BrightInfo is a marketing or automated content personalization platform that studies the content of your website, learn its semantics, and evaluates how your visitors behave around it. It is a complete modern solution that uses all the latest technology to deliver the entire system in this one platform.

Utilizing a propriety algorithm, BrightInfo works in the background, configuring your site’s content in real-time, so it matches your visitor’s behavior. This power system helps you to increase content-user engagement three times and spike up conversion rates significantly. The great thing about this platform is that it brings a new dynamic to the way businesses and professionals use their content to drive sales and grow the enterprise.

With the help of its innovative semantic self-learning algorithm known as Jargon, BrightInfo scans your website and learns your content and analyze your visitor behavior and action in real-time. To make it more engaging, it also includes core features such as lead capture pop-ups, A/B testing, templates, blog sign-up forms, and native ads, etc.


BrightInfo Alternatives

#1 Optmyzr


Optmyzr is an all-in-one and ultimate time-saving CRO tool for PPC professionals interested in handling Bing Ads and AdWords from a friendly and easy-to-use platform. It is a one-click optimization solution that suggests lots of ideas on how to enhance the quality of your accounts, either by adding or eliminating keywords, changing bids, and lots of other similar tasks that can make your campaigns lucrative and profitable.

Just like Unbounce and all the other similar platforms, its tools also designed for both beginners and PPC experts. With the small input, it will automate optimization and manage product listing advertisements more effectively then you cloud to do it on your own. The platform turns into reality the concept of one-click optimization that allows you to improve the overall performance of a PPC account as the initial point of your methodology.

Optmyzr also has a Geo Heatmap feature that makes it more powerful. There are four different price plans available to purchase, such as Lite, Regular, Pro, and Enterprise. Each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


#2 Freshmarketer


Freshmarketer (also known as Zarget) is one of the most popular CRO (conversation rate optimization) solutions. It is designed to assist marketing agencies, and digital marketers convert website visitors into paying customers using functionalities such as session replay, heat maps, and A/B testing, etc.

The tool empowers companies to analyze, personalize, and optimize their websites. As compared to all the other software, it performs a range of tasks, enables marketers to learn why visitors exit their site, decode visitor behavior, and engage them smartly.

To make it simple and powerful than others, it helps marketers to improve website conversation using its robot extension, plus it also enables you to view real-time data of visitor activities on your site. You can deliver targeted and personalized experiences and content to digital your visitors as well as boost the conversation rate.

With the help of this complete solution, you can also track all clicks, scroll, and conversation, and learn exactly where your visitor moves out. This allows you to make your adjustments to key paths and collect visitor activities in real-time to gain operable insights on their journey. Freshmarketer is really a complete solution that manages your all the online marking tasks.

#3 Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is a website optimization tool that lets you get an insight into customer behavior on your website. It is an alternative system to Unbounce but offers lots of new services that make it better than others. The solution is also known as a sales booster that gives you more control over your business strategies through its effective tools.

It is best for both experts and beginners because it not require any tech mater to use this service. One of the most prominent thing about this platform is that it introduces a brand new Heatmap tool that allows you to see exactly where most of your customer is clicking. It’s like a camera that helps you to easily detect one of your more popular sections on your homepage.

Unlike the others, you can get to learn about the origin where these people land from that make it more durable. Crazy Egg includes key features such as CRM, scroll maps, lists, design testing, A/B testing, overlay, and much more. It is a commercial platform and has more than four different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


#4 SiteSpect


SiteSpect is a complete system that makes digital businesses successful with lots of different useful tools. It achieved through various positive changes made to the website. The platform works as the foundation for initiating the changes process, brings it to an end, and making the website search engine optimization friendly once all changes are implemented.

SiteSpect has the power to make your digital business more powerful and robust, its unique combination of great tools and attitude that makes your presence worth noticeable. It is one of the best alternatives to Unbounce and offers almost all the similar features with some new objects that make it better than others.

The perfect thing about this platform is that it helps your website to add maximum value to the online business, and it is done through different tools and techniques. One of the most significant methods is to create variants of web pages.

Its modern visual editor lets non-technical users create variants and test them. With the help of this web-based platform, you can enhance the user experience and speed up the performance of your website. SiteSpect also offers prominent features such as mobile web testing and targeting, personalization and targeting, A/B testing, site speed, and more.

#5 Five Second Test


Five Second Test is another conversation rate optimization software that lets you test your landing pages, logos, brochures, and all the other marketing material. It is a powerful and vital tool that gives you the impression of how your websites appear in the first five seconds.

