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Blue Iris is an all in one video security and CCTV software for cameras of all leading manufacturing companies. By using this, you can get control of all of the cameras installed on your PC. It can be used for controlling the traffic signal icon, schedule, and profile selection… read more
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15 Blue Iris Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. Contaware ContaCam

Contaware ContaCam is free and straightforward to use video surveillance and live webcam system for the Windows operating system. It is the name of an easy to use system to get control of all of your premises. There is no system of the unnecessary bloating system in the Contaware ContaCam.

It is the name of light and versatile effortlessly to meet all of your security needs. The solution can be operated from most of the moderate systems. Only three simple steps are required to start. First of all, select the usage and then enter the name of the camera and configure how long to keep the files on the hard disk.


2. WebcamXP

WebcamXP is a free video surveillance software used for surveillance and broadcast purposes. It has the solution for the network and IP cameras. The quality of this program is that it is fully compatible with almost all types of CCTV and security cameras. It will make you able to monitor your home and business premises from anywhere by way of the internet or network.

It will turn your PC into a highly advanced security system where all of your CCTV and security cameras will be connected at a centralized place. In addition to connecting with the PC, WebcamXP supports the connection with remote PCs and mobile devices.


3. SmartViewer

SmartViewer is a CCTV and DVR surveillance software by Samsung that supports the full range of DVRs of the Samsung. So, the limitation here is that it can be used for the DVRs of Samsung only. It provides the best security and surveillance system to its users based on the perfect online access and remote control system.

The DVR management system of SmartViewer makes its users able to connect to and control a remote Samsung DVR on the computer by way of the network. By using this simple and easy to use CCTV software, the users can access the Samsung DVRs can check the video data from all connected cameras form any part of the world.


4. CAM Wizard

CAM Wizard is a video surveillance software for the IP and USB cameras. The five main areas of functioning of the CAM Wizard are motion detection, schedule, send video emails, FTP upload videos, and save the recording to the hard drive.

If you are looking for a perfect way to set the CCTV surveillance camera system, all with the motion detection capabilities, then right here is the CAM Wizard that will make these all possible for you. It is fully compatible with almost all types of IP and USB cameras.


5. Genius Vision NVR CmE

Genius Vision NVR CME is a universal level of IOP video management software for all types of CCTV and security cameras. If you are looking for a software that makes you able to get all the installed cameras connected at a centralized place and the work as per your requirement, then you must use the Genius Vision NVR CME.

Have a glance on the advantages that you will get by using the Genius Vision NVR CME; remote video recording & monitoring system, support for all leading CCTV and security cameras, ability to work with webcams and cameras of smartphones, etc.


6. BroView

BroView is Free Camera Control Application developed by Shenzhen LizhongXiang Technology. This application supports remote viewing, snapping, channel audios, and two-way talks, etc. It works only with hardware developed by Shenzhen LizhongXiang Technology that offers a wide range of cameras, DVRs, and Camera Accessories.

BroView is available to use on iOS and Android platforms only. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, to connect your device with DVRs and Cameras you need to place some correct information such as password, IP address, and much more.


7. CM Security for iOS

CM Security for iOS (Security Master) is an all-in-one mobile application that offers Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster, and protect not only the phone but also your privacy. The app introduces the Intelligent Diagnosis system to detect your phone status, including Junk Clean and phone booster in time.

With its updating VPN and proxy system, you can also unlock all your favorite websites whenever and where ever you want. There is an AppLock feature that allows you to lock Bluetooth, Wi-Fi switches, incoming calls, private data, and hide applications with the pattern, PIN code, or fingerprint.


8. Azimuth VMS CCTV

Azimuth VMS CCTV is a CCTV camera recording software installed on any PC. In terms of real-time, collaboration with users Azimuth VMS CCTV is not as much featured rich, but in terms of recording, it is said to be one of the best CCTV recording software. This software can be used for working with analog, CCTV, and IP cameras.

When it comes to compatibility, it is fully compatible with most of the cameras. There is a proper video management system that makes you able to get full command and control on all of the installed cameras on your premises.


9. C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software

C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software is a multifunctional and multi-platform video surveillance system for the Mac OS X and Windows operating system. The self-installation system of C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software doesn’t require too many requirements for making space on the Mac or Windows.

This IP video surveillance system makes its users able to check their surveillance over both the internet and network system. By way of C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software, you can quickly get the live view and review for the previous recordings from any mobile or PC. C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software itself is managed and controlled over the web interface of the C-MOR.


