Canal Chase


Canal Chase Alternatives for Nintendo DS

#1 Ms. Pac-Man


Ms. Pac-Man is an Arcade video game developed and published by Midway Manufacturing. It is another installment of the Pac-Man series that introduce a new female protagonist, new maze designs and lots of new gameplay features. The gameplay of the game is very similar to that of the original Pac-Man game in which the player earns points by eating pellets and avoiding enemies. In each level, the player aims to eat all the pellets in order to reach the next level. During the gameplay, the player must eat all the power pellets that turn the enemy blue and allows the player to eat enemies in order to earn extra points. Ms. Pac-Man offers includes core features such as lots of new levels, power-ups, bonus levels and replayability etc. With enhanced mechanics, improved visuals and enjoyable background music. Ms. Pac-Man is an enjoyable game for all those players who love Pac-Man series.