Catherine Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is an Adventure-based, Visual-Novel, Single, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Capcom. In this game, the player can assume the role of a Phoneix Wright, a rookie defense attorney, and attempt to rescue his client in the five cases.

These cases are played in a different order; each situation can start with an opening cinematic showing murder. The gameplay of the game is split into two types of sections, such as courtroom trials and investigations. During the gameplay, it allows the player to freely explore the different locations, interact with the NPCs, collect information, and clues. By using the menu, the player can move in the various areas and try to find new evidence.


#2 Surviving High School


Surviving High School is a visual novel, Interactive Fiction, and Single-player video game developed and published by EA Mobile. The game lets you assume the role of the protagonist and allows him to select his adventure. The game revolves around Centerscore High, a high school with recognizable cliques.

The player can control multiple students in the whole game to have fun stuff. The game consists of different stories and lets the player take two or more decisions between different scenarios that may affect negatively or positively on the story. Customize the character, name, dress, and look as you want.