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Ceros is a fastest growing content-based experiential content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create engaging web content without any development. It is the only platform of its kind that with the ability to produce bespoke experiential content at scale that enables the brand to enhance consumer touch points across the funnel holistically… read more

11 Ceros Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. Promo

Promo is a powerful video creation solution that allows users to create high-quality branded videos and instantly share them on any social media channel. The platform offers a massive range of unique tools and content to create and customize commercial use videos. It comes with the aims to help users with the promotion of their business across social media platforms as well as create campaigns in order to boost engagement, increase traffic, reduce cost-per-click or promote a product. With the help of these platforms, businesses can create promotional videos with a library of over 3 million video clips. All the video can be edited and enhanced with licensed music, custom text, logos and lots of engaging stuff. With the aim of simplifying video creation, all of its built-in video clips are fully licensed and created by professional video makers. All these videos can be used for a range of purposes such as sales promotions, brand awareness, maximizing engagement, product promotion and more. The most interesting fact about this platform is that it allows you to share your videos across social media accounts with the option to download all videos and publish them to Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on web and users even have the option to upload their video as a Facebook cover video. Promo also has a list of prominent features that make it more interesting and useful.


2. Rocketium

Rocketium is an excellent video creation solution that offers news and media companies, agencies, nonprofit and small businesses and social media markers a cloud-based solution and automated custom platform to create videos at scale. The platform comes as the alternative to Wowza and offers all the core features with some new features and tools in order to deliver a more realistic experience. The platform comes with built-in themes and styling options that also includes different fonts, colors, motion graphics, filters, and animation. It enables users with no design skills in order to generate professional videos instantly. Rocketium offers an advanced level customization feature that allows you to create videos with text, images, voiceover, captions and background music. Its powerful preview technology allow users to review their video before downloading or sharing. The platform support for square, portrait and landscape aspect ratios as well as HD and mobile-optimized formats that provide users the flexibility to publish and distribute content how they want. Rocketium enables users to easily download videos to their PC or share video directly to their social channels on YouTube and Facebook. By enabling users to translate video captions, it aims to help users reach an international audience. Brand overly, bulk uploading, customizable branding, content management, image library, social sharing, motion graphics, and video cloning these are the core features of the solution. All-in-all, Rocketium is an excellent video creation solution as compared to the others.


3. Maglr

Maglr is a cloud-based simple yet powerful graphic design and content management software solution for marketers and designers to produce high-quality interactive content for the range of online publications such as landing pages, online magazines, and presentations. This content management solution comes with more than 150 highly customizable templates for different content types that can be combined to create a storyline. Its drag and drop template editor enables users to add different present content sections including buttons, text, slides, and quotes. With this user are able to define their business’s color scheme and fonts that are automatically applied to any selected templates. All the responsive template ensure that publication can be read on any device with automatic scaling or images the ability for users to manually correct display on the mobile device. Maglr’s advanced level editor provides users complete control over the layout of their publications with support for element layering, grouping, and animation. Full-length videos can be added as MP4 uploads or link to any popular streaming platform including YouTube and Vimeo as well as background audio can be added in individual pages or entire publications. Maglr starts with a very basic level, and now you can enjoy it all features without any limitation. The prominent features include collaboration tools, a customizable content layout, a visual timeline, iFrame API, application form builder, scrolling animation, interactive content blocks, and offline export, etc. Overall, Maglr is an excellent content management solution as compared to others.


4. JW Player

JW Player is a most popular video streaming platform that offers the lightning-fast player to data-driven recommendations as well as support your entire online video strategy an achieve your visitor growth and revenue goals. The platform offers the world’s fastest HTML5 player, so your content and ads render reliably and stunningly play on any screen. With its HILS and DASH adaptive streaming feature, your audience gets your video, not buffering delays a deliver high-quality live streaming across any mobile or desktop browser. It delivers an advanced level control setup, intuitive dashboard user-interface and robust API that is up-to-date with the latest features. JW Player offers an advanced level end-to-end management solution with tools and features to grow your business. It has an option that allows you to build your video gallery with 1 click. The showcase is lightning fast and delivers a beautiful experience that engages the audience. In order to deliver a comprehensive experience, JW Player offers advanced level video monetization. For ad-supported video, every impression counts. Its unique technology and exert guide you with set-up, you’ll get the best possible ad file and CPMs. There are also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out; you’ll surely enjoy it.


