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For those professional web designers and developers who are looking for an open source code editor and web developer here is Brackets that is based on the both features. This open source code editor is perfect for front-end developers and web designers… read more

16 Brackets Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Quanta Plus

Quanta Plus is an open source web development platform for creating the HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, XHTML or any other type of XML-based websites. The exceptional about Quanta Plus is that it is capable in both WYSIWYG hand coding and designing. There are only a few web integrated development environments that are capable of doing so and Quanta Plus is among these limited IDEs platforms. In a single IDEs system, Quanta Plus provide the options like tag editing via script language, dialog interface, project management, CVS support and much more. The best about Quanta Plus is that it support for external plugins as well that enhance the functionalities of the Quanta Plus. There is one limitation of Quanta Plus and that is not being updated continuously. Most of its features have been merged into another project named KDevelop. However, Quanta Plus still can be used as a medium for developing a professional level of websites. Main highlighted features and functions of the Quanta Plus are project management, HTML & XML sup[port, script language support, CSS support, templates, user toolbars and actions, extensibility, plugins, integrated previews, context help and various other types of settings to configure that software as per own liking of the users. Among a lot of features, the main highlighted one of the Quanta Plus is its extensibility system that makes its users able to assign any type of scripts to project events or actions.


2. CodeLobster

CodeLobster is a PHP edition streamlines and simplifies the PHP designing procedure. It does not ask you to keep in mind the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attachments. CodeLobster – Free portable PHP IDE with support Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Facebook, CakePHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Codeigniter, Jquery, Joomla etc. The main problem that most of the web developer feel while developing with PHP is the problem of choosing which IDE is best for the Windows operating systems. But now there is a PHP editor named CodeLobster that is first multifunctional, secondly a portable IDE and at last it is a totally free. Main highlighted standard features in the CodeLobster are advanced CSS/JavaScript/HTML/PHP autocomplete system, HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript highlighting, a powerful PHP debugger, context and dynamic help system, a code validator, SQL manager and much more. You are going to enjoy all those features and functions that will really assist you in developing and designing high level of development features and functions. It will streamline and simplify the PHP development process for you. By using CodeLobster you will not be required at all to worry about names of arguments, functions, tags and other miscellaneous attributes as all these are implement in the auto complete features of the CodeLobster. There is an internal free PHP debugger in the CodeLobster that will permit you to validate your code locally. What can be the best advantage of using CodeLobster that it will detect your current server settings and configures corresponding files in order to use the debugger?


3. BlueGriffon

BlueGriffon is a cross-platform and open source web editor and development tool. This IDE is based on the rendering engine of the Mozilla Firefox. Just like most of the IDEs, BlueGriffon editing system is also based on the WYSIWYG editing system. As the support of the WYSIWYG is the part of the BlueGriffon so it can be said as a content editor for the websites of all type. The best about BlueGriffon is that being a brand new web editor this software is best in developing the modern standard based web pages that are supported by all type of web browser. BlueGriffon is a free to download and available for three leading operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Moreover, the availability of this IDE in multiple international languages makes its users able to use it in their own native languages. Being a web author either beginner or professional you will first get a user-friendly interface that will ultimately make you able to create professional looking websites. The step by step guide system of BlueGriffon also help the beginners as well. That’s why BlueGriffon never demands from its users to get technical knowledge in advance in order to start with BlueGriffon. Currently, the languages being supported by the BlueGriffon are HTML5, CSS3, SVG, MathML and few others.


4. KompoZer

KompoZer is a free and open source web authoring platform that will make you able to deal with any type of website. This web authoring software combines a WYSIWYG editor and web file management system at a central platform. If you want to enjoy the both at one place then KompoZer will be also one of the best options to consider. This software is designed to deliver the user-friendly environment for non-technical users to develop a professional level of websites without having any technical knowledge of web coding or programming knowledge. The key technical features of KompoZer that you are going to get in shape of advantages are FTP site manager, new style of color picker, CSS editor, tabs, a dash of style, customizable toolbars, forms, cleaner markup, XFN, visible marks, table, cell resizing rulers, and automated spell checker. All these functions are going to make your developing life easy and simple.


5. Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Microsoft Visual Studio Express is the web developing product by the Microsoft for creating the professional level of websites. It contains the almost all those features that assist the both individual developers and the owners of a mega project. From beginners to professionals and a single person to the professional teams all type of web developers can take equal benefits from the Microsoft Visual Studio Express. The best about Microsoft Visual Studio Express is that all features that are the part of the Microsoft Visual Studio Express are free to access to develop web and programs for specific platforms. By using the Microsoft Visual Studio Express you can easily craft the apps and programs for the Windows desktop, Windows universal platform apps, websites and much more. Four main editions of the Microsoft Visual Studio Express are Microsoft Visual Studio Express for Desktop, Microsoft Visual Studio Express for the Web, Microsoft Visual Studio Express for Windows and Team Foundation Server 2015 Express.


6. OpenBEXI

OpenBEXI is an open and free source, WYSIWYG editor compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux with a browser-based interface. It is crafted to drag & drop widgets including images, text, graphs, and more. It enables for crafting a Mac style menu and allows you create a line, pie and bar graphs plus it supports RSS. This web editor will make you able to edit and view texts, images and all of the widgets right from the platform of OpenBEXI as you are viewing them in published form. This universal web development platform is integrated with an advanced level of features that will meet your requirement for creating, managing and publishing the web projects on any host internet site provider. Simile timeline, dynamic charts, DOJO toolkit like an editor, chart flow system, input validations, and various other intelligent applications are integrated into the OpenBEXI to make your web developing work easy and simple. There is an online tutorial system in the OpenBEXI as well for the developers following which they can easily learn the web development step by step. These tutorials will help you in learning how to build own web pages and utilizing the selection, resizing, and drag & drop features. As OpenBEXI is an open source software that’s why it is a highly configurable platform also.


7. CoffeeCup HTML Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor that is simply called as The HTML Editor is a web designing and web development tools that contain a professional HTML editor, CSS editor, and Quick Start system. The Quick Start system is basically to start the development work from the templates. Whatever your features requirements are regarding the development of a website you will surely find in the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Whether you want to create stellar websites or those professional level of websites that can create a powerful impact then give a chance to the CoffeeCup HTML Editor to enjoy the handy tag references system and various other intuitive tools like code completion. The websites components that are the part of the CoffeeCup HTML Editor have updated instantly automatically across live previews, pages, and various other extraordinary features and tools are there in the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Some advantages of using CoffeeCup HTML Editor are smooth workflow system, highlight corresponding code, edit components that update everywhere, and multifunctional. There are the wide range of start options that will allow you to get started your work in seconds. You can create new HTML or CSS files from the scratches or you can start from the already existing theme or ready to use the layout as well. The exceptional about CoffeeCup HTML Editor is its compatibility feature that will permit you to start your already start in progress site with the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Simply open the file from the system or from the web server and start doing work on that in CoffeeCup HTML Editor. The logical structure of CoffeeCup HTML Editor will make you able to eliminate all kind of destructive things and keep in mind on the organized data only.


8. Amaya

Amaya is a web editor that is used for creating and updating the documents directly on the websites. It integrates the seamless browsing system that are packed with the features of editing and remote access in a uniform environment. The best about Amaya is that it is backed by the original version of the websites as a space for collaboration and not just a one-way publishing medium. It is going to be the simple yet powerful web development platform. It will provide you all those frameworks that integrated W3C technologies. This web development and creating a platform is deployed to demonstrate the technologies in action while taking advantage of their combination in a single and consistent environment. It starts its functions as a CSS and HTML based style sheets editor. As it is an open source editor so you can change its code as per your own requirement as well. All version of Amaya supports for the HTML. XHTML. XHTML Basic, HTTP, MathML, SVG and CSS languages. In the latest version of Amaya, there is SVG editor to display and partially edit XML documents. Among a lot of advantages the main one of using Amaya its advanced user-friendly interface with a customizable set of tools, menus, contextual menus and predefined themes. If you are still confused whether Amaya is an editor or browser the answer is that it is an authoring tool with browsing features. Remote publishing and link management are the key features in this hypertext editor and these features need seamless integration of editing and browsing features.


