BTDigg DHT Search Engine

BTDigg DHT Search Engine is a BitTorrent search engine. It is joined in the BTDigg DHT network that supports the network and made the correspondence between the magnet links and attributes that are indexed and inserted in the database.

For end-users, the search engine provides a full-text database search via the web interface that supports English, Russian, and Portuguese languages. Users can customize each result by selecting the proper short order in the web interface. Also, the search engine allows you to search API, API popularity, a plugin for Utorrent and BitTorrent clients, and much more.

It is quite simple and easy to understand, and you don’t need to learn any skills to use it. BTDigg is not a tracker publishing site and doesn’t store any content. It only gathers torrent metadata and magnet links that means it is a legal service.


BTDigg DHT Search Engine Alternatives

#1 Torrentking


Torrentking is the most leading Meta Movie Search Engine that helps you to find torrents across the website and combine them on a single page. On this platform, you can quickly discover all the related files for the specific movie.

It is entirely free to use service, and you can enjoy it anywhere around the world. Just like most of the movie streaming websites, it also has a massive range of films that consists of a number of categories. Each category has its titles to watch download. You can also choose your custom filers to find what exactly you are looking for.

Torrentking does not require registration or any personal information, you need to visit the site, place, or choose your content to download, and that’s it. The recommendation, simple interface, night mode, multiple categories, and free for everyone are the most prominent features of the service. Torrentking is the best Meta Movie Engine as compared to the others.


#2 NowTorrents


NowTorrents is a modern real-time search engine for bit-torrents that can scan the largest torrent websites on the internet and comes up with all the best results. It can detect and remove fake and dead torrents. NowTorrents is a legal website as we don’t link directly to the torrent files.

The search engine work similar as like other BitTorrent search engine but offers lots of exciting features and tools that help you to find what you want in less time. It comes with an advanced suggestion system that suggests all the latest, trending, and most search torrent files. Just like other similar platforms, it also allows you to type the title into its search bar to find your content.

After finding your data, you can easily download it without any limitation, even on any device. NowTorrents is free to use, and no require registration, but if you want to get an update with new trends, you need to subscribe.

#3 Vertor


VerTor is a new site that reworks the concept of torrenting. Most torrent search engines track and list as many public torrents as they can find. It is first downloads and scans any potential torrent to make sure it doesn’t have any spyware, malware, or viruses.

If the file is a video, VerTor will take a set of screenshots as well, so you can verify it is what you are looking for at a glance. Likewise, with audio files, VerTor creates a short preview of each file so you can listen before committing to a download. By first verifying all its torrents, you can feel a little bit safer when downloading torrents online.

Of course, after downloading a torrent, it’s always wise to scan the output file before opening it, just in case. VerTor offers an added feature for users who have found a torrent they want on another site.

The Torrent Check function allows users to input a torrent’s hash code and check to see if that torrent has been scanned previously by VerTor. While VerTor’s library is relatively small, and it will invariably grow, and this tool will become more and more useful.


#4 Demonoid


Demonoid is one of the best BitTorrent Trackers that includes file-sharing-related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker. It underwent intermittent periods of extended downtime due to the occasional need to move the server, usually caused by the cancellation of ISP service due to the service’s local political pressure.

The website is specially designed for all kinds of torrent users and contains all the core features and services to make it a comprehensive solution. It highlights RSS with multiple encourages for each of its torrent classifications and all their sub-classes.

The site tracks and shows clients, transfer, upload, and download proportions at the time, aside from in its initial years, made no move against a client with low dimensions. Demonoid website previously banned users with low ratios but stopped doing so due to the ratio system being inaccurate for some users such as those with dynamic IP addresses.

#5 TorrentRover


TorrentRover is a free-to-use service that allows you to search and download torrent files with this simple, fast, and windows desktop application. It comes with a simple interface that makes it possible for everyone to quickly find the files they need. TorrentRover is known as a leading torrent downloader that helps you download any torrent file such as music, movies, and applications, etc.

In short, the solution allows you to search, manage, and download torrent files right from your desktop. It comes with lots of prominent features that make it superior to the average torrent site and other similar search applications. The core feature includes its 100% free, clean and simple interface, fast searches, single results list, detailed information, automated downloading and zero ads, etc.

