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Font management software is utility software that computer users use to browse and preview fonts and typically to install and uninstall fonts. Additionally, relying on the personal font management program’s competencies, users can also perform a number of certain actions. Font management problems such as installing and uninstalling fonts, controlling missing fonts, taking care of font clashes always keep graphic designers and typographers to be ready. The font manager listed below are capable in dealing with the complex process involved in the management of fonts. Some font managers listed below are capable of handling uninstalled fonts only where there are also some one that can even manage the installed fonts as well. The font is said to be the crucial element for the designers that requires the considerable attention. These are capable in dealing with locating, tracking and even repairing the error containing issues as well.



FontExpert is a font management solution that makes the users able to deal with both installed and uninstalled fonts of various types and formats. By using the FontExpert the users can enjoy the main features and functions of previewing and getting the detail of the various fonts in advance before installing them in the system.

Universal Type Server 6

Universal Type Server 6 is a complete font management solution that is particularly designed for the largest workgroups and team environment. Universal Type Server 6 is best in dealing with the basic font management issues like organizing, sync, and distribution of fonts.


MasterJuggler is a highly advanced and most professional ay of managing and organizing the fonts in a best way. The capability to store fonts anywhere and share them over a network is the trait which makes MasterJuggler distinguished from others.


NexusFont is a next generation font management system for dealing with multiple fonts of various formats at a same time. If you are dealing with a number of fonts and want to manage and organize these in a more professional way then NexusFont will be surely a best solution for you for this system because first it will make you able to deal and control all of the fonts type and then will make you able to categories these as well.

FontAgent Pro

FontAgent Pro is particularly designed for the Mac OS X operating systems for dealing with the management of web based fonts and print projects. FontAgent Pro is expert in organizing and managing the fonts according to the individual requirements of all of its users.

Printer’s Apprentice

Printer’s Apprentice is a unique level of font manager and font viewer that show you in advance how your font will look on the printed pages. The best about Printer’s Apprentice is that it is a multiplatform font manager and font viewer that are capable in dealing with all type of font formats including Adobe Type, TrueType and OpenType fonts.

Advanced Font Viewer

Its name is however Advanced Font Viewer but it can deal in both font management and font previewing. Advanced Font Viewer is a user friendly font organizer and preview font generator that makes the users to view the all fonts installed on their system collectively.

Safari Fonts

Safari Fonts is a font manager for Mac and Apple Safari browser to change and manage the style of fonts in Safari browser. Safari Fonts takes in prop up for multiple language keyboard shortcuts and string encodings.


FontFrenzy is a font management system for Windows operating systems. The special font management systems and features of FontFrenzy will make you able to establish ‘restore points’ and re-install the fonts that were in your Windows on an accurate data.


FontDoctor is that kind of font manager that in addition to providing the system of management provides the users with the system of fixing the error containing fonts as well. If you want a better workflow in your system then FontDoctor will surely be best for you for this purpose because first it will make you able to organize your work in a best way and then will assist you in case of emergency of bad font that requires the repairing at the spot.

Cfont Pro

Cfont Pro is for getting the detailed information of any font installed on your PC. Accepting and installing any font in very easy and simply but organizing and managing the fonts, later on, is a different task that requires the careful attention on the users part.


Typograf is an advanced and highly professional level of font management program that provide the users with the system of managing and organizing all type of fonts either it is Type 1, OpenType, TrueType or any other type and format of font.

Linotype FontExplorer X Pro

Linotype FontExplorer X Pro is a font manager for the Mac and Windows operating systems that is integrated with an online store that allows you browse through fonts you are looking to buy.

Suitcase Attache

Suitcase Attache is said to be the next generation font management solution for the products of Microsoft Windows particularly MS Office. Suitcase Attaché is the best option for the professional writer and presentation maker who have to regularly deal with the MS Word and MS PowerPoint to make the professional level of writing and presentation work.


MainType is a global font management utility for both inexperience and ace graphic designers and typographers. In order to hit upon the exact fonts for your requirements, the program takes in the filter and sort out functionality.


FontBase is a user friendly font management system that is particularly designed for those professional users who requires a fast working environment in their working. If you need to compare to different fonts then FontBase is for you.

Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion is robust, fast and smart font manager that has a simple and an insightful user interface. Suitcase Fusin guarantees you have the accurate version of the font you want and prevents capable font wrecks due to missing or substituted fonts.

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