9. Artisteer

Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation artifact that immediately originates incredible looking, distinct website templates and blog themes. Design superb WordPress Blogs, professional Joomla and Drupal templates, and nice Website patterns in moments. Artisteer features visual editing of website templates, design elements capable of being configured manually; the output of the finished design is compliant with ‘XHTML 1.0 Transitional’ and contains validated HTML and CSS conforming to the W3C web standards. Check out what you can get by using the automated web designer system of Artisteer; design awesome blogs of all type, export to Blogger/Joomla/WordPress/CMS products, no technical knowledge requirement, user-friendly, preview, download and edit online website and templates samples. Two main products of Artisteer are simple Artisteer and Themler. Artisteer will make you web design expert and Themler will allow you to create professional CMS themes without coding. Overall Artisteer is quick and easy to use web design generator for the Windows that is integrated with thousands of options and export support for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and Blogger. Both Artisteer and Themler are designed to create anything from simple designs to the professional and most advanced design. It is suggested to start working from Artisteer and when you feel Artisteer is not enough then export the design to Themler and enjoy the advanced features of animations, parallax, transitions system, multiple page templates and much more. Now two version of Artisteer are at your disposal so that you can master in the power of design either it is simple or complex.


10. Geany

Geany is a web editing platform that contains the standard features of an IDE. This web editor was primarily designed for dealing with small and medium size websites but in a highly powerful and professional environment. Geany has its own independent infrastructure, however, has a limited dependency on the external packages as well. The main highlighted features and functions of the Geany are code folding, syntax highlighting, symbol name auto-completion system, construct completion, snippets, auto closing of XML & HTML tags, call tips, support for various file types (including HTML, Python, C, Java, Perl, PHP, Pascal and dozens of others), symbol lists, code navigation, build system to compile and execute the codes, simple project management system and availability of plugin interface. The plugin infrastructure of Geany will permit you to extend the features of Geany as per your own requirement. Geany is a multiplatform editor that is fully compatible with the Windows, Mac OS X, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris Express, and OpenBSD operating systems. Geany is fully compatible with all those operating systems that are supported by the GTK libraries. However, there is one disadvantage of using the Geany. Most of the features of Geany for Windows operating systems are missing for the Windows system. Moreover, Geany provides a tabbed main editor window and don’t support for the split windows in the core.


11. jEdit

jEdit is a programmer text editor by the professional programmers for the programmers. It is a cross-platform editor based on Java. It is a highly customizable platform that has own independent plugins system. The best about jEdit is that it provide the full source code to its users for free and in the same manner becomes advanced as compared to the most of the expensive and leading development tools and features. It is a user-friendly platform that will deliver you step by step guide. Some of the key features of the jEdit are built-in macro language, extensible plugin architecture, availability of macros plugins, plugin manager to download and install plugins, auto indent system, syntax highlighting system, support for character encoding system, folding for selectively hiding regions of text, word wrap system and almost all those basic features that you encountered in the leading editors and IDEs. jEdit is a multiplatform text editor that is available for the VMS, Mac OS X, Unix and Windows operating systems. The best above all is that jEdit is a highly customizable and configurable text editor.


12. First Page

First Page is a free web builder to design and manage the professional level of websites as you want. First Page is basically a HTML editor that is designed for the professional developers and designers for the web developers and designers. If you want to use the standard level of WYSIWYG editor then First Page is a platform that will deliver you more level of editing functions. In fact, the editing system of First Page is the opposite of WYSIWYG. According to the professional developer, WYSIWYG waste the time of the users by delivering the time fixing and inappropriate cleaning and code correcting system. However, in First Page, you will notice that it is not wasting or ruining your HTML code at all. The best here is that it will not add any unwanted HTML code into your project at all. This HTML base editor will make you able to write, edit and improve your HTML based projects. The powerful editing functions of First Page will make you able to develop faster and reliable websites. There are dozens of website builder tools in the First Page that are website promotion system, link popularity to link queries in multiple search engines, search engine analyzer, global whois system to search the domain name, code encrypter, meta tag generator, expired domain search, site traffic rank checker, TransLingo to make site multilingual and bandwidth tester to test the speed of net connection. In short, in addition to HTML editor, there are a lot of website builder tools for your assistance.


13. openElement

openElement is a platform that will assist you in piloting your website. This web editing, designing and management platform will allow you to efficiently manage your websites by using the simple yet powerful intuitive editor. By using this editor and developer you can easily generate the SEO ready and W3C compliant website whatever the programming language mode is. This web editor is going to deliver you the total control over your websites and create websites without any limit. A lot of modify element and style are the part of the openElement. First of all, openElement is a free web editor without any limitation. The rest of the advantages of the openElement are intuitive interface, everything is editable, managed code, page layers, reusable styles & elements packs, HTML5 & CSS3, cross browser, SEO, multilingual websites, responsive design, fully customizable, image & code optimization, local web server for PHP & DB tests and much more. By using this you can use, modify and create the custom elements. All models and skins can be modified or created from scratch. Anything that is integrated into the openElement can be handled by code blocks. You can optimize your website for an advance user experience and a higher position in search result. In short, openElement is not a platform for web editing and development; it will deliver you a lot of web promotion tools as well.


