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Bigo Live Alternatives

#1 Friday Night Live-Social video


Friday Night Live-Social video is a great application for enjoying broadcasts from the global broadcasters, and watching live streaming video from all over the world, developed and published by Hua Jiao. The app is specially made for those people who want to show their talent and meet more people.

People can effortlessly reveal their talent in front of the whole world, increase their followers, and build a strong fan base. Watch and chat with top live video stars from all over the world or broadcast yourself and become a star too, right through the app. With the help of this platform, you can see different cultures, discover and meet new people, and make new friends from any part of the world.




MQ – KITTY LIVE is an Entertainment application developed and published by Kitty Team. There are plenty of hot and up-to-the-mark features which allows you to answer almost twelve questions to win a handsome amount of money, almost 10 million. The app takes the form of a live game show that can be enjoyed two to three times every day.

The host of the show asks a series of twelve questions each with three possible answers. Those players who get the correct answers within the time limit of almost 10 seconds will move forward, and the rest of the players are automatically eliminated. The player that correctly answer the final question wins the prize money.



U LIVE – Video Chat & Stream contains a friendly community of all the coolest people from all over the world. The app lets you create a comfortable environment for getting people together and sharing all the special moments. It is a simple and easy-to-use mobile application that offers high-quality video chat service, unlimited messages, and live streaming to all its worldwide users.

It is an excellent alternative to Bigo Live that provides some new features such as scheduling, instant messaging, live streaming, and more. The scheduling feature allows you to schedule images or videos to post at the best time. This application enables its users to join multiple chat rooms anonymously and get real-time opinions and feedback. It also helps you to start chatting with others instantly so that you can start a private text chat whenever you want.


#4 YouStar


YouStar is one of the coolest video chatting platforms where you can meet new people from all over the world and create an entertaining community for online social life. It is a straightforward social network platform available to use on Android and iOS platform, and you can access it anywhere in the world.

The app is specially made for those people who want to share their talent with others. YouStar provides you more options for video chatting with more fun and interactive activities to meet, chat, and enjoy fun time with strangers.


5 – live stream video chat developed and published by Broadcast. It is a simple and addictive place to have live broadcasting video chats with up to 25 million people from up to 85 different countries. With the help of this application, you can enjoy streaming live broadcasts, have fun video chats, make vlogs, join the community of thousands of talented folks, and get paid for doing the stuff that you love.

It is a gorgeous platform for all kinds of people who love games, music, movies, chat and share eating, etc. The best thing about this application is that it allows you to share live streaming, discover new folks, and invite friends to earn virtual cards and convert them into real cash. one of simple and easy-to-use Social, a mobile application that connects people around the world.

#6 StreamKar


StreamKar – Live Streaming, Live Chat, Live Video is one of the most popular live video and audio streaming applications developed and published by Tipping Point Technology. From live video streaming to real-time interaction, the app enables you to enjoy daily new live videos, broadcast your life, video chat, and make new friends around the world.

Anyone can show their talent among their friends and the world to be prominent and earn real fame. StreamKar offers lots of new features and tools that make it more entertaining as compared to the others. One of the best things about this entertainment app is, you can easily link all the social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

#7 Tango


Tango is a superb app to stay in touch with the people you love and care about. It is a free social networking app that offers an excellent combination of live streaming, messaging, and video calling. All the services are entirely free and work effectively on smartphones and tablets.

It has more than 350 million users around the world who are sharing millions of stuff each day. Tango is the first and the best video calling app, so you can always call the people who matter to you the most. Just like the Big Live app, it also offers live streaming people that allow you to show your talents and stories.

#8 YeeCall


YeeCall: HD Video Call for Friends and Family is an exquisite Social Application that lets you talk whenever you want for free over 2G, 3G, 4G, or WiFi connections. Yee Call is a free to use mobile application that offers unblocked video and voice calls (without any frustration of ads and or the requirement of any VPN) for the users who live in Pakistan, UAE, India, Iran, and the US, etc.

