17 Best File Compare Software

File compare software are those software that make the developers able to make the comparison and compare the multiple files to find out the duplicate one. The term data comparison itself stand for calculation and display of the differences and similarities between data objects. These make the developers and programmers able to compared objects like text files and source code to ensure there is no duplication at all. The overall process and the result obtained from that process in known as diff because of UNIX diff utility. The differences then present by most of the file comparing tools in form of graphical user interface or as part of larger tasks in file systems, networks or revision control. There are many text editors and word processors that are capable in performing file compare functions but at basic levels. In order to get the full highlight of the possible differences or similarities, the developers and programmers are advised to go for advanced file compare software. The software listed below are capable in performing the functions of file comparison between multiple files. These enables the user to compare files and folders quickly and merge the changes, synchronize their files and generates reports for their own records. These will allow the users to compare even entire drives in addition to folder and files at high speed and heck just size and modified times or verify each file with the byte-by-byte comparison.


1. DiffMerg

DiffMerg is a visual comparing program claiming to be teem with tools that make it all the more convenient for you to compare, merge and sync your files. It points out all your differences in different shades and comes up with a report in HTML. It allows you simply drag and drop files or folders and customize the color and fonts as per your likeness. Its comparison ways for files include last reformed time and date, size, aspects, modes, CRC and more. You can even be facilitated with comparing the contents byte-by-bytes or by text. It brags of totally customizable file extension filters and allows you ward off differences that you consider unnecessary. All type of differences, alteration or new files will be show by the DiffMerge in shape of screenshots and in graphical formats so that you can get the better analysis of the files or directories you are comparing. DiffMerge is the name of a highly advanced and all-in-one folder comparison and synchronization, merging and file comparison tool for the Windows operating systems. It will make you able to get full command and control of the all of your source codes, web pages and other files. This small program can be used for the purpose of comparing different files or for understanding and combining different file versions. It is one of the best programs for those web designers and developers who need a tight integration between files and folders. The comparison system of DiffMerge will make it possible for them to identify and review every change in each source file and even during making the comparison of source hierarchies containing thousands of files.


2. Code Compare

Code Compare is a universal platform for using it for file differences, file merge, and folder comparison. This all-in-one tool is designed for all type of differences and merging purpose. It is a free to use tool by using which you can easily get compare or merge differing files and even folders. The exceptional about Code Compare is that in addition to being a standalone version, the extension of Code Compare is also available for the Visual Studio to make the comparison of Visual Studio files directly in the software instead of going for the standalone version. This program support for the three-way file merge tool that allows resolving version control merge conflicts. Some main features and functions of the Code Compare are text comparison & merging, structural source code comparison, visual studio integration, code review support, three way comparison & automatic merging and compare entire hierarchies of folders. The text comparison and merging system of Code Compare support for the colored blocks for inserted, deleted and modified text purposes. It will make you able to get the detailed highlights of changes within lines, collapsing of unchanged regions of text, point and click merging with a mouse, editing files on the fly and even merge the shortcuts. There are a lot of various other file comparison features in the text comparison and merging area of the Code Compare. The exceptional about Code Compare that we have already mentioned is Visual Studio integration. Code Compare has two editions that are free and professional. Thee free version contains the limited features as comparison as compared to the professional edition of the Code Compare.


3. SmartSynchronize

SmartSynchronize is a multi-platform file, and directory compares tool that enables the users to compare files or perform three-way merges. The main technical features of SmartSynchronize are comfortable editing & transfer, inner line change detection, configurable filter for ignored files, saving the configuration for altering re-use, ability to edit each of the three files, an easy merge from changed files to resulting files, configurable font, color & accelerators and much more. SmartSynchronize makes its users able to enjoy the features of comparing files or perform the three-way merges system along with the system of editing file as well. The main highlighted features and functions of the SmartSynchronize are comfortable editing and transfer changes from one file to the other, inner line change detection, configurable filter for customized directory scanning, configurable filter for ignored files, ability to edit each of the three files, easy merge from changes files to resulting files, command line interface for easy invocation from other apps, support for major text file encoding and much more. Being a cross-platform program, SmartSynchronize is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems. For the information of the readers, there are some limitations of the SmartSynchronize. It is not designed to work as a backup tool or for the purpose of synchronizing with remote hosts like FTP. Its paid version is available as a licensed per user, not per machine. Each user is required to have its own license. One license of SmartSynchronize for one user is available for $49.