14. Alleycode HTML Editor

Alleycode HTML Editor is a cross platform and two way synchronized web editor that integrates and smart XHTML tags and CSS wizard system. If you are lacking command line knowledge then you must use the Alleycode HTML Editor that will do it for you. Two main highlighted advantages of using Alleycode HTML Editor are totally managed platform and no bloat system at all. There is no CPanel system so your precious time will not waste at all in the server maintenance issues. Even you will be provided with more resources for your development. It is very easy to setup the Alleycode HTML Editor. All you required to select a data center rand then select the VPS size. Alleycode HTML Editor will then deploy the VPS for you and send the SSH/SFTP access to you. Now you can easily enjoy the other cloud-based products of Alleycode HTML Editor as well that are for generating high traffic and performing various other functions. The technical features and functions of Alleycode HTML Editor are Nginx Frontend system, KVM virtualization, native SSD storage, HTTP/2, PHP-FPM, PPcache, CloudFlare, firewall system, malware scanning system, availability of SFTP by default, integrated redundancy and availability of SSL certificates. You can imagine from all these above-mentioned features what you are going to get from the Alleycode HTML Editor.


15. Serif WebPlus

Serif WebPlus is a most leading website design solution created for Microsoft Windows by a UK-based company Serif. The solution allows users to easily create, design and upload their websites onto the internet without any knowledge of web technologies. Just like Microsoft Word, Serif WebPlus also uses WYSIWYG drag and drop editing to add and position images, text, and links as they would appear on the finished web page. Once a user has designed their entire website, the program can preview the site in the browser before uploading the site using its in-built FTP. There is also a site structure view that gives you an overview of the entire sites structure as a tree and enables pruning and grafting of pages and their child pages to another branch of the tree. Although it is more user-friendly than the Site tab, it is far less useful for restructuring the website then the outline vies which the site tab provides. Unless your website is less than 10 to 20 pages, it won’t fit the window at the size big enough to read the page name. Serif WebPlus is a comprehensive website design solution that comes with all the core features and tools. Such as audio player, CSS magnifying glass, exclude a page, manage online resources, SFTP upload, slider studio, SWR enhancements, watermarking and startup assessment, etc. Overall, Serif WebPlus is one of the best website design solutions as compared to others.


16. Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development utility development by Adobe Systems. It is a web design and development service providing a visual WYSIWYG editor and a code editor with standard features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and code collapsing as well as more civilized attributes such as real-time syntax checking and code introspection for producing code hints to help the user in writing code. Dreamweaver is particularly designed for the web developers and graphic makers to create a visually design and developing a modern and responsive level of websites. This web developer is known for being the advanced packed toolset for the font developers and web designers. By using Dreamweaver these can easily create code and manage the websites. There is no limitation on creating the website for any platform. You can quickly create a responsive website for any platform either it is of desktop browser or mobile based web browser. Dreamweaver will make you able to get the extract assets and styles for creating a professional level of websites.

More About Brackets

For those professional web designers and developers who are looking for an open source code editor and web developer here is Brackets that is based on the both features. This open source code editor is perfect for front-end developers and web designers. Brackets is backed by the Adobe and most of the features are based on the features of Adobe Dreamweaver. The best about Brackets is that it delivers the inspecting variable and easy control. The main focus of this web designing platform is on the visual tools and preprocessor support. This modern text editor makes it easy for the developers and designers to design their websites in the browser. There is an own Creative Cloud Extract feature of Brackets that is for getting the straight, minimal CSS straight from a PSD with no generated code. A lot of text editors and IDEs are there then a question arises why to use the Brackets. The answer is that this platform is a simple yet powerful and modern text editor. A lot of visual tools are integrated into the Brackets so that you can enjoy all those that you really need. Brackets have own independent set of extensions that are for those developers who want to enjoy the more advancement tools of the Brackets. By using these extensions the users can extend the features of the Brackets.

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