BrainWave Generator


BrainWave Generator Alternatives for iOS

#1 Brainwave Studio


Brainwave Studio is the solution for sleeping trouble, distracting sounds, and stress. It is particularly for those looking to relax or who need a break from the hectic work routine. This tool is based on Isochronic tones that are generally regarded as the major brainwave tones. Being the superior platform, these tones perform various brain functions, like setting pulses at specific frequencies and stimulating the mind to help the users get their desired mental situation.

This studio uses such tones to provide the users full command and control over their mental situation. Brainwave Studio’s work is entirely different from other similar programs that utilize the binaural beats to relax the brain. The tones included here are the ones with the smoothing melodies and beautiful background music. This studio provides solutions for five basic mental and physical problems: sleep, meditation, relaxation, stress, anxiety, and mind training. The mind training session of Brainwave Studio assists the users in improving their physical position as well.