Birst Alternatives


Birst is a cloud-hosted BI (Business Intelligence) software that handles the requirements of both productions oriented BI and end-user data visualization and querying. The software is intended for all business users from IT to marketing to executive management, as it offers features such as responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboard and visually discovery interfaces, infinite connectivity framework, and lots of others… read more

13 Birst Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Cyfe

Cyfe is an all-in-one leading dashboard app that helps users to monitor and analyze data scattered across all their online services like Google Analytics and Salesforce. It is simple and easy to a solution that you can use to offer an intelligent, robust dashboard to your employees and clients as well as observe the full image of your business trends.

Its dashboard can help to keep your clients in the loop and enable them to view data in real-time, which means you can cut down on the reports you send to your clients and instantly share information. On top of that, the solution also includes the right amount of data sources, affordable pricing and value for money, top rate customization option for the dashboard, CSV, and Excel data baseboards with unlimited users.


2. CB Insights

CB Insights is a Business Intelligence software that allows companies to spot business trends and disruptive technology by filtering and organize all the relevant information sourced from articles, patents, startup websites, and venture capital financing, to name a few. These data sources also include your competitor’s investments, acquisitions, and partnerships that help you discover who your competitors work and what strategies they are implementing.

Using this powerful data analytic platform that features natural language processing functionality, it allows users to make sense of their data via comprehensible data visualization and storytelling through predictive modeling.


3. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a user-friendly analytics tool that can generate personalized reports and detailed dashboards in an instant. The solution is specially designed to deliver users with loads of information and the perfect way to analyze them and create opportunities to come in smart decisions making.

With this solution, you can easily explore data deeply and get accurate information as well as share them visually or distribute content and commentary anchored on reliable data. Its smart search and exploration give users the ability to analyze all the data by integrating with chart and visualization or even just typing in keywords.


4. Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric is a customer management software powered by Big Data and machine intelligence. The solution is deployed either as SaaS or on-premise allow businesses to gain a full overview of their customer’s behavior through its interactive customer experience journey repays.

It also allows businesses to understand website visitor’s needs, and struggle to enhance customer experience, help them to convert more clients, gain loyalty, and retain patrons. Quantum Metric automatically analyze data it picks up from users and the website. No fine-tuning is required to view real-time statistics and obtain actionable information.


5. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a world’s most popular Business Analytics solution that puts all your metrics and performance indicators in a unified, very accessible location. The solution is specially designed to help companies simplify their access to their Google Analytics data; it has evolved to become a full-blown business reporting platform that works with multiple analytics engines and tools.

It has become an ideal platform to collect data and insights to help devise and implement web analytics, social media, and online marketing. Supermetrics is also known as the #1 reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, Social, and Web Analytics that contains all the primary tools and services to deliver a realistic experience.


6. Xactly Insights

Xactly Insights is a Business Intelligence software that enables users to revolutionize their commission processes and regulate the incentive compensation unit the critical investment is being performed. It reveals a variety of empirical data to benchmark performance and all users to customize their incentive compensation plans until they match both their business and strategy.

With the help of this solution, you will also benefit from a modern suite of analytics tools to guide even thousands of transactions with Quota and Objectives towards better business results. At the same time, the solution also offers an outstanding reporting capacity that evaluates behavior to pull the most accurate records on incentive compensation and to minimize investment.


7. RockDaisy

RockDaisy is a leading data visualization software create on SQL queries. It allows users to create stunning data dashboards and generate custom reports with ease. By following its three simple steps, you can easily create your SQL database into the trove of information and insights.

The solution also makes your data easy to read and understand, thus enabling you to spot crucial trends and patterns and discover insights that will help you to make the smartest business decisions and decisive action. It adds value for a company that looks to come with their data delivery without having to dedicate months or years creating their platform.


8. Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning is an Excel and web-based planning and management solution that integrates planning, forecasting, and budgeting into one unified solution. The solution streamlines financial and operational planning workflows. It improves the predictability of your business by offering you with an in-depth view of business operations and financially based on the tightly integrated process and financial planning.