5. Cision

Cision is an integrated public relations suite that allows users to reach out to the right influencers to help spread messages, be it a short product launch, advertising campaign, or even a political message. It offers user access to media database comprised over 1.6 million journalists, social influencers and blogger to help share your story to your viewers and the rest of the world. Apart from its PR (Public Relations), the solution offers a social media management program that helps users monitor their analytics and engagement. Cision is an ideal solution for government agencies especially offices that require the database, engagement, reporting tools and analytics for their PAC or grassroots campaigns without having to use multiple systems. Whether you are running an advertising agency, government office or a new organization, you need a powerful solution to help spread your message across and reach your intended viewers. It is also known as a social media software that lets you collect all mentions and posts about your brand or your organization, dig through the raw data and attain the insights you need to track and assess the social performance and engagement of your brand. Multiple channel monitoring, exclusive bios, automated insights, large media database, customizable charts, multi-channel content strategy and impact reporting these are the core features of the solution. Cision is an excellent marketing solution as compared to others.


6. NetX

NetX is a powerful digital asset management solution that simplifies that way business manage and share their digital properties from image, videos and any other files. This cost-effective solution is quite simple and easy to implement that allows you and your team to adopt the solution easily and incorporate it into your existing workflows right off the bat. As compared to all the other similar software, it boasts a rich feature set such as a very intuitive user-interface that provide three different views that are meticulously designed and developed for multiple use cases. NetX is optimized for mobile use; wherever you are, you can easily access your all digital assets, manage them and share them using your mobile device and tablet. NetX is a commercial digital asset management solution that offers capabilities and functionalities that all the other similar solution can’t deliver. It is loaded with a massive gallery that gives you multiple views into your assets. You can opt to check your digital assets in the tile view fashion and mortar style that maintain aspect ratio or the list view that display significant and relevant information about your asset. Just like all the other digital assets management solutions, it also offers an easy to understand dashboard where you access it all features and tools. NetX most prominent features included search facets, share links, grid editor, access request forms, a collaborative collection and saved all searches, etc. It is a premium solution as has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


7. Onalytica

Onalytica is a powerful software solution that specializes in providing influencer relationship management software and supporting a variety of professional services to help brand scale one-to-one influencer relationship management results. The software helps marketing, communication, digital and PR professionals to help configure bespoke influencer solution that allow them to automate better and streamline influencing activity as well as identify on-going engagement opportunities. Onalytica has a simple but feature-rich dashboard where you can easily access it all features and tools. Its influencer discovers solution mines more than 200 billion posts a year into the curated database of more than 500K global social media influencers such as data from Twitter, Instagram, Blog and lots of other similar platforms. All these influencers are then ranked by reach, resonance, reference, and relevance. Onalytica’s influencers score is contextual, so persona can score differently on the different subjects rather than being allocated on overall general influencers score. The solution also has a new way of finding influencer using brand content. This IRM solution allows users to identify easily, engage and track with influencers beyond the traditional engagement model of media relations, public affairs, and digital marketing, etc. To make it more powerful, Onalytica includes core features such as data mining, ROI tracking, brand management, social media monitoring, and data blends, etc. Try it out; it is an excellent IRM solution for all size of businesses.


