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Better DS3

Better DS3 is basically an offline driver configuration tool that works as an advanced controller for the PC games. If you are interested in using gaming consoles controllers player at the PC, then Better DS3 is a program that will offer you the ways of doing so… read more

4 Better DS3 Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Sixaxis Controller

Sixaxis Controller is basically an application for the Android smartphone users that make the Dual Shock, Sixaxis, Navigation and PlayStation 3 & 4 users able to use their controller with smartphones and tablets. With this, the game lovers will get a new level of gaming experience in a shape of portable form factor. The best about Sixaxis Controller is that by using this program, you will get the key mappings, one-time support for controllers, advanced configuration and also the support for all type of sticks and pads either it is analog, triggers and trackpad. Because of the nonstandard protocol that the most of the controller’s users to communicate with the host, Sixaxis Controller also needs the root access first. Moreover, it is not compatible with HTC devices and some other newly launched Samsung devices as well. This is because the Bluetooth protocol requires by this program is not being implemented on most of the devices. Before going for installing the program, the users need to take care of the somethings. They must make it sure that they are using the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker application that is available from its official website. After checking the requirement then they can move to the next step.


2. ScpToolkit

ScpToolkit is a free to use program that works as a driver for Windows and XInput wrapper for Sony DualShock ¾ controllers. Before installing the ScpToolkit in the system, the users will first require to have Xbox 360 controller driver installed in the system. However, there is no requirement for usage of any specific controller, but the users are still need to be careful and must select the supported controller. For the information of the reader, it is important to mention here that ScpToolkit has settings switch disabling VBus events and for fully unplugging the virtual Xbox 360 controller device. Just like its interface, the installation process of the program is very simple and straightforward. It is widely available for almost all versions of Windows operating systems and supports for a wide range of controllers as well. While setting up the driver, it will ask for the administrative rights. While installing the program, you need to review these requirements namely rewriting of profile manager, adding support for fake PANHAI DS3 controllers, and implementation of touchpad readout for DS4. Compatibility with original and third party controller and simple and easy to user installation process are the main highlighted functions of this program.


3. Modio

Modio is a program that allows the users to examine the Xbox 360 files on their PC. It is a tool that make the users able to modify the saved games and other games on Xbox 360 from the easiness of your personal PC by way of stock drive or to deploy any other kind of storage medium in order to access the relevant files from one hard disk to another one. The most compelling feature of Modio is that it permit its users to access an online repository of popular games that are famous across the globe. The game lovers can download the all these saved games as well. However, after downloading the specific game, the users will be required to transfer it any of the storage devices and put in the gaming console as well. By this way, they can get the more enjoyment all the time. Modio is simply a very interesting tool to be used on Xbox 360 and likewise on other players. The interface of the Modio is very user-friendly, and you will don’t need to go through learning any tutorials or then reading any manuals at all. The main highlighted features and functions of the Modio are get an opportunity to unlock your achievements, offers live chat, easy to use, share saved games with others, modify the existing games and much more.


4. MotionInJoy DS3 Tool

MotionInJoy DS3 Tool is a tool for that work as a controller for the PlayStation 3. It makes the users able to get comfortable all the time while playing games on their PC. The users are only required to have two things only namely PS3 controller and n USB cable to recharge. After arranging all these things just install the MotionInJoy DS3 Tool on your PC and enjoy the new level of controlling the games. Once MotionInJoy DS3 Tool will install in the system, and the PC3 controller is connected to the PC with the USB cable, you will be gone instantly to your favorite games. In case you will face any problem while using the MotionInJoy DS3 Tool then don’t worry at all as you can get the how to use a tutorial from the official website of MotionInJoy DS3 Tool as well. The installations tutorial and step by step guide being offered by the MotionInJoy DS3 Tool will make you able to easily installed the program and learn the complex process of learning and then using this program. MotionInJoy DS3 Tool is simply one of the best programs for those gamers who want to play the PS3 styles games on their PC because they want to enjoy the PS3 controller. Just a few minutes to get the overall process completed.

More About Better DS3

Better DS3 is basically an offline driver configuration tool that works as an advanced controller for the PC games. If you are interested in using gaming consoles controllers player at the PC, then Better DS3 is a program that will offer you the ways of doing so. What makes Better DS3 perfect for being used as a medium for connecting controllers is that it is beautiful, intuitive, featured rich, inconspicuous and available for free as well. The main highlighted features and functions of the Better DS3 are that it is fully compatible with the MotioninJoy Driver, supports all controller functions from tilt to analog, supports Bluetooth pairing as well, supports various types of mouse and keyboard mappings, support PCSX2 pressure sensitivity, offers LED assignment per profile, offers great vibration strength per profile, support for all devices from analog to digital thresholds per profile, never requires administrative permissions at all, never goes online and much more. Better DS3 is simply one of the best programs for enjoying gaming experiences on the PC with a new level of enthusiasm. Better DS3 works easily with almost all versions of the Windows operating systems. The interface of the Better DS3 is very impressive that shows the list of all connected controllers, battery status and offers advanced customization tools as well.

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