card Maker’s drag & drop interface makes it to be had to any user, while the align software and the snap-to-grid function help to create an excellent layout.

3. SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker


SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker is a professional level of business visiting card making tool. You can add many drawing factors including logos, symbols, texts, snap shots, strains and curves to your design as you needs. Additionally you can select them from a gigantic library which is furnished by way of this software. Each element is painted very easily. So here you will get attractive business cards which have very high best when your designs are translated to printing. It offers the options to print your business cards on any PC and suitable printer or shop your designs as high first-rate pics with PDF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF format for external great printing. The SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker helps you create your own one or double-sided, horizontally or vertically aligned business cards utilizing textual content, your own brand, artwork and so forth. It comes with quite a few business card templates and backgrounds and symbols. Which you could customize along with your emblem, photos, texts and shapes to create your possess wonderful trade playing cards. The application’s interface is attractive and relatively intuitive, and most users will be capable to start making their business cards inside short occasions. With moving mouse button you can create, transfer, resize or rotate every drawing object visually and freely. Undo redo each time at any place if it’s needed.

4. CardWorks Business Card Software


CardWorks Business Card software support for an advanced, easy and intuitive interface that enables users to create single or double-sided business visiting cards. You can decide on between extraordinary card templates or download some more, straight from the foremost panel of the application. Plus, it’s feasible to prefer a color scheme and edit the industry information, specifically individual name, job role or title, group title and slogan, contact information, phone, fax, e mail and website. In relation to modifying, you can change the font style, dimension and color of the chosen text. Furthermore, the text can be moved to any field of the working atmosphere with the usage of the mouse cursor or constructed-in buttons, or via specifying the edge positions in the dedicated boxes. The preview pane makes it possible for you to view the entire adjustments utilized to the cardboard, and you can additionally make the program show the front or back side of the card, or reset its layout to default state. CardWorks Business Card Software offers customers the likelihood to print the business cards or export them to PDF. The users can genuinely view the assignment earlier than printing it, choose the number of cards per sheet and the cardboard aspect to print, specify the margins and gaps, decide on the paper dimension, cut the selected field, ore print only the text. Extra settings enable customers to set a default card dimension by way of identifying from exclusive presets consultant for some nations, like China, Japan, USA, Australia, etc.

5. DRPU Business Card Maker


Business card acts as the messenger of your enterprise that transmits several messages about your company including trade, goods and services. As a consequence, seem of business card is most important for trade. DRPU Business Card Maker supplies evolved industry card maker software to design custom-made industry card as per need. Application permits user to design and even print their own business cards utilizing in-built printing settings. DRPU Business Card Maker generates the business cards from their home or office PC. The set up process is really-free and it does no longer take quite a lot of seconds. After you are achieved with it, you come face to face with an easy and well-structured UI. It is constructed from a menu bar, a couple of buttons, a couple of templates and a pane to display your ongoing venture. It’s suitable to all types of customers, from learners to totally experienced individuals. Nonetheless, you will have to recognize that some complete aid contents are included, and they are able to be accessed readily at any factor. DRPU Business Card Maker is a useful piece of application, in relation to designing business cards. It does not avert the system’s efficiency, as CPU and memory utilization is low, the response time is just right and there are sufficient options to preserve you tinkering for an even as.

6. MAGIX Page & Layout Designer


MAGIX Page & Layout Designer is spectacular software with intuitive operation and countless high-quality templates. Without any trouble decide on one of the most many design templates for business visiting cards, add your brand and contact details and that’s it! The templates will also be utterly personalized to suit any trade or association via altering the colors or switching across the text and photograph factors. If you wish to have, that you may even begin with a totally clean page and create your own layout and design. The program is the ideal solution for making professional business cards for both freshmen and evolved users alike. This guarantees that what you are promoting card might be certain to you and your enterprise. The software additionally points rankings of clever tools to help you in making excessive-great business cards. For instance, the Magic Snap permits you to align and accurately space out the entire objects to your design. This instantly gives your design a notably cleaner and authentic appear. MAGIX Page & Layout Designer vector picture engine permits you to create your own excessive-best pictures and portraits that may be regularly converted without dropping any sharpness or sacrificing the excellent. In addition to developing your own photographs, you can also use the furnished gallery of clip artwork pics to design your own emblems and more.