8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the best and powerful social media analytics tool that comes with lots of unique social media search engine that help you easily find and analyze the best performing content related to the specific topic. This search engine is responsible for sweeping the web for the required and listing the content source based on their success rate. With the best content available to you in a matter of seconds and you get a lot of time to analyze the content for the reasons it’s performing well in social media. As you get insight into the factors that make content successful, it gets relatively easier for you to plan and create effective and promising content for your target market. As compared to all the other similar social media monitoring platforms, BuzzSumo is much powerful and helps the content curators and creators to develop the new content according to the needs of the markets. Hence a lot of time and resources are saved when most of the content goes to the publishing channels and not the bin. You get to know what channels and sources your competitors are using to reach target people that helps you to access the utilize all those sources before your competitors get there and help you become the main influencer in the target market. With the help of this solution, you can create custom alters to send when a target keyword reaches a certain threshold. Social media content insights, data exports, open API available, effective content curation, advanced data filters, customize alert these are the core features of the solution. Try it out, if you really need a social media monitoring solution.


9. Wowza

Wowza or Wowza Streaming Engine is a customizable streaming server software solution that is specially designed to deliver professional-grade streaming at any scale. It is a simple yet powerful platform that allows you to get high-level streaming at any size of an audience anywhere around the world. The solution comes with a professionally managed cloud streaming service with automatic global scaling that is easy to use and flexible for end-to-end live streaming or as part of a custom streaming solution. Wowza is an ideal solution for Facebook streamer and introduces a new tool called Wowza ClearCaster that bringing broadcast quality to Facebook live. The tool allows you to simulcast beyond Facebook Live to Wowza Streaming Cloud that ensures you reach audiences wherever they watch. With this, you can get 1080p video to any page on Facebook Live, 360 and VR videos to create a breathtaking experience and access to the premium transcoding tire for publishing via two additional output renditions. Wowza is a more popular streaming solution and comes with a massive range of unique features. Try it out, if you really need a comprehensive streaming platform.


10. Animaker

Animaker is the most leading web-based DIY video creation suite that is designed to help enterprise teams simplify their marketing initiatives by developing high-quality content easily on their own. The solution provides businesses teams with access to the range of visual tools, multi-user collaboration features, and massive animated library to help them create video content efficiently and quickly. With the help of this enterprise, teams can create different kinds of video such as explainer, animation movie, Facebook videos, and advertisement, etc. Its animated library provides team complete access to the large collection of animated characters, icons, charts and maps in order to create the ideal video for a project or presentation. They can choose to create a video in one or more of the Animaker’s 6 video style that includes 2D, handcraft, infographic, whiteboard, typographic and 2.5D. The most interesting fact about this platform is that it supports video infographics that allow enterprise team to present data visually through more than 100 charts, 1000+ icons and up to 3000 maps. Animaker pro-level features include social sharing, text overlay, media library, custom font support, support more than 50 different languages, template management, search functionality, task management, brand management, and direct voice recording, etc. Animaker also has multiple price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


11. Nacho Analytics

Nacho Analytics is a tool that provides users with website analytics and users’ traffic on the website in a few minutes. The platform not only offers analytics on website performance or visitor’s traffic but also provides analytics on sales of products. Nacho Analytics provides users with a complete analysis of influencers’ engagement and their daily views. It offers deeper insights on influencers and celebrities than other social websites daily.

Moreover, the platform also provides product design choices that help users to build products better and faster by keeping the user ahead of concept and development stages. Nacho Analytics offers users with financial market insights such as sales fluctuations or configurations which are not displayed on the company’s website –this helps users in making better decisions.

More About Ceros

Ceros is a fastest growing content-based experiential content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create engaging web content without any development. It is the only platform of its kind that with the ability to produce bespoke experiential content at scale that enables the brand to enhance consumer touch points across the funnel holistically. With the help of this platform, you can easily create interactive content in the fraction of time and cost of leveraging traditional development resources. The projects can be started from either a blank canvas or from one of the several dynamic and customizable templates available in the studio. Soros’s workspace environment is a collaborative so multiple users can easily work together in the program in real-time and go from an idea to live content in a matter of days. As an end-to-end platform for content creators, Ceros offers complete creative control and offers drag and drop assets, add animations and create interaction with the click of a button. Ceros also offers prominent features such as create interactive infographics, track your content against your KPIs, built-in analytics, embed content and customization, etc. Try it out; it is an excellent content management solution for all size of businesses.