4. UltraCompare

UltraCompare is the name of an advanced level of file and folder comparison platform that is loaded with an advanced level of features and functions. These features will make you able easily to compare the text files, word documents, and folders even JAR and ZIP files. This file and folder comparator is support for the text compare, binary file compare, highlighting the differences between compared files, etc. Do you want to compare folders? UltraCompare also supports for the folder compare as well including local and network directory compare, RAR/ZIP/JAR archive compare and FTP compare. It even supports for the automatic, easy folder synchronization and duplicates file finder as well. With the automatic UEStudio and UltraEdit integration, UltraCompare is one of the best comparators for comparing files and merging the differences. The features and way of working of UltraCompare are divided into the sections of text comparing, folder comparing, folder synchronizing, MS Office/PDF compare, fast binary compare system, smart binary comparison system, merge features, print/output system, file management system, display features, and much more. All these are designed are developed to provide the users with the large file support for comparison of files several GB large, powerful three way text file compare, copy compare frame to clipboard, inline editing of text files, two way folder compare, intuitive tree style view, compressed archive compare, folder synchronization system, find duplicates system, and much more. UltraCompare is available in three plans that are UltraCompare Single, UltraCompare Bundle, and UltraCompare Suite. The prices of these three plans are $49.95, $99.59 and $179.95 respectively.


5. ExamDiff Pro

It is a simple yet powerful tool that is being used by the professional programmer and developers for the purpose of visual comparison. ExamDiff Pro is available for the Windows operating systems making its users able to compare documents, track changes, compare documents, synchronize directories and even share the diff reports with others to show them what is going on in a collaborative project. Have a glance on the tools that you will get by using the ExamDiff Pro. It perform code reviews and share diff reviews with others, compare files from Windows Explorer using the integrated Shell Extension system, accurately compare executable files with binary comparison system, visualize your code structure through syntax highlighting, compare the MS Office and PDF document and files and perform the two and three-way diff and merge and much more. The unique functionalities of ExamDiff Pro make it different from rest of the comparator because of delivering the efficient and user-friendly way to compare files and folders. The top ten features and functions of the ExamDiff Pro are compared text files/binary files/directories, perform two & three way diff/merge, highlight document syntax, fuzzy line matching system, line inspector panel for easy recognition of differences within lines, save the file difference to a dynamic HTML page, print/preview diff reports, add manual synchronization points to text file comparison, compare directly from Windows Explorer, advanced ignore options, and plugin support to extend its functionalities. In addition to regular users, ExamDiff Pro has a great set of special features and functions for the developers, testers, and writers.


6. Compare++

Compare++ that is called as Coode Software that delivers the smart code diff tool and free utility that can auto synchronization all notes to notee server, Coode Player and Free Webcast TV player. If you are looking for a smart code diff, comparison and merge system then here is the Compare++ that is known as the platform for visual language aware file comparison tool, support syntax-aware structured compare and three way merge and much more. With the usage of Compare++ you can perform multiple level of advanced features and functions that will make the process of diff really simple and easy for you. Check out what you can do with Compare++? Availability of language structured comparison of almost all leading programming languages, optionally ignore comment, white space, formatting changes as newlines, unique ability to align moved sections such as C# Method/CSS Selector/C++ Function, compare two folders at high speed, display results side by side, snapshot some changes, add comments, easily integrate it into CMS, generate snapshot and much more. Now here is the issue why to use Compare++? It is simple. Compare++ delivers the solution for comparing files, comparing folders and enjoying better usability. In the comparing files, Compare++ has the solution or real syntax aware structured compare, unique ability to align, compare, move functions, support Unicode, unlimited text length in a line, support for HTML/text report, support word wrap, highlight syntax, etc. There is also a system for comparing the folders in the Compare++ in which you can generate unified diff report, compare folders at high speed, filter specified files/folders, display system icons according to file type, sort by modified time, size or file name and much more. There is a new level of Compare With feature in the Compare++ that will make you able to compare any two selected files.


