Bleed 2


Bleed 2 Alternatives for PS3

#1 Steredenn


Steredenn is an Action, Bullet Hell, and Single-player video game in the massive space environment where enemies are venturing everywhere. Different types of enemies are there, and each one has unique varieties of weapons. The game uses side-scroll elements instead of vertical found in Galaga. It mixes the rogue-like and adventure game elements, offering you a pixel-based world where insane boss battles await you.

Both Single-player and Co-op mode are there to play with friends or other players in a massive battle of the never-ending struggle for survival. The world is randomly generated, which means you will never experience the same thing two times. Up to find playable ships are available, and each one has unique abilities and playstyles. Up to 42 weapons and 30 upgrades are implanted with over tons of customization options. Steredenn offers core features such as Quick Insane Sessions, Infinite Playability, 5 Playable Ships, and more.