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Cake Mania Main Street Lite

Cake Mania Main Street Lite is an Adventure, Time-Management, and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Strategy game elements. The game puts the player in control of Jill Evans, the protagonist, who needs to run her a bakery of her grandpa… read more
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5 Cake Mania Main Street Lite Alternatives & Similar Games for Nintendo Wii


1. Airport Mania

Airport Mania is a Time-Management, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Reflexive Entertainment. The game released in April 2008 and during that year the game Brock all records and reached the number one ranking in more than twelve countries. The gameplay of the game inspired by Diner Dash and Cake Mania. In this game, the player can manage his planes that they come in landings. The game offers total fifty-six exciting levels, and each level provides more challenging gameplay of the last one. Airport Mania includes prominent features such as eight different Airports, Automatic save, Colorblind Options, various Planes, Upgrades, new Levels, Secret Paper planes Mode and much more. With super game setting, enhanced game mechanics, immersive and quite engaging gameplay, objective storyline and beautiful visual details.


2. Cooking Mama: Cook Off

Cooking Mama: Cook Off is an Adventure-based, Fantasy, Single and Multiplayer Cooking Simulation created by and published by Cooking Mama. It is the third game in the series of Cooking Mama that offers some new mini-games, lots of new features and enhanced game mechanics. In this game, the ultimate task of the player is creating the numbers of dishes by complete the various mini-games. It offers more than fifty-five different recipes use over various ingredients, and the game also allows the player to unlock more recipes by using his XP points. During the gameplay, the player must perform multiple real-time tasks such as Chopping, Slicing, and Stirring, etc. Cooking Mama: Cook Off includes core feature such as dishes come from different countries, upgrades, various Mini-games, different Modes and different locations, etc. With quite addictive gameplay, objective storyline, and beautiful graphics details. Cooking Mama: Cook Off is one of the best Cooking Simulation to play and enjoy.


3. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a Virtual World, Puzzle, and Single-player Simulation comes with Time-Management elements released by Big Blue Bubble for Nintendo and iOS platforms.

The game revolves around interior designing skills and lets you become a designer simply creating your team and accomplishing different tasks related to renovating homes of the clients. Engage yourself in virtual world experience, and earn lots of money to unlock further content in the game.


4. Sushi Go Round

Sushi Go Round is an Addictive, Time-Management and Single-player simulation developed by The game allows the player to take charge of a bustling Sushi Restaurant, make various delicious sushi recipes and complete numbers of the task in order to progress. At the start of the game, it allows the player to decorate his own restaurant with different things and start his gameplay. It offers the player interact with the NPCs take an order and try to serve as far as possible. The game offers various levels, and each level of the game offers more enjoyable gameplay of the last one. Sushi Go Round include core features such as create the verity of sushi dishes, upgrades, decorate his own restaurant, unlockable Achievements and much more. The game offers easy controls, fantastic game mechanics, quite addictive gameplay and brilliant visual details.


5. Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is developed by Cooking Mama Limited and published by Majesco Entertainment. It is a Time-Management and Single-player Simulation game that is available to play on various platforms.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a chef who has to establish a restaurant and start making tasty cookies. Lots of challenging levels are featured, and some of them are locked. While playing the game, the player can perform real-time activities, including chopping vegetables, flipping food in pans, slicing meat, and arranging final items.

More About Cake Mania Main Street Lite

Cake Mania Main Street Lite is an Adventure, Time-Management, and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Strategy game elements. The game puts the player in control of Jill Evans, the protagonist, who needs to run her a bakery of her grandpa.

The player starts the game with a tutorial level and once done, additional levels will appear to complete. The game delivers a stunning environment, in which the player has a chance to reveal his cooking skills by cooking something unique like never before. To prepare food, the player needs several ingredients; some of them are rare and hard to collect.

There are many levels, and each level will improve the cooking skills of the player. The completed objective will provide the player with rewards in the shape of points that he can use to upgrade his bakery and unlock more resources. After having a well-established restaurant, the player can build another bakery with new features and appearance to expand his business.

Cake Mania Main Street Lite includes prominent features such as lots of new resources, a real-time environment, make multiple recipes and unlockable achievements, etc. With the immersive gameplay, great mechanics, and brilliant graphics details. Cake Mania Main Street Lite is an excellent, fast-paced Time-Management game to play and enjoy.