Cally’s Caves 4


Cally’s Caves 4 Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Gunslugs 2


Gunslugs 2 is an Arcade, Platform, Shooting, and Single-player video game developed by Orange Pixel. In this sequel to Gunslugs, the player controls a hero having a gun in hand and fight with the enemies. The world is under attack, and some dark forces have occupied everything. The world needs a hero, and the player has to play a vital role in such a situation.

The game has seven worlds, and each world is comprised of eight levels. At the end of every level, the player finds a boss that can give the player a hard time. The game has some randomly generated areas where the enemies have been hidden. The game has many available weapons such as rocket launchers, lightning guns, spaceships, and other helpful items. The player finds two bars at the top of the screen, such as health and bullet bars, where the player dies if one of the bars is eliminated.