7. Araxis Merge

Araxis Merge is the name of advanced two and three file comparison or differences, and merging platform for those developers and programmers who want to sport the changes between source, XML, HTML or other text-based file for revisions purpose, deleting them or simply accepting and merging them. It is the provider of numerous facilities and options to its users so they can get the better command and control on the files and directories that they are using for comparison purpose. Some of the facilities being provided by the Araxis Merge are a broad appeal, text comparison & merging, compare text from common office files, image & binary comparison, three-way comparison and automatic merging, folder comparison & synchronization, direct access to SCM, portable reports, printing and automation and much more. With the assistance of Araxis Merge, it is even possible to compare the text directly from MS Word, Excel, OpenDocument and even PDF and RTF files. You can even make the pixel comparison for images. It is possible to go for byte-level comparison for a binary file. For the first time, Araxis Merge is supporting for the system of printing and automation in the Araxis Merge to print a hard copy of comparisons. You will be allowed to write scripts to automate merge process. Some of the technical features of Araxis Merge are support for retina/high-DPI display support, support for archive files, binary file comparison, image file comparison, syntax highlighting, bookmarks, and comments, get reports in HTML, slideshow, XML and UNIX format.


8. Kompare

Here is one of the unique level of comparator that is going to deliver you a graphical system to enjoy the differences and visualize changes to a file or even folder. It is designed for all type of developers and programmers looking for a program for comparing the source code. By using this graphical comparator, these users will come into the position of analyzing the differences between research paper draft and the final document. Have a glance on what you can do by using the Kompare? Comparing of two text files, view patches generated by diff, recursively compare directories, merge a patch into an existing directory and much more are the part of functionalities area of the Kompare. The comparing feature of Kompare is very unique. When the users choose two directories instead of two text files for making the comparison, Kompare shows a directory tree for both selected directories that contains only pairs of corresponding files and directories that are not equal in the two compared directories. By clicking on any entry, you will get the display of a comparison of the two selected files. It is that advanced level of platform that is capable of creating a patch file that lists only the differences between two compared text files A and B. Moreover, it can apply a patch file that was created this way to an original file A and in this manner recomputing the contents of its corresponding file B. Some major features of the Kompare are comparing directories, reading diff files, creating and applying patches.


9. DiffPlug

DiffPlug is a multi-functional and multi-platform tool that is expert in performing two basic functions of editing and differing for text images and much more. In term of editing, DiffPlug is the best one replacement of notepad. A lot of other tools are also the part of the DiffPlug that are in shape of text differ, Simulink differ, Simulink viewer, image differ, Amazon S3 client and much more. All these are designed to deliver the best possible solutions to this users. Sometimes it happens you come across the images from multi-megapixel cameras and sometimes you come across 12×12 icons. The DiffPlug Image Viewer of DiffPlug allow the users to easily surf around both. Drag to pan, mouse wheel to zoom and now see what the real differences between two files are. The DiffManager of DiffPlug consists of four areas that are about recent, favorites, browse and DiffList. Simply double click on a file and it will be opened by the default viewer and config of DiffManager. Now you can make the comparison of two files as you want. For the information of the readers the feature of block merge is missing in the DiffPlug. However, the rest of the feature are available in the DiffPlug that are Simulink/Stateflow diff, embedded MATLAB merge, native svn client, native git client, XML report, human readable report and much more. Except Simulink, almost all features and functions in the DiffPlug are free. However, you can go for the trial period of Simulink by manually contacting with the developers. The downloadable version of DiffPlug is currently available for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. All these contains the equal level of features and functions making the process of editing, diff, merge and comparison simple for the developers.