With the help of this solution, companies and operations can take their data, analyze and dissect them from many angles and create new data sets to help you and your team come up with viable plans, forecasts budgets. It is also an excellent platform for retrieving data and analyze them for the budget versus actual review.


9. Anodot

Anodot is an all-in-one cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) software that automates the detection of unwanted data patterns. It crunches the time series data with the patterned machine learning algorithms. It automatically reveals and assesses issues before assigning them the significance score based on the importance of the data.

The solution automatically uncovers all the unusual behavior in data patterns that might have gone unnoticed. Also, it can auto choose the most appropriate modern algorithm for the uncovered data pattern before auto-tuning as it goes along. Moreover, this BI solution intelligently correlates and group anomalies to bring out their full significance.


10. Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports is a Business Inelegance software that helps businesses all over the world to make a better sense of their company data. It is an application that comes with robust and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to provide businesses with useful insights. Zoho Reports is an on-demand solution, helps your company get new insights into your data with its powerful web-based BI engine.

You can get powerful reports on just a few minutes without any IT help. The solution supports a vast suite of report creation options that includes charts, pivot tables, summary view, and dashboard. Its spreadsheet-like interface, as well as its intuitive drag-and-drop based report designer, makes it easy to learn and use for any business.


11. Izenda

Izenda is a Business Intelligence (BI) software that is suitable for enterprises of all sizes. It comes with all features and functionalities that one expects from the high-end business intelligence software.

With the help of this BI solution, business intelligence processes such as data exploration and report creation, customization, and consumption are streamlined. Izenda is a highly flexible software that also offers full integration with .NET platforms and quickly renders in HTML5.


12. Flexmonster

Flexmonster is a leading Business Intelligence solution, a component for interactive pivot reports inserted to the web application or web page. The solution utilizes a powerful JavaScript tool that visualizes the client’s business data and supports the most common data sources, including Microsoft Analysis Service, JSON, SQL database, and static CSV files.

It allows you to summarize, explore, analyze, as well as present summary data by using its chart and add visualizations to the summary data in the table. It allows you to easily see trends, patterns, and comparisons to guide you in making informed decisions about the critical data in your business. Flexmonster is a powerful solution, enables you to work extremely fast with huge data volumes.


13. WhereScape RED

WhereScape RED is a world’s leading solution that helps more than 700 customers around the world to reduce project risk and deliver actionable, reliable data infrastructure initiatives faster. The solution offers an integrated development environment that provides teams with the automation to streamline workflows, eliminate hand-coding, and cut the time to develop, design, and operate infrastructure.

WhereScape RED eliminates more than 95% of the hand-coding required in data infrastructure development by automatically generate SQL and other code native to your target platform, such as big data analytics. Leverage platform-specific best practices and features, including optimized database loaders, the solution automation boosts productivity and eliminate inconsistency.

More About Birst

Birst is a cloud-hosted BI (Business Intelligence) software that handles the requirements of both productions oriented BI and end-user data visualization and querying. The software is intended for all business users from IT to marketing to executive management, as it offers features such as responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboard and visually discovery interfaces, infinite connectivity framework, and lots of others.

The solution is also integrated with lots of business apps and performs impeccably on mobile devices. Birst is known as the standardized predictions for their entire team and offers an impressive list of core features such as native and offline mobile support, intelligent data functions, automated data refinement, and drag-and-drop projection, etc.

This integrated environment ensures that all the members and personalities receive the same version of the truth, which means they are all the same page. The solution delivers a user-friendly interface for data exploration, discovery, and visualization. It also allows the creation of charts, powerful dashboard, and high definition reports that make it stronger than others.

Birst includes core features such as user data tier, mobile optimization, adaptive user experience, automated data refinement, integration and create, design, schedule, and delivers highly formatted reports, etc.