With the help of this application, you can quickly make free calls to the folks from all over the world and make connections with your loved ones whenever you want. The app is available to use on both mobile devices such as Android and iOS. It offers high-quality video and voice calls that provides a crystal clear voice that allows you to hear what the opposite side said easily.

#9 Mico


Mico is an exceptional tool created and published by Mico World Limited and available to use on Android and iOS platforms. Mico – Live Streaming, Random Voice & Video Chat is the worldwide popular social application to discover and meet new people globally. Its effective and up to the mark radar explores people close to you as well as around the world.

Just like the other similar applications, it also allows you to send messages, voice, exciting videos, and location to make new friends. Mico also offers a live streaming feature for those who want to show their talent to get real-time feedback. To enjoy the service, you need to download it on your mobile phone, sign up via email address and all required information.

#10 Tamago Live


Tamago Live is a Live Streaming Social Network developed and published by Asia Sports Ventures. The app lets you watch or broadcast live video anytime, anywhere in the world. With the help of this platform, you can easily interact with your favorite celebrities up close and personal, share your best moments with others, communicate with new people, and follow favorite broadcasters, etc.

The app was made, especially for those users who want to showcase their hidden talent. It is a stage that allows you to broadcast your best moments, build your own fans, and get massive rewards. Whether you are a university student or a rock star, Tamago is the best place that gives you the place to build your audience and pays you for it.

#11 7Nujoom


7Nujoom– Live Streaming Video Chat and Random Chat Room created and published by Fission Inc. It is the first live chat app for live streaming, voice chat room, and funny video in Arabic. It is a fast wins a lot of awards and over 11 million fans for always being user-centered.

7Nujoom is an all-in-one live video streaming application that allows you to enjoy the premium live stream, make voice chat with new friends in the random chat room, enjoy live streaming, create the coolest lip sync videos and even become a superstar by live streaming.

#12 Uplive


Uplive is a Free and one of the top live streaming mobile application that allows you to make friends in your area and from around the world. The app brings together millions of users and thousands of talented hosts from countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and plenty of others.

There are more than 5K supermodels and part-time hosts that make it more exciting and fun to use platform. Uplive brings one of the best and most straightforward ways to portray your talent and lifestyle, and broadcast live on this platform, available to use on Android and iOS platforms.

#13 HiClub Live


HiClub Live: Live Video Stream and Social Video Chat app was developed and published by HiClub Live Streaming. The app lets you enjoy live streaming and exploring the world through millions of users around the globe. See what’s happening in the world, discover new people, and share your talent with the whole world.

The app contains everything from entertainment to fashion, sports to games, live pop music, hot dance, and everyday interests with all the live commentary. It is a simple and robust mobile application that offers chat, interact, and send amazing gifts to your favorite broadcasters and cyber celebrities. HiClub Live also has a community of millions of users who want to post, discover, and share billions of new ideas anytime they want. You can flawlessly watch live streaming, broadcast your lifestyle, watch live streaming videos around the world, send goodies and virtual gifts, and share your streaming on social network platforms.

#14 AHA Video Chat


AHA Video Chat is an exceptional tool through which you can make new friends through instant chatting and expand your friend zone in a way like never before. AHA Live Random Video Chat, Meet New People is a Free to download and use application that connects you with new people from all over the world, developed and published by Video Chat Solution.

It is an addictive application that allows you to make video calls. It is the best and simple way to connect with other others and creating friendships, regardless of universal text apps. It is not just a video calling app, but it also allows you to go live with friends and share your talent with others. You can precisely send images, short and long videos, emoji and voice text, etc. to your loved ones.

#15 Streamago


Streamago – Live Video Selfies is an intelligent live streaming application that allows you to go live and share your voice with anyone you like, published by Doctor SARL. It lets you discover a beautiful community of boys and girls to share everything you want and for exploring the circle of your friends. It allows you to choose between private and public chat groups flawlessly, and you have the option to select whom to invite whether a close circle of friends or the whole world.

The app is available to use on Android and iOS platforms, and you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world. The addictive things about this application are to go live, reveal your talent, talk to others, watch amazing broadcasting, and share live streaming on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc.

