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Build a Bearville

Build a Bearville is an MMORPG, Virtual-World, Browser-based, and Social Simulation. It focuses on kids where they can choose and create their characters to jump into the brilliant world. Interaction with other players is one of the most prominent features of the game… read more
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12 Build a Bearville Alternatives & Similar Games for Mac OS


1. Disney Superbia

Disney Superbia is an addictive, MMO, Virtual World, and Fantasy-based Social Simulation. The game takes place in the virtual world and allows you to create and customize your character using different accessories to look unique among thousands of people.

Interact with other peoples, make new friends, and hang out with them. Complete different tasks to earn coins and use them to unlock further content in the game. The game lets you decorate your home using different items, furniture, and decorations and invite your friends to visit.


2. The Sims

The Sims is an Addictive video game series with Management, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, and Life-Simulation elements. Maxis develop the series and published by Electronic Arts. The Sims is the first entry in the series which released in 2000.

In the series, the player can create virtual people called Sims and places them in his own house and fulfill their desires. The player can build and decorate his home with lots of buildings, accessories, and items. The series lets the player create to live his second life, fulfill his desires, create his family, and earn money in a better way.


3. The Sims Life Stories

The Sims Life Stories is a marvelous title in the famous series of The Sims by EA Games. It is an Addictive, Virtual World, Fantasy, and Single-player Simulation. The story of the game revolves around the main protagonist named Riley Harlow.

According to the story, the protagonist is a female who moves her beloved aunt’s house after losing her job and evicted from her sweet home. On the first day of her aunt’s home, she has to make new friends with the neighbors who come to welcome her. After that, she falls in love with a handsome guy named Mickey Smith, who is a party DJ.


4. Kudos

Kudos is a Single-player Life-Simulation created and published by Positech Games. In the start, the player can create his 3D character and get into the world to perform various social activities.

During the gameplay, the player can meet new friends, respond to friend calls, decorate his house, and participate in daily activities. The game allows the player to interact with NPCs, craft different things and go on a sweet date with his love.


5. Onverse

Onverse is a game that includes a vast three-dimensional world for you to explore. The customization choices are nearly limitless and will have you enjoying for hours on end.

The game is free to learn but does need a download that will focus on either Windows or Mac. The feature list for Onverse is nearly as limitless as the customization available options to gamers. The cornerstones in the game world though are certainly its exploration, creation, and talking options.


6. The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay is an Amazing, MMORPG, Virtual World and Strategic Simulation created by EA Mobile and published by Electronic Arts. Like the other Sims games, The Sims FreePlay enables you to choose and customize your online avatar and go in a beautiful and quite engaging virtual world.

You can build your own house and decorate it as you want. You can meet new people and interact with other online players, make new friends, chat and engage yourself into a lot of fun activities. You can select the best personalities (Rocker, Villain, Sporty, Party Animal, Creative, Bookworm, etc.) and live your life according to your levels.


7. The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is an addictive, Virtual World, Fantasy, and Single-player Life-Simulation developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world populated with thousands of Sim characters.

To get into the game world, you have to create your character and customize it using different accessories and items. There is a chance to live your second life through this game where you can perform various tasks, fulfill your desires, become what you want, find your love, go date, and create children.


8. Sims 4

Sims 4 is a Fantasy-based, Virtual-world and Single-player Life-Simulation developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is a fourth major installment in the series of The Sims released on September 2, 2014, for Mac and Microsoft Windows platforms.

The gameplay is almost the same as previous games, in which the player can create his Sim to get into the fantasy game world. He can also explore various personalities to experience the different gameplay each time he visits. The game introduces a new Legacy Challenge in which the player can customize his single character and try to make its family line more than ten generations.


9. Blue Mars

Blue Mars is an MMORPG, Fantasy-based, Virtual-World, and Social-Networking Simulation created and published by Avatar Reality. The gameplay is almost similar to IMVU. At the start of the play, it allows the player to develop his unique 3d avatar with lots of beautiful things and get into the game world.

The gameplay revolves around the various elements such as fashion, social and decoration, etc. It gives a second chance to the player to live a dream life and do everything whatever he wants. The game lets the player to interact with other online players, makes new friends, and play various mini-games together.


10. Active World

Active World is a Fantasy-based, Virtual-World, and Social-Networking Simulation. The game offers similar gameplay to the popular series, The Sims. It lets the player partake in fun-filled activities such as create his character, explore the beautiful world, interact with other players, and makes new friends.

The game offers quests system and allows the player to interact with the environment, take quests, and try to complete them all. It has various levels, and each level offers enjoyable gameplay than the last one.


11. Kudos 2

Kudos 2 is a Single-player Life-Simulation by Positech Games. It is a sequel of Kudos and comes with lots of new features and improvements including new 2D art Characters, upgraded audio system, and life choices, etc.

The game offers multiple choices and introduces addictive gameplay, in which the player needs to choose his character to advance. In this game, the player can perform lots of real-time activities such as clean his house, get a drink at the bar, go on a date and shopping, etc.


12. Space Colony

Space Colony is a Fantasy-based, Real-time Strategy and Single-player Life-Simulation developed by Firefly Studios and published by Gathering of Developers. The gameplay is similar to the most popular life simulation, The Sim.

There are 20 playable characters, and each has its unique abilities and playing style. Choose your favorite character from available and jump into the beautiful world. The main tasks of the player are to create his colony on the planet, explore the land, collect resources, and recruit his army. Once done, the player has to protect his territory from the enemy creatures.

More About Build a Bearville

Build a Bearville is an MMORPG, Virtual-World, Browser-based, and Social Simulation. It focuses on kids where they can choose and create their characters to jump into the brilliant world. Interaction with other players is one of the most prominent features of the game.

It allows the player to design the house of dream with lots of decoration items, invite friends, and show the creativity skills to impress the buddies. The game also offers the player to play lots of mini-games and earn coins that will help him to unlock more stuff and purchase upgrades. It is an excellent game that offers enjoyable gameplay to immerse the player deep into the brilliant world.

It includes core features such as making new friends, performing different activities, mini-games, easy controls, and chat option, etc. Build a Bearville offers stunning visuals details, fantastic game mechanics, and storyline.