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Camera360 Ultimate is one of the most popular camera apps that have millions of users around the world. It contains all the professi onal editing tools and all themed funny stickers, motion stickers, art filters, and video effects that make it better than others… read more
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5 Camera360 Ultimate Alternatives & Similar Software for iOS


1. AfterFocus

AfterFocus is a fantastic camera app that allows you to create DSLR style background blurred photos by simply selecting focus area. It is developed and published by MotionOne, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices. The app also has lots of filters, effects, and lots of stunning stuff to create the most natural and realistic photos.

To capture the image, you need to select the focus area more precisely. You can achieve more natural and professional photos having this tool in your cell phones. It also offers an autofocus system that automatically selects your area even for an object with complex shapes. AfterFocus app carries background blur effects that give your photos a more realistic look between the edge of the background and the focus area.


2. Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera – Photo Editor, Photo Collage, and Layout is an exclusive photography app developed and published by SK Communication. It is a free selfie camera app that helps you to make beautiful photos with hundreds of new filters, stickers, collage, pro photo editing tools, and all the other things that make your photo more stunning.

The app comes as an alternative app to Google Camera, but later it introduces lots of new features to deliver more than just a selfie cam. The app has a massive range of unique professional beauty tools for your skin makeup, slim or face reshape, remove wrinkles, dark circles, and much more.


3. ProShot

ProShot is a commercial camera app that is specially made for professional artists who want to capture the best moments directly on their mobile devices. ProShot app is developed by rising Up Games, available to use on Android and iOS devices. It contains all the major functions such as auto, program, two fully configurable Custom modes like DSLR, and plenty of other things to deliver a complete experience.

The significant part about this app is that it offers manual, semi-manual, or automatic control over exposure, flash, focus, and white balance. It’s auto ISO feature can precisely turn manual mode into shutter priority that makes it stronger than others.


4. Foodie

Foodie – Camera for Life is an excellent photography app specially made for those people who want to share their stories on Facebook, Instagram, and all other similar platforms. It is the essential companion for the modern social able foodie. The app carries more than 30 different professional filters such as BBQ, Crispy, Yum, Sweet, and various others.

It also enables you to add any of your desired filters over your pics to make them more attractive and unique. You need to download it into your mobile device, add the required information, and start shooting photos without any limitations.


5. Cymera

Cymera Photo Editor – Filter, Collage, and Camera is an all-in-one photography app developed and published by SK Communications. It is a free selfie cam that comes with thousands of amazing filters, stickers, collage makers, pro photo editing tools, crop instafit, layout, blur, mirror, and advanced makeup tools right under one platform.

It is one of the world’s leading photo apps that carries more than 300 million users around the world, and you can access it on Android and iOS devices. Cymera Photo Editor app does not require any personal information or registration to capture and edit your photos. Still, if you want to access its online library, you need to create a profile.

More About Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is one of the most popular camera apps that have millions of users around the world. It contains all the professi onal editing tools and all themed funny stickers, motion stickers, art filters, and video effects that make it better than others. The app boasts a wide variety of cams with different options depending on the type of photo you want to take.

The first place you want to start is on easy cam where most of the setting is set to automatic. You can turn the stabilizer as well as the composition grid on or off and also easily zoom in and out. Camera360 Ultimate has a massive community of world best photographers where they can share their experiences and polish new skills regarding their passion.

The app includes core features such as different modes, DSLR effects, photo editor, beauty camera feature, time, and double-tap to zoom in and out. Camera 360 Ultimate app is a simple but powerful editing app for all the global folks who want to improve their photograhic sense.

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