#16 Likee


Likee – LIKE Video is the most popular global video creation and sharing application designed for those who want to share their talent with others and get real-time feedback. It offers plenty of exciting features along with a combination of some new effects, stickers, and lots of other things that make it better than others.

The app brings world-leading special effects and short video editing tools with thousands of advanced stickers and magical music filters to help you make beautiful content. On this app, everyone can create trending content with just a single tap and become the video star of their social circle by revealing their talent. You can even use this app to make a blockbuster video in seconds or make exclusive music in less than a minute.

#17 Lamour


Lamour Love All Over The World is an advanced level social communication application that is specially designed for signals who want to find, meet, and chat with new people nearby or around the world. The app is created by an expert team that includes all the services with some new features and tools.

With this app, you can easily find a lot of friends and mates as per your interest. All you have to do is pick the right person, say hello, and get a response. Just like all the other similar social platforms, Lamour also allows you to join its most significant community and enjoy your singlehood by on its love hunt feature that makes it better than others.

#18 Camera Rollette


Camera Rollette is an application that enables users to view random pictures from camera rolls of their friends. The app is all about fun and helps the users to get closer to their friends. The platform enables users to find out how well they know their friends on the basis of random pictures that appear.

Camera Rollette enables users to send each other random pictures from their camera rolls, and none of the pictures are saved for the security of users’ data. However, users can take the screenshot of the picture if they want to save it. Moreover, it also enables users to chat through its in-app messaging feature. Lastly, the app is free, and users can download it from the App store and can start playing with their friends.

#19 ZAKZAK Pro


ZAKZAK Pro – Webcam chat online to meet new people is designed for true singles who want to meet and chat with real people from all over the world. The application comes as the alternatives to Tinder but offers lots of new social communication features that make it better than others.

One of the most prominent features of this app is that it allows you to enjoy one-on-one video chat, send and receive messages, and much more. Everyone in this platform can meet new people via random video chat online and also has a feature to make friends, create their chat room, enjoy group chat, and more.

#20 Periscope


Periscope is a Free to use mobile application that allows you to broadcast and explore the world through live videos of others and create your own as well. The app is available to use on Android and iOS platforms, and you can access it anywhere in the world.

With the help of this application, you can grab breaking news from all over the world, meet new people, discover a place, visit new locations, and share your interests with the people you want.

#21 Vlink


Vlink is a Free Video Chatting application that allows you to easily make flawless connections with your friends and make new friends around the world by offering high-quality free video calls and an instant messages service.

Using the application, you can socialize anywhere, whether at home or office and meet new friends from those who live only miles away from your own home. Vlink is easy to understand application that allows you to send unlimited messages, make video calls, and discover new people meet fun people around the world.

#22 Vidioo


Vidioo – Broadcast Live Video Mobile Application that lets you watch and share live video, send messages, and discover new people around the world. It brings a simple and fresh way to make a connection with people all in one place. With this application, you can send messages, make video calls and chat, view live broadcasting and start own live broadcasting, etc.

Vidioo is one of the best and easy to use mobile social platform that allows its users to send locations, images, and videos for free. Just like the other applications, it also offers registration with a verified email address. After completing the registration, you can send or receive friend requests, and once you become friends, you’ll be able to create call and video chat.

#23 Live Talk


Live Talk is free to use video calling app which enables its global users to enjoy making new friends from all over the universe. Live Talk – Free Video Calls is an exceptional product introduced in the market by Azhar Technologies Inc., which lets you enjoy real-time live chatting with cool folks globally.

Live Talk is a Free Video Chat Mobile Application developed by Bingo Solutions. The app was specially made for those people who want to connect with friends and family using a mobile device or tablet. Live Talk is available to use over the Android platform only, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

#24 Swoo


Swoo brings one of the simplest and fastest ways to reveal your inner talent, whether it is dancing, blogging, entertaining, motivating, acting, or anything else. The app lets you watch content regarding the happenings of the global world via live videos.