It is quite a simple and easy-to-use solution. You need to go to its site, search torrent files by typing your search in the textbox, choose a category from the drop-down list, and hit the enter key. Within a few seconds, you can see a list that is related to your search, and you can easily download each one.

#6 Invite Scene


Invite Scene is the number one platform to buy, sell, trade, or find free torrent invites. It is a feature-rich platform that comes with all the leading tools and services to make it a complete solution for everyone.

To enjoy its service, you need to sign up with an email address, name, and all the required details. Once you successfully log in, you can access all features such as create topics, post replies to existing threads, and lots of other things. With this, you can also be able to get your private messenger that makes it better than others.

Invite Scene is the largest community for all private torrent invites. Its members can quickly sell, trade and share invite to the most exclusive private trackers, including HDBits, Awesome-HD, and lots of others.

In this platform, you can also get the most up to date information on al private trackers. Its members will also guide you and introduce you to the secretive and enlightened club. There is also has a list of core features that make it better than others.

#7 BTJunkie


BTJunkie is one of the best BitTorrent web search engines that used a web crawler to search for torrent files from other torrent stores and sites on its database. It has more than 4 million active torrents, and about 4200 torrents added regularly to deliver complete and all the latest trends.

It works similarly to all the BitTorrent search engines but offers more results, an intuitive interface, and new tools that make it better than others. With this, you can quickly get any torrent, including movies, videos, software, and games, etc.

It does not require registration or personal information; you need to visit its official site, place text in the search bar, and hit the search button. Within a few seconds, you can get all the related links. BTJunkie includes core features such as indexes, both private and public trackers, torrent reporting and comments, free public torrent submission and automated crawler, etc.

#8 Library Genesis


Library Genesis (also known as LibGen) is a simple search engine that allows you to download articles and ebooks on various topics. It is free to use a search engine and contains millions of ebooks and regular updates with new content to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience.

All the articles and ebooks on this platform are consist of a number of categories. Each category has its articles and ebooks that you can easily choose and download without any limitation. It also offers a search bar where you need to enter your book’s title that you want.

One of the most interesting facts about this search engine is that it allows you to upload your articles and ebooks that make it better than others. The interface of the search engines how a result that you want.

There is also has a recommendation system that suggests all the latest articles and books based on your interest. Library Genesis’s most prominent feature includes articles available to use in multiple languages, free for everyone, online community, etc.

#9 TorrentProject


TorrentProject is a torrent search engine where you can find almost all types of torrent files, such as movies, games, and software. It collects and verifies torrent data from BitTorrent’s Distributed Hash Table network and up to 300 other torrent sites.

One of the best facts about this search engine it offers compilations of several trackers per torrent that are not necessarily present in the original torrent file. The interface of the site is quite simple, like a Google search engine where you need to enter the title of your torrent file and hit the search button.

To make it more simple, TorrentProject offers multiple sections, including browse torrents, Top 100, TV shows, and music, etc. that saves a lot of time and effort. It is entirely free to use service, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.

#10 Treetorrent


Treetorrent is one of the largest meta-search-engine for torrents that index almost all the popular torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, Kickass, Torrentz, and ISOHunt, etc. With the help of this site, you can easily find and download any torrent files such as Movies, Audio Songs, Videos, Software, and Video Games.

Treetorrent offers a simple and easy-to-understand interface, you just need to enter the text into its search bar and you will get all the detailed results in a second. It is specially designed for those users who want to find torrent files from all the leading platforms and save a lot of time.

You don’t need to sign up, just visit its site, and enjoy all features without any limitation. Treetorrent includes core features such as get any torrent file, unlimited access, contains all the leading torrent sites, support multiple languages, and much more.

#11 ScrapeTorrent


ScrapeTorrent is the most leading torrent search engine that controlled torrent search results from the largest torrent indexes which help in finding the desired content as fast as possible. The site features a comprehensive and easy-to-understand dashboard where you get all the trending content, explores torrent categories, tracker list, and recommendations, etc. that make it better than others. To make it a complete solution, ScrapeTorrent offers rich proxy options, and you can quickly get each one without any limitation.

With the help of this solution, you find and download any torrent file such as movies, music, game, and software, etc. To enjoy its service, you need to type the file name in the search box; within a second, you can get all the related torrent files. Unlike others, ScrapeTorrent also has a range of prominent features that make it better than others.