7. DesignMantic Business Card Maker


DesignMantic Business Card Maker is a professional level of business card making platform. By providing the few basic details in shape of company name and industry, you can start creating a professional level of business card. The best about DesignMantic Business Card Maker is that the card designs being provided by this platform are designed for all type of businesses and professions. For the assistance of the users, DesignMantic Business Card Makers support for the logo design and custom design as well that are in addition to the ready to use design. The business card making system of DesignMantic Business Card Maker users design templates that are different and unique in term of design and style. It is the provider of simple to elegant level of design. DesignMantic Business Card Maker is best known for delivering the right design combinations for you to instantly create business cards that suite to your industry. DesignMantic Business Card Maker provides those business card templates that are highly customizable so that you can transform them as per your own profession, designation and industry requirement. The best quality of the business cards of DesignMantic Business Card Maker is that there are easy to customize and simple to download. Just choose design from the gallery and add your own detail, that’s it.

8. Business Card Studio Deluxe


Business Card Studio Deluxe is the simplest option to create and print official and professional business cards!  Business Card Studio Deluxe makes it enormously effortless to create reputable visiting cards and print with a sort of choices that give legit outcome. It only takes just a few steps to create a quality watching industry card: 1) Choose It: select your card style from tons of thousands of ready to use designs or create your possess from scratch. 2) Alternate It: customize your selected card together with your personal information, exchange out snap shots, and add new textual content, photographs and symbols. 3) Print It: convenient at residence printing or send your design to professional powerful printer. You’re going to find professionally designed pre-made cards superb for you – no matter what industry, career, services or products!  And the entire introduced tools permit you to create the best certain card for you.  Simplest Business Card Studio Deluxe has Auto-Design Card Wizard for limitless official concepts. Over 1000 first rate fonts superb for industry cards and 5000+ image artwork photographs will make your card stand out among the others.  Business Card Studio Deluxe permits you to create vertical, horizontal, double-sided, magnet, customized shapes & sizes, and much more type of cards.  You can also create matching letterhead & envelope standards founded on your small business card design.

9. Biz Card Maker


Biz Card Maker is a web based platform for creating the professional level of business cards within few simple steps. The best part of this online business card maker is its straightforward interface that delivers the users with limited but basic features of creating simple to professional level of business cards. For the information of the readers, Biz Card Maker is capable in creating business or visiting cards only. So, don’t think about expecting more from the Biz Card Maker like creating of letterheads and likewise other business and organizational related products. Few simple steps are required. At the left side of the website there are multiple designs that you can select from. On the main screen you are only required to click on the already presented text that is editable. You can add your own name, designation, contact and address. Drag and drop feature is also supported by this platform. Drag elements around using the dotted border that show up when placing the cursor over them. You can resize the picture boxes as well by dragging from the one side. Simple card creating is totally free. For the best quality and perfect size you will be required to pay some price. In the paid version, you can add logos as well.

10. Canva Business Card


Canva Business Card is a business card service by the one of the leading designing and graphing software named Canva. Canva Business Card deals in the premium level of business cards making only. Despite the fact it deliver the premium level of services, still it is a free to use card making service for creating professional level of business cards. It has a wide range of professional and masterly designed layouts to create professional business cards. Most of the services are free but for premium levels, it charges from the users. The cards design being offered by the Canva Business Card will make you able to make an impact with the custom business card making system. For the assistance of the users, Canva Business Card support for the drag and drop system. It is an easy way to get ahead. The process for working with Canva Business Card is very simple. All you require to select a design from the library of cards layouts of Canva Business Card and customize your favorite one. Canva Business Card allows its users to brands their business card like a professional. It permits you to add logon, use brand colors and choose complementary fonts to create a unique aesthetic instantly recognizable to the business brands. That is the way of working of Canva Business Card that is based on the features of customization.