SWOO is free to use a mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms. There are broadcast by the world-famous influencers, experts and celebrities, giving you a peel into the lives of your idols inspiring, motivating, educating and entertaining. The app has hundreds of channels that consist of multiple categories, such as entertainment, sports, games, music, health, and lifestyle, etc.

#25 Mi Live


Mi Live is a Social Network platform that was developed especially for all the broadcasters who want to show their talent in front of the world world, developed and published by Xiaomi Inc. It is a brand new live streaming application that brings fantastic broadcasting, video chat, and various other features just to let you have an excellent experience.

While on the other hand, people all over the world are sharing their live videos with you right over this exquisite platfrom. Mi Live is a fast and straightforward way to get the real audience all over the world, interact with fans and host, send and recovered and post images, etc.

#26 BeLive


BeLive brings a super sleek, attractive, and an impressive way to make a connection with an exquisite audience from all over the world. BeLive is the Free to download and use mobile application developed and published by You can use the app to be a part of a live broadcast on Facebook Live. It is a simple but powerful application that makes your broadcasting stunning and enhanced.

The app offers hundreds of addictive tools and features that are best for a true broadcaster such as filters, voice changing tools, effects, and much more. In order to use the BeLive application, you need to sign up via Facebook or a verified email address to start streaming.

#27 OK Live


OK, Live – Video Livestreams is a free social networking platform that allows you to watch Livestream videos and follow everything that is going on around you. It is an elegant tool created and published by Oknoklassniki Ltd. that will enable you to share life moments in the real-time with friends and the whole world right through your mobile device.

You can access it anytime anywhere, even in low internet connection. OK, Live Social platform is similar than other social platforms but offers lots of advanced features that make it better than others, such as it allows you to watch broadcast anonymously without any registration and for free. You can build your stunning live streams and high user filers to make it unique.

#28 Camfrog


Camfrog is free to use social, a mobile application developed and published by Camshare Inc. It is one of the best and cross-platform that contains a worldwide video chat community of millions of active users who are having fun chats in thousands of video chat rooms.

The app enables its global users to enjoy video chatting with the ones they want from the app’s community, whether through an Android or iOS device. It allows you to join any chat rooms to video chat with people all over the world from your mobile device.


-8 is your favorite live streaming mobile application that allows you to broadcast your life in front of the whole world and enjoy group video chats with your friends to hang out virtually. It has a massive collection of live.lys that consists of multiple categories to enjoy, such as lifestyle, fashion, games, music, and movies, etc.

The app also allows its users to find local content and share it with others in a way like never before. Just like the other, it allows its users to watch ads and collect free coins to buy gifts. The best thing about this application is that it offers lots of editing tools that make the user experience more engaging. Guest your viewers, broadcast a particular moment, receive gift fans, broadcast mobile games, start a group video chat, etc. are also some highlighted features of the app.

#30 MeMe Live


MeMe Live – Live Stream Video Chat and Make Friends is a Social Mobile Application developed and published by Next Entertainment Hong Kong Limited. The app provides a super awesome and diverse live show that lets you have real fun. It is a simple and best application for all the people who want to show their talent, discover and meet new people and enjoy hundreds of fun stuff.

MeMe Live is similar to BIGO Live but offers some enhanced features that attract more audience around the world. The app supports multiple languages and all the functions that plenty of social platforms are providing. Just like the other similar applications, it allows its users to use advanced filters and effects that make live streaming more interesting.

Bigo Live Reviews

written on August 17, 2020

Bigo LIVE is a fantastic live streaming app that lets me stream different content and even interact with multiple users on the same platform. BIGO LIVE is a free site to download my favorite material and gain various services, but it also comprises of some in-app purchases to support its platform and operate in a significant way. Such a place is easily accessible by me on two devices, including Android and iOS devices.

written on July 29, 2020

I don’t like it very much, it also has some issues like privacy, that were resolved, and they fixed the location sharing problem. The fun feature I forgot to share with you guys was of Live PK, it is like the attraction points which tells you how much popular you are than your opponents or friends. Besides that its just irritating. My friends have made new buddies via this app but they are from other counties. So, no point in having friends who are far away.