10. XXDiff

XXDiff is the name of a graphical file and directories comparison system. It offers the merge tool as well to merge the two different files or directories after making the in-depth comparison of the both. For the information of the readers, XXDiff is an open source comparator so that you can modify it according to your own programming and development requirement. The main highlighted features and functions of the XXDiff are compare two files and even three files, compare two directories, horizontal diffs highlighting, and much more. The best about XXDiff is that the files in it can be merged interactively and resulting output visualized and saved. For the first time, XXDiff has the system to assist its users in performing merge reviews and policing. You can even unmerge CVS conflicts in automatically merged file and display them as two files to resolve conflicts. For the ease of the developers and programmers, XXDiff is now providing the external diff program to computer differences as it allow them to work with SGI diff, GNU diff, ClearCase’s cleardiff and various other types of differences. In short, XXDiff is going to deliver you the best level of differences, comparison and merging features. Well, the despite a lot of functionalities and functions, still there are some limitations of the XXDiff. It doesn’t support for comparing files encoded with Unicode. Moreover, it doesn’t not support inline editing of the diffed files. If you need these tools to do with these issues then go for any other type of file and directory comparator.


11. DeltaWalker

DeltaWalker is a file comparing and merging file system for Mac OS X. DeltaWalker is suitable for software & developers, photographers, videographers, legal & publishing professionals, code reviewers, release engineers, language translators, scientists & researchers, engineers and many others. DeltaWalker is a faster file comparing and merging platform. Three main areas of services of the DeltaWalker are compared and merge. Both are designed to deliver you the best possible comparison and synchronization. The DeltaWalker supports Image, file and folder comparison all. First of all, there is the comparison folder system to deliver you the fast and faster folder comparison system. It is highly adaptable in its score and to your processor cores, DeltaWalker takes full advantage of your HW. The file comparison system of DeltaWalker is highly out class that delivers the clarity and precision in two and three-way file comparison. This section is going to deliver you the in-place editing, click & merge, syntax coloring and automatic three-way merge system. It supports for the all format of files including MS Office, ZIP, PDF, JAR, and TAR. Location and cloud transparency, support for PDF & Office files, support for JAR to TAR, one click SCM are some great features and functions of the DeltaWalker. From savvy individuals to software professionals, DeltaWalker is designed for all type of users to fulfill their file and folder comparison requirements. Three paid editions of the DeltaWalker are DeltaWalker Standard, DeltaWalker Pro, and DeltaWalker Oro. The prices of all these places are $39.95, $59.95 and $89.95 respectively. It is DeltaWalker Oro that delivers the all features for all platforms.


12. Mergely

It is an online document merger and differences making application that requires no kind of downloading and installation. It is even free from the installation of the third party package installation. It is the name of a JavaScript library that permit users to make the differences between multiple files online and integrate it with even your CMS as well. This simple yet powerful web based tools is designed for viewing and merging the changes between documents in an online environment. As it is a purely JavaScript based system so you can integrate it in your online CMS to enhance the functionalities of your CMS system. First of all there is web based tracking of document system of the Mergely to track your document changes in an online environment. In an online environment it will display all of changes to documents side by side so that you can clearly see what changes from one version to another one. It will make you able to add the more advantages in your CMS system to visualize and track all type of changes. The best about Mergely here is that there is no server side components that make the integration relatively straightforward for the users. The features that you are going to enjoy in the Mergely are the availability of browser based differencing tool, diff/merge changes in the web apps, always available, free & GPLv3, share diffs online for discussion or demonstration purpose, easy to use and much more. The online version of Mergely is fully compatible with the almost all leading web browsers.


