Build a Bearville


Build a Bearville Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 The Sims 3


The Sims 3 is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Fantasy-based, Dating, Romance, Building, and Single-player Life Simulation created by The Sim Studio and published by Electronic Arts. It is a third main game in the series of The Sims that offers the same gameplay with new exciting Modes, different Challenge and lots of other things.

At the start, the player can choose or create his character and get into the world to perform some Sims activities and makes new relationships just like real life. The game offers not any specific goal, but the player needs to complete the real-life tasks to earn points. The latest installment of the game offers lots of exciting features such as unique Skills, fantastic fantasy world to explore, decorate his own house, different Modes, Upgrades, and unlockable Achievements, etc.