written on July 16, 2020

My experience with this video chatting app is so much fun, and you can hit up unknown people and start talking with them. I was so curious to know what more this app can do, and it did not disappoint me in any way, and beside the features, it gives like V-logs, group chat, live streaming, voice chat rooms, like texting is so much fun. I was addicted to this app and not in the right way. I was glued to my phone, and I wasn’t productive at work.

written on July 7, 2020

This live streaming app is helping a lot of introvert or anonymous people to reveal their passion, integrity, their class, imagination, talent, singing, dancing, acting, beauty and other facts about them and effortlessly grab the attention of millions of global users instantly because of its fame, nowadays.

Jones Carrey
written on July 3, 2020

Love it!. Because Apart from some of its flaws and sort of mismanagement, it has got featured almost 180 times in Google Play, available in more than 150 countries, and millions of global users including me are having fun over this amazing platform.

D Bravo
written on June 27, 2020

It lets me discover amazing folks from around the world and helps me a lot for making friendships. I can now instantly start live chatting with some of my fans and all my friends and also enjoy streams from hot babes from around the globe. More than this, plenty of global folks are super happy for investing their money into the support of it and are meeting a lot of amazing folks right away.

Alex Hales
written on June 16, 2020

It surely helps me spending my leisure time having fun, good for me to make new friends from nearby as well as along the whole world. Its precise and elegant location setup helps me find folks around and is good to keep the conversations going. While on the other hand, hiding the location is also fascinating and helps a lot, because no one, in fact, I don’t want to publicize my location unless I am willing to. The way it captures the video, add plenty of exciting filters on it and allows us to publish it in a sleek and effortless way. It brings flawless, hot live streaming and endless live videos help me know what the app and other people are up to. I love its live streaming and interacting with all my favorite superstars although I have also grabbed an attractive amount of followings and likes over here.

written on June 16, 2020

Being a game lover, I prefer such a great website which is famous for streaming of different games for me, such as LOL, PUBG, Fortnite, Hearthstone, etc. At Bigo Live, I can receive various types of gifts, seek more followers, become an idol, and earn lots of money quickly. Such a place lets me make some free Live Video calls and Video chats by sending an Invite to my friend. I am also capable of making group video calls with up to nine fellows living in multi-guest houses.

written on June 2, 2020

Bigo Live is a brilliant social network that can stream top live videos for me and allows me to make my life enjoyable. Such space makes me able to remain engaged in live talk with my friends living in the other corner of the world. I can also stream some special moments and watch popular videos. I am capable of making different video calls with various clients situated far away from me and discussing an essential project.

written on April 26, 2020

Bigo Live is a fantastic space that provides multiple videos for me and requires me to learn and improve most of the actions such as dancing, singing, traveling, eating, and even playing numerous games. Such an excellent site shows me several talents and obliges me to get benefits from all such videos as much as I can.

written on January 25, 2020

Such a website permits me to watch many Live Streams and come into contact with multiple people who broadcasts some brilliant videos of the best quality for me. Bigo Live is a vast platform where millions of passionate singers and dancers, various talented broadcasters, comedians, famous site holders, and many more introduces several fantastic live videos and streams.

Andrew Pal
written on September 24, 2019

I am not much satisfied truly from its Customer service because it can’t help me sometimes whenever I have some issues, and also its multi-guest and audio rooms have major issues sometimes. I have also seen plenty of other users who are filing their problems or complaining here but can’t find any solution till now. These issues must be taken under observation and should fix accordingly, that’s it. These are the small flaws that people hate about this live streaming platform and want it to respond to their problems ASAP. I suggest that some of these issues must be taken into consideration because it will truly damage the dignity of the app so badly.

Kate Anne
written on September 19, 2019

This awesome application was with me the whole time when I changed my phone and went from Android to iPhone, and the way it syncs with your device is cool. Besides having fantastic features of chatting live on a video with strangers it is a world of its own. I am in love with the theme of the app. It is amazingly satisfying. I especially like the logo of a bear-like dragon mixture is cute.