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Ceilfire Game News Portal Alternatives for iOS

#1 Game Informer


Game Informer is an American-based monthly video game magazine that publishes game news, reviews, previews, and different articles. It is quite similar to and offers almost all the similar services, including deals and game tutorials. The interface of the site is quite simple and easy to understand and offers both dark and light mode.

All the articles and reviews on this site are created by an expert team to deliver 100% unique and quality information. You can freely explore, read, and even share each article without any limit. The video section of the site is quite impressive, where you can watch trailers of upcoming movies, enjoy the gameplay of the latest release games, and much more.


#2 IGN

0 is one of the most leading web-based applications that offers expert reviews, news, trailers, cheat codes, guides, and gameplay of all your video games. You can read interesting and helpful articles on this platform on all your games, game devices, controllers, tech, and even movies. The site also offers lots of exciting deals on all your game solutions that make it better than others.

The interface of the site is quite easy to understand, where you can easily read the latest news, know upcoming games, watch new game trailers, and get cheat codes of all your video games. It is a complete solution that updates dozens of new articles, videos, deals, and other things to deliver all the latest and trendy stuff daily.

#3 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game developed by Capcom for Multiple Platforms. The game serves as the 4th title in the series of Ace Attorney video games, taking place seven years after the previous title, Phoneix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. The game’s main character has taken from the last title, and the ultimate goal of the player is to get his clients declared not guilty.

The primary gameplay is split into two different situations, such as Trials and investigations. During the investigation, the player needs to navigate the world using other actions he wishes to engage in, such as the player can walk, talking, and investigating.