13. KDiff3

KDiff3 is the name of an open source platform for comparing two files and folders. It is an open-source merge and compares that is fully compatible with UNIX, Windows as well as Mac OS X operating systems. It has the ability to compare or merge two or more text input files and directories, and you can choose to find the differences line by line or character by character. The tool comes with an automatic merge-facility function, and a consolidated editor has been hurled into the mix as well for resolving merger dispute. Comprehensive with an intuitive graphical user-interface, it accommodates manual alignment of lines. With the help of this program, you can at a time compare the two to three directories. After making the comparison, the file difference shows the number of changes in each line. This platform is an expert in compressing and merging two to three text input directories or file. It is a program to provide you an automatic merge facility and an integrated editor for comfortable solving of merge conflicts. Printing of differences, manual alignment of lines, automatic merging of version control history, integration of Windows Explore, and much more are the part of KDiff3. KDiff3 support for the various platforms and devices. The main technical features and functions of the KDiff3 are line by line and char by char difference viewer, examine white-space difference at one glance, triple difference, comfortable merge of two to three input files, fast navigation buttons, adjustable tab size, word-wrap for long times, support for night to left languages and much more.


14. P4Merge

Stand for Perforce Visual Merge and Diff Tools, P4Merge is the platform that will make you able to visualize the differences between two file and folder versions. It is one of the best tools for diagnosing the bugs and resolving the issues in a perfect way to resolve the pending merge scenarios. P4Merge has divided its way of functioning in three sections that are make merges visible, find a bug in time and compare images. All these are designed to make the users able to check for how and why does change happen in the files. By using this differences and merging platform you can track and contrast the effects of past and pending work for branches and individual files. First of all there is make merge visible area of functioning of the P4Merge to allow you visualize the all differences between different file versions. There is a proper color coding system in the P4Merge for the purpose of resolving the conflicts that result from parallel or concurrent development. The way of working of P4Merge is very simple that highlight and edit text file differences. You at your own can choose to include or ignore line endings or whitespaces. At second there is system for finding big during a certain window of time. Folder differences system of this area will reveal branch and folder history that has occurred between any two points, including the work pending in the local workspace branches. It is one of the best tools for comparison purpose. At last, P4Merge has compare image functions for those who are working with graphical images and want to compare the two versions of different images to check for changes between them.


15. Meld

Meld is a powerful visual diff and merges tool designed for programmers and developers to compare files, directories, and any kind of version-controlled projects. The software provides two and three-way comparisons of files and directories and has complete support for lots of popular version control systems.

It also helps you to review source code changes and understand patches as well as help you figure out what is going on it that merge your keep avoiding. Meld features a simple interface and offers simple processes to access its features. The core feature includes two and three-way comparisons, file comparisons update as you type, auto-merge, visualization, and support Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar, etc.


16. WinMerge

WinMerge is a free software suite for data comparison and merging of text-like files. It is handy for determining what has altered between modes, and then merging these changes between versions. It visually differentiates and merges of text-files with its flexible editor using syntax highlighting, line numbers, and word-wrap. WinMerge highlights differences inside lines in file compare, and moves lines detection in file compare. The software has the potential to ward off whitespace and letter case changes. It is the name of any open source differencing and merging program for the Windows operating systems. By using this program, you can easily compare the file and folders in order to check for the difference in the visual text format. It is an easy to use and understand the platform. For the information of the readers, this platform has been discontinued. However, the available version of WinMerge can still be used for the differencing purpose.


17. Beyond Compare

Those who have used the comparing features of MS Excel must be aware of Beyond Compare. Beyond Compare is a tool that enables the user to compare files and folders quickly and merge the changes, synchronize their files and generates reports for their records. Beyond Compare allows the users to compare even entire drives in addition to folder and files at high speed and heck just size and modified times or verify each file with the byte-by-byte comparison.

It is known for being a fast and easy way of comparing files and folders. It allows you to concentrate on the differences you fond of and ward off the rest. Once you finished comparing the files, merge all the alterations you made, and synchronized them without any pester. Producing reports is also possible and scarcely a hard job.