Five Second Test is an exciting platform where user feedback used as a reference. Your stunning design will be shown to different users for five seconds, and then they will be asked a question regarding it. In this way, your customer remembers the most prominent n features, and you get to know what areas you have to face on.

With the help of its genuine feedback forms, you can then make the necessary changes to your landing page to get a better conversation rate. Five Second Test is a unique and straightforward testing tool, primarily based on the first impression, you will be able to effort on the most important aspects of your application which you believe should attract the customers.

To make it powerful than others, it offers lots of new tools and services that allow you to test your websites interface and all the major things quickly. Information collection, three times faster result, team account, navigation testing, simple reports, and test customization are core features of this system. Five Second Test is a powerful solution for all sizes of businesses.

#6 CleverTap


CleverTap is a Conversation Rate Optimization Software that provides real-time behavioral analytics and user-engagement. The platform starts at very basic levels and knows it has thousands of users around the world, including Samsung, GO-JEK and Star Network, etc.

As compared to all the other similar platforms, it gives you highly actionable and insights into your user’s behavior and action based on your optimal KPIs business objectives and individuals user preferences. CleverTap is also known as an efficient platform for business to know their users as more as possible so they can create and implement an effective way to engage them.

It provides a complete solution that manages all the significant tasks automatically. The analytic suite of CleverTap enables you to monitor your users and identify areas where they drop off from your mobile application.

Analytics not only show how they interact within your app, but it also helps you to determine how many of your new users return to your application. It also has a list of core features that make it better than others.

#7 SE Ranking


SE Ranking is an all-in-one cloud-based online marketing and SEO platform that provides a complete set of tools for a comprehensive site audit, competitor analysis, keyword suggestion, website ranking, and more. Besides standard SEO tools, the solution offers a set of features such as White label and Marketing Plan that objectives at bringing your professional services to the new level.

It is an all-in-one platform that comes with the same user-friendly interface. The system offers a variety of unique value propositions to its that include accurate ranking results for the majority of search engines with advanced keyword analysis, keyword grouping, and the ability to show which pages of your website are ranking as well as track Google Local.

With the help of this platform, users can also check rankings at different intervals ranging from daily checkups to less frequent. SE Ranking specially made for experienced SEO and marketing gurus as well as newbies.

For a large project, you can easily monitor unlimited numbers of keywords, add multiple users, and manually edit any changes. Just like the other similar systems, it also includes core features such as social media access, complete marketing plan, competitor research, and positing tracking, etc.

#8 Convertize


Convertize is a leading business optimization platform anchored on persuasion. The solution is designed to help businesses create a highly effective customer experience that is inspired by consumer psychology and enable them to develop and implement strategies that your visitor easily relate.

It is a powerful system that lets you create a unique personalized experience for your visitor via Smart plugins. With the help of this platform, you can also test hundreds of scenarios via A/B testing using more 250 persuasion tactics.

Convertize boasts machines learning capabilities that allow the software to learn and analyze your visitor’s journey as well as tendencies and behaviors to help create and deliver these personalized experiences to increase trust and drive engagement and conversations.

Just like all the other similar platforms, it also has a dashboard where you can access all features without any limitations. The solution includes core features such as native advertising, A/B testing, on-demand coaching, personalization, and more.

#9 OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a powerful Conversation Rate Optimization software suitable for small businesses and non-developers. Its functionality revolves foremost around current and code-free lead generation, made possible with custom capture forms and creative well-time pop-ups.

OptinMonster is an open API product and makes it easy to connect with any third-party software application, including HubSpot, MailChimp, and Zapier, etc. Due to its primary focus on attracting mobile audiences and converters, the solution also impeccably on mobile devices as well.

It is a complete solution that offers the primary functionality and services to make it better than others. The software works around different conversation technologies to help marketers with little to no development experience. To attract more suitable audiences around the world, it employs a variety of data capture forms, on-site bars, and pop-ups with target messages.

OptinMonster also includes core features such as conversation analytics, forms builders, lead generation, full-screen welcome gate, after post Optin forms and floating subscription bars, etc. There are different price plans available to purchase, and each one has its price and core advantages.

#10 GetSiteControl


GetSiteControl is a cloud-based conversion rate optimization application that helps to increase user engagement, grow the subscription base, and generate leads. It allows adding more than seven types of different widgets to a website such as an email subscription form, survey forms, contact forms, promo-ups, and bars, follow buttons, live chat, and social share.