10. SGS HomeGuard Free

SGS HomeGuard Free is the perfect solution provider of the security system to control all cameras installed on your premises. It is a free multi-functional video motion detection software that can be used for managing all cameras installed in the business and home environment. You can use this software to connect with the webcam of your PC as well.

This security enhancement software is capable of reacting to many kinds of motion as well. The exceptional about SGS HomeGuard Free is that it offers the best security solutions for a wide range of business and home security issues with a cost-effective, professional, and reliable CCTV software.


11. Visec Surveillance Software

Visec Surveillance Software is a surveillance system for the IP and analog cameras. It will make you able to monitor your premises from any part of the world by way of desktop PC or smartphones. It is the name of the most straightforward surveillance software that largely supports the analog cameras, IP cameras, capture cards, webcams, and various other CCTV cameras.

There is no monthly fee or subscription system for using the free version of Visec Surveillance Software. It will automatically turn any PC into a powerful video surveillance system. The current version is available for up to 8 edition of the Windows operating system.


12. Freedom VMS

Freedom VMS is one of the best and perfect video management programs that support for almost all existing and evolving CCTV cameras. It is listed among those high level of video surveillance software that assures the flexibility with the choice of CCTV cameras, cable infrastructure, managing and expanding a CCTV system.

The best is that it supports the best architecture to make itself compatible with a wide selection of technology choices to support short and long term CCTV requirements from a standard user interface that is cost-effective and user-friendly at the same time.


13. Ivideon Server

Ivideon Server is a unique type of video surveillance and CCTV software that allows its users to connect all of their IP cameras and webcams to the Ivideon Server and get the live feeds and video archives by way of network or internet.

As everything will be accessed from the cloud of Ivideon Server, that’s why this video surveillance system is offering its services to almost all leading desktop and mobile operating systems. Ivideon Server is offering its services to home and business users.


14. ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder is the name of a free and open-source video surveillance system for all types of users from home to business level. This fully-featured and state of the art video surveillance software is mainly being used by large enterprises to look after their premises from anywhere.

It will make you able to easily monitor each corner of your office, home, or whatever you want. You can even design your monitoring system as well because ZoneMinder offers customizable settings and functions to its users. It is far the best video surveillance system for theft prevention and security of home, industrial, and commercial areas.


15. iSpy

iSpy is an open-source camera security software known for being compatible with the CCTV or security cameras of almost all manufacturers. The universal compatible version of iSpy delivers the security, surveillance, online access system, motion detection, and remote control functioning.

The exception is that you can access it from even websites and mobile as well. First of all, there is an open-source system of iSpy that is one of the great features of this. The open-source system of iSpy will leverage the best open source projects and provides unsurpassed functionality, extensibility, and stability.

More About Blue Iris

Blue Iris is an all in one video security and CCTV software for cameras of all leading manufacturing companies. By using this, you can get control of all of the cameras installed on your PC. It can be used for controlling the traffic signal icon, schedule, and profile selection.

In the case of an issue with the camera or not working of any cameras, push alert will be immediately sent by the Blue Iris. The universal CCTV program will make you able to monitor each corner of our home, business premises, monitor pets, monitor kids, and perform various other functions also.

The motion and audio detection system of Blue Iris will make you able to get the notification or alert by way of email, phone, and loudspeaker. The exception is that the single version of Blue Iris can control sixty-four cameras of all types at once. In addition to recording the videos, Blue Iris also captures the JPEG snapshots.

Either it is about CCTV cameras, webcams, network IP cams, camcorders, or only analog cards, Blue Iris is fully compatible with all types of cameras. Two main versions of the Blue Iris are LE Version and Full Version available for one-time prices of $29.95 and $59.95, respectively.

Blue Iris Reviews

written on January 14, 2020

It is the most intuitive and interactive software I have ever seen regarding CCTV footage. Now, accessing your camera has been easy with the use of the software you can do so much. It will provide you alert notification on your mobile phone if you have installed an application on your phone or by email or any loudspeaker within reach. The feature that I like the most is that this software can access up to 60 cameras at once. You have to give the IP address of the cameras you want to connect plus their serial number, and you are good to go. You can access cameras like webcam, CCTV cameras, network IP cam, camcorders, and much more. You will be surprised to see its features.

written on December 24, 2019

I was out of town and when I try to access my home cameras. I was not able to access them from my mobile, so I went down to the net cafe, and I log into my software, but it was not reachable then hours pass by, and I was worried about the security of my house, and I contacted my friend who recommended me this Blue Iris software. It consists of video security software for all leading manufacturer companies, and since then, I have been a regular user of this platform, and I have to say that I like it very much, and it is intuitive and interactive.