11. Business Card Designer


Business Card designer program allows you to design your own legit and trendy business visiting cards easily. Prefer from almost thousands of industry card templates and thousands of backgrounds customize with text, thousands of photos, snapshots and much more. Use editing tools, arrangement instruments and results to create business cards. Print double-sided business cards effortlessly. Customize with your emblem, photographs, textual content and image to create stunning business cards. By using the Business Card Designer you will be able to choose from a significant library of symbols, images and dynamic shapes. You can get excessive best pictorial symbols that translate well into printing. Business Card Designer generates excessive resolution industry cards. Import information instantly from Excel, TXT, and CSV files. Customize the overall dimensions of the business card to suit your necessities. Simple interface makes the Business Card Designer enormously easy to use. Either Print out the cards without problems in your possess printer or get them professionally printed. You can print the completed card easily on Avery Papers. With the MS Word Add on, you would be able to without problems edit templates in phrase as well.

12. JuicyBC


No creative ideas? Same ideas coming in mind again and again? You’re worn out and helpless? JuicyBC allows to you to create your possess designated design in three convenient steps with an opportunity to change it at any second later simply making one easy click. Amongst other quite a lot of options you can add high first-rate portraits and snap shots which may also be changed consistent with your desires and preferences. JuicyBC offer an excellent and handy person friendly interface in order to make a tiresome and customarily long approach fulfilling and fast. This program provides you with a hazard to boast your creativity and enjoy the results of your possess work without spending much time and cash. JuicyBC will support you to seek out your possess variety! Printing is incredibly customizable. If you wish to print your own business visiting cards, Avery business card stock supported by using the software that is another great option. You can normally create your possess business card layouts utilizing software settings and retailer them for future use. When you have JuicyBC program you can on no account have got to pay in your professional business card any longer. You can print your possess uniquely designed trade cards inside minutes and absolutely free. There is not any have to wait the delivery for hours, just take printed business cards out of your desk at house or place of work. Printing your own business cards has by no means been that handy and speedy! Colorful high-nice trade cards will attract awareness of your capabilities customers or partners without any doubt for this reason making your online business to further develop.

13. OfficePrinter Business Card


OfficePrinter, the highly rated business card software and label software, is the simplest, fastest option to design and print your possess professional looking business cards, CD labels, envelopes, address and transport labels, letterhead, and rather more. It is loaded with convenient-to-use features, plenty of pre-designed business card and label templates, and an extensive clip art library to make certain that the construction of your online business card or label design is an effortless and enjoyable system.  If you’re in a hurry, you may effortlessly decide upon one among these designs, enter your personal or enterprise knowledge, and you are executed!  Your business visiting cards or labels in just minutes!  If you need a more personalized industry card or label design, OfficePrinter’s intuitive yet strong editing facets permit you to do exactly that. OfficePrinter permits you to regulate the dimensions, font, color, width, spacing, sub/superscript, and rotation of text proper down according to character, just like an excessive end desktop publishing program.  OfficePrinter is a convenient and speedy way to make your professional and decent business cards, labels, and rather more. OfficePrinter has the variety of business card tools and label application that is best for newbies, but it is also ideal for business also. In case you are in a hurry, just fill within the blanks and you are achieved in minutes.  You can even design your own templates to design business cards as you want.

14. Business Card and Label Maker Pro


Business Card and Label Maker Pro is a business card maker will make you in a position to create up to twenty types of barcodes, without difficulty to generate and print sequential barcodes. Business Card and Label Maker Pro is an extremely strong label construction application that helps you with your entire label and card making desires all with convenient to make. With Business Card and Label Maker Pro you will quickly be able to design and print real professional business cards, handle labels, mailing labels, delivery labels, letterheads, form letters, file folder labels, tickets, stock tags, video tape labels, postcards, identity cards, name badges, indicators, envelopes and basically every other kind of label or card. This Label Maker software is integrated with a powerful mailing databases, barcode generator and mail merge capabilities. You can pick from many pre-outlined label templates, or specify your own layout to create customized labels for any reason. This is flawlessly fitted to dwelling and industry printing. Some of the features and functions of the Business Card and Label Maker Pro are create great quality of business cards, design & print preview system, availability of hundreds of Avery labels, editing tools, texture & gradient fill options for both text and shape objects, merge import & export mailing databases and much more.