Most of the forms can be used for different purposes that depend on the goals. It is a complete solution that is entirely customizable and can appear in various forms, such as pop-ups, sliders, and tabs, etc. The owner can set up start triggers based on user behavior, time spent on a web-page, amount of scrolling, or the intent to exit.

The best part of this platform is that it works on all kinds of websites, and you don’t need to have any coding skills to create and activate the widgets. GetSiteControl provides a set of friendly and lightweight call-to-action forms. The user can create edit, activate, deactivate and analyze all of them in a single user dashboard. Targeting, real-time statistics, A/B testing, mobile responsiveness, autoresponder, customization, and smart triggers are also features of the platform.

#11 Unbounce


Unbounce is a Conversation Rate Optimization Software that enables you to improve your marketing experience to better reach out to your potential customers. It is simple and easy to use software that has thousands of users across the world who can use it to enhance their productivity.

With the help of this solution, you can easily create, publish, and test your leading pages before bringing them for commercial use. It helps you to enhance your customer’s on-site experience that is a massive business booster. Through the Unbounce solution, you can build and conduct A/B testing for an unlimited number of pages.

Publishing is no restriction to a particular domain; you can publish your pages to as many fields as you can think of. To improve your overall online experience for mobile using customers, it provides 100% mobile optimization that makes it better than others.

This mainly enhances your conversation rate because of the high percentage of mobile users this day. Dynamic text replacement, widgets, campaign grouping, account transferring, real-time data, videos, blank pages, and unlimited A/B testing are also features of the platform.

#12 SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or online competitive intelligence tool for businesses that offers its customers insights into both their own and competitor’s websites traffic volume and referral sources such as keyword analysis, website, and lots others.

With the help of this solution, companies, publishers, marketers, and analysts can quickly review their performance against their competitors. By enabling them to compare the traffic feature, SimilarWeb helps them find new ways to boost their visitors and discover new growth opportunities to broaden their audience.

The solution is a unique design for any size and any type, and its tools can be used by any company with a website and try to expand its website’s reach. It is also best for massive companies for their mergers and acquisition activities as well as marketing expansion endeavors.

The solution can access in-depth data insights related to the performance of your business competitor’s website traffic and even on mobile applications. The tool also allows you to perform an analysis of any industry or website.

By simply checking out a website within its control panel, you can get complete access to analytics data of that specific site such as user engagement metrics, preview and bounce rate, etc. SimilarWeb also has a list of core features that make it better than others.

#13 SimilarWeb Pro


SimilarWeb Pro is a pro version of the world’s most leading BI (Business Intelligence) solution known by its competitive online intelligence and web measurement. It is a complete solution and has a list of powerful tools that allow you to see traffic statistics for any of your websites.

It enables you to look at website traffic and all the acquisition strategies for several sites simultaneously. SimilarWeb Pro tool’s insights complain, publishers, marketers, and analysts to review their performance against competitors. By enabling them to compare website traffic, the application also helps you to find a new way to boost their traffic and discover new growth opportunities to broaden their audience.

With the help of this platform, you can get access to in-depth data insights related to the performance of your business competitor’s site traffic and even mobile application. The tool also allows you to perform an analysis of any industry or website.

Website data, visit, geography, see traffic, engagement metrics, industry analysis tools, and side by side website traffic comparison for as many as five sites are also features of the platform. SimilarWeb Pro is a powerful SEO software as compared to others.

#14 Alexa


Alexa is a search engine optimization software that is specially designed to access critical information about your websites. It is an advanced level solution that comes with all the leading data values such as traffic sources, monthly searches, keywords, traffic, and website comparisons. The software collects all detailed information and analyzes them to help you discover opportunities on how to improve your SEO, boost your visibility, and rank high in the search engine.

One of the most interesting facts about this software is that it utilizes a proprietary methodology to calculate site ranks based on a website’s combined estimated average of daily visitors and its estimated number of page-views. Alexa also helps you find and concentrate on low competition keywords to boost your SEO while avoiding competition.

Through this, you can also get data from all the top sites search that make it better than others. Alexa’s most prominent features include a simple interface, multiple price plans, find similar sites search, an on-page SEO checker, competitor backlink checker, and much more.

#15 FindTheCompany


FindTheCompany is a free web-based business intelligence portal that provides detailed information about any organization and company around the world. The site contains a huge collection of databases that you can freely explore without any limit or cost.

It provides everything from products to competitors, suppliers, revenue, and performance, etc. The site is quite simple and easy to use; you need to go to the site, enter the organization or company name in its text area, and hit the find button. Within a second, you can get all your details that you can copy, save, and share them with others.

