Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Alternatives for Linux

#1 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a 2014 Action Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer First-person Shooter video game offered by 2K Australia for Multiple Platforms. The game serves as the third release in the series of Borderlands, taking place after the event of 2009’s Borderland video game.

The plot centers on the protagonist, named Jack, who works for the Hyperion Corporation. According to the storyline, a military unit takes over the space station of that company, and the protagonist gets selected to command a team of four Vault Hunters to investigate the case.


#2 Counter Strike


Counter-Strike is an Action-Adventure, FPS (First-person Shooter), Tactical, and Online Multiplayer video game created by Valve L.L.C. and published by Sierra Studios.

It is the first installment in the Counter-Strike franchise. The game takes place in various locations around the world and lets the player assume the role of the member of counter-terrorist forces. The player selects his character along with his team to jump into the world. The primary job is to complete the objective by defeating against teams and all of his members.

#3 Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an Action, FPS (First-person Shooter), Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Gary Matter Interactive and published by Activision. The game takes place in the fictional World War II-themed world, and it puts the player in the role of the protagonist named B.J. Blazkowicz, a Ranger of the US Army.

According to the story, the player embarks on an epic journey to the fictional country of Egypt to investigate the unholy activities of the SS Paranormal Division. The game plays from a first-person perspective and includes a variety of weapons and equipment. During the gameplay, the player can explore the game world comprises forests, caves, mountains, etc. and accomplish the tasks to progress through the story.