15. Business Card Maker for Pages


Business Card Maker for Pages will help you create spectacular and professional business cards – no design talents required! Stand out from the rest, look professional and gift yourself like under no circumstances earlier than. With a colossal quantity of professional business card templates, you are going to find one with a purpose to fit your wishes. It has distinct designs for any profession ranging from company & industry, to personal, to rather precise akin to florist, photographer, marriage ceremony planners and lots of more. Comfortably add text, edit logos, drag & drop pics, manipulate shapes and alter colors. You don’t have to learn whatever new. Business Card Maker for Pages makes use of Apple’s Pages to edit the business card templates. Open the template, edit the text and your authentic business card is ready! Shop time and money via growing business cards yourself! Download trade Card Maker for Pages in these days and create legit & lovely business playing cards in minutes.

16. Free Business Card Maker Printable


The major purpose of Free Business Card Maker Printable is to make it simple for individuals to contact you. For illustration simply the call info that is wholly essential. As an example, electronic mail, telephone, phone, site, deal with, identify as good as project title. You don’t searching for to give an extended record of services or each mailing tackle if your company has countless places. There is rather restrained subject on a business card, so with the aid of limiting the wide variety of textual expertise, the total design will surely be cleaner as good as much easier to learn. The Free Business Card Maker Printable design itself will furnish both your name small print and company title elements on a very tiny house. So it is most excellent to maintain the design smooth and equipped. This will also be executed through making targeted there is adverse room on the card. Unfavorable discipline makes it possible for your eyes to sit down as well as focused your center of attention on just what’s important. Selecting right fonts and also font dimensions is moreover foremost given that that it impacts the readability. It’s premiere to select a typeface that is nonetheless readable at a small size – a timeless serif or sans serif font variety would surely be your quality option. In the end, you must arrange the fabric (understanding and branding factors) in order that it’s person-friendly as well as visually enticing.

17. COBRA Business Card Designer


COBRA Business Card Designer is satisfactory device for developing professional business visiting cards. This business card maker for Windows is the best one to permitting users to avoid wasting and resume tasks later, import already made templates, heritage and symbols. COBRA Business Card Designer used to be developed in the sort of option to be readily creating business cards with a huge range of already established, backgrounds, header, emblem, symbols, cards backgrounds, fonts and templates all are being loaded dynamically from the applying. You can utilize your own trademarks and backgrounds as well. The important characteristic of COBRA Business Card Designer is that you can add tasks to the application. A template is an already made task, so you can furnish a handy resolution for you to create those business cards able for printing. The concept in the back of the application is to furnish you with a bendy environment the place you could design your corporation card in just a few minutes. You can either use the default templates for this rationale, a feature that would are available handy should you would not have an excessive amount of experience in this experience. If you are looking for an answer that permits you to create a business card speedy and without an excessive amount of trouble, then COBRA Business Card Designer maybe valued for trying.

18. BusinessCards MX


BusinessCards MX gives you the pliability to generate your self-created, dynamic business visiting cards. Now you have got a device a good way to permit you to design and even print your possess business cards very quickly. The straightforward interface and the flexible applications of the software enable even a novice user to master the device without any efforts. BusinessCards MX software will aid to design and print a legit business card. The interface of the software has been designed in any such method that even an opening consumer do not need problems with utilizing the program. The process of designing is situated on inserting competent for use elements available in the software similar to figures, graphics and the historical past, and freely transferring them on the ready project. The other benefit of the program is the likelihood of saving knowledge a few corporation or folks in order that it can be used later at the same time designing business playing cards. BusinessCards MX uses templates which you can prepare to your own, or you can utilize competent units, templates of professional business cards accessible in it. BusinessCards MX is a very easy to use business cards maker application for enjoying professional cards.

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