#16 AccuRanker


AccuRanker is a platform that helps the agencies and SEO professionals to track the rank of keywords. The platform comes with on-demand ranking updates, such as it provides updated keywords every 24-hours and refreshes keywords every second hour. Moreover, it enables the users to access data through easy-to-use API and provides insightful data and analysis.

The platform offers easy custom templates that provide a drag-and-drop feature to users to build reports on the ranks of keywords. It contains third-party integrations such as Google Analytics that helps the users in getting to the depth of analysis.

AccuRanker enables the users to track all global and local rankings from all the locations, and users can use this solution both on their desktops and mobile. Users can view their competitors’ ranking position on targeted keywords. Lastly, users can use it to get the SERP history to build their organic visibility to drive more traffic.

#17 Compete


Compete is a fully-featured cloud-based club management software that fulfills the needs of both large and mid-sized fitness clubs. The software comes with the management of the electronic agreements that permit support for the several forms of payments and various contracts for every club member. Compete is making stunners via providing integrated PoS solutions and customized reporting features. The product is integrated with Textmunication that entitles its clients to communicate with its members effectively.

The front desk automation feature provides you with the intuitive and touchscreen web-based interface, role-based security authentication, and minimal training. Hardware integration option provides features like billing, commissions, data, dashboards, nursey monitor, and data integration. Compete is serving thousands of fitness centers around the globe and is aligned with real-time electronically transfer of funds and credit card processing. The software is pro-efficiently tracking classes and enrollments and leverage easy management of the staff and promote your business at any time.

#18 SERPWoo


SERPWoo is an online aggressive SERP checker tool that enables the users to track and monitor their SEO rankings, and users can also view the top searched results according to their keywords. The platform helps the users to track their competitions and measure the strength of their URLs and domains.

The platform also helps the users to find the right keywords through it to enable them to get a position in SEO rankings. It provides mobile SEO services, which help the users in tracking mobile results. The tool tags problematic URLs negative, and users can get organized project alerts to their email.

SERPWoo provides a customizable dashboard through which users can monitor their campaigns and can get a report on their progress. Users can get reports on particular keywords or ORM Benchmark reports. The platform enables users to increase their traffic and can analyze and steal the backlinks of their competitors.

#19 Beeketing


Beeketing is an e-commerce marketing platform that helps businesses to earn more customers and increase their revenue. The solution helps the users in knowing and understanding the customer’s behaviour and allows the companies to view what the customers are doing at their online store. Moreover, it also provides insights on customers and will enable businesses to connect with them.

The platform helps businesses through its artificial intelligence to understand customer’s shopping behaviour and keeping the companies predict their interests accurately. Furthermore, it also provides a complete suite of marketing apps that enable users to increase their sales.

Key features are Promotions Management, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Activity Tracking, and Sales Conversion Tracking. The applications provided by Beeketing allow the online store to streamline their sales and enables them to convert their visitors into customers. Lastly, it has integration with other platforms and offers paid services to businesses.


0 is a survey and segmentation software that enables the companies to learn about their customers and increase their sales. The software allows the companies to begin by creating their discovery survey, and it uses a simple drag-and-drop functionality to create survey questions quickly. uses analytics like Word Cloud to analyze the data and helps the companies in creating the bucket. Moreover, it allows the users to customize it according to their brand. It is integrated with the company’s Email Service Provider and helps in capturing and organizing of new leads into specific buckets based on the visitors’ answers to the company’s questions.

The platform helps the companies to attract more people to interesting quizzes and surveys. Key features include analytics and reporting tools, Facebook pixel segmentation, and segmentation funnel with advanced branching logic. The software offers a free trial with a $1 and a paid version, and customer support is provided online.

#21 StatsCrop


StatsCrop is a free website analyzer that has been used widely to analyze sites and webpages. The tool analyzes the website’s general information such as backlinks, PageRank, Alexa rank, and more details with a single click. The website statistics and analytics tool, StatsCrop, has been used widely to analyze and evaluate the performance of websites. StatsCrop is a free website analyzer that quickly provides you with the complete visibility of your website, including key performance indicators such as organic traffic, Facebook posts, analytics, and Bing webmaster tools.

This website analyzing tool supports popular CMS, Avid Pro Tools Analytics, and social media data. . It is a powerful online tool to analyze sites and webpages. It helps to check the details of a website, including the content, links, images, and technologies used. So, with the stats, you have the visibility of your site and other sites how well they are performing currently.