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Blur Bokeh Background

Blur Bokeh Background is a free to use mobile application designed for those who want to add a blurred background to an image and apply mesmerizing bokeh effect. It is an ultimate blur photo editor that comes with additional editing tools and effects… read more
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3 Blur Bokeh Background Alternatives & Similar Apps for iOS


1. DSLR Camera Blur Background

DSLR Camera Blur Background, Bokeh Effects Photo is an ultimate blur effect application that has lots of blurring, bokeh tools in order to deliver real-time DSLR experience. Using this software, you can easily make your own DSLR effects without any limitation. It has manual and shape blur feature and allow you to use your finger and touch on all the unwanted part of your photo that you want to blur and keep your special part focused on. The blur editor has auto blur image background and manual point blur filter effects options. Select an image from gallery or take a photo from the camera. In order to get auto blur background image go to shape blur section. Adjust blur level with the blurriness seek bar. It also allows you to adjust brush size and other things to enjoy the realistic experience. DSLR Camera Blur Background also comes with all the major tools and features such as multiple photo editing tools, different blur effects, easy to understand, no registration required and much more. It is available to use on Android device only, and you can download it on all the Android devices.


2. Fabby on Android

Fabby – Photo Editor, Selfie Art Camera is a photography application by Aimatter for Android and iOS devices. The application helps you to get a new look for your selfie each time you tap through the collection of more than 2 billion designer styles. Choose from hundreds of masks, makeup design, background and other creative effects that make it better than others. Its powerful AI technology recognizes different parts of your selfies and intelligently applies hairstyle and makeover effects. The application introduces digital beautification, and with the smart and natural auto beautifying function, you’ll get perfect smooth skin, bright eyes and white teeth. There is also a Blur background feature that helps you to create a DSLR style photos as well as also allow you to change background with hundreds of exciting options easily. Fabby on Android app includes core features such AI-powered, limitless design content, full-screen camera mode and beauty camera tools etc. If you want to capture some stunning selfies then try it out, it is specially made for you.


3. Fabby Look

Fabby Look — hair colour changer and style effects is a beautiful application that helps you to change your hairstyle and hair colour. It has a massive range of unique hairstyles and colours, each one has its own style and colour combination, and you can easily choose each one without any limitation. With the help of this application, you can easily try on a live experiment with your hair colour in real-time in order to complete your looks virtually before taking a photo. After creating your photo, you are easily able to share your result with your friends via Instagram, Facebook and all the other similar platforms. Fabby Look includes core features such as free for everyone, more than 10 trending hairstyle and colours, access its online library and much more. Try it out, it an excellent app to change hairstyle and colour.

More About Blur Bokeh Background

Blur Bokeh Background is a free to use mobile application designed for those who want to add a blurred background to an image and apply mesmerizing bokeh effect. It is an ultimate blur photo editor that comes with additional editing tools and effects. The application is used to blur an image and apply some amazing effects it. This image blur app can also be used to reset the blur effect completely. Using Blur Bokeh Background, the photos to be blurred can be selected from the phone’s gallery to take a photo using its camera features. There is also a beauty camera system that comes with lots of new effects, filters, stickers and frames. Blur Bokeh Background also includes core features such as choose from gallery to be blurred, zoom in and out, picture blur intensity adjustment, undo and reset option, attractive UI, massive range of bokeh effect and save and share etc. Do try it out, if you need an advanced level photo editing app.

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