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Chronus Mentoring is a learning management system and mentoring solution that is designed to help enterprises and organization designed, implement and manage modern monitoring programs that are aligned with the goals and values of its users. It helps instill and drive values as well as skills to its user that allow them to create a modern mentoring solution that is engaging, interactive and productive with measurable outcomes… read more
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20 Chronus Mentoring Alternatives & Similar Software


1. eFront

eFront is an advanced level LMS software designed for businesses that require highly configurable eLearning functions. The solution comes with innovative training management solutions and modern ways to distributes and evaluate knowledge that enables you to train large groups of employees as effortlessly as possible. It is one of the best alternatives to Ammon LMS and offers all the similar services with some new features. eFront is also designed for adaptability and scalability that enable you to have control over your complete data, training and overall learning environment. Furthermore, it is created to work well with other business systems to help you to streamline further the way you manage your all eLearning efforts that make it simple to help your employees hone their skills more to serve your customer better. The most interesting fact is that it comes with gamification feature that makes it possible to distinguish and reward fast and hard-working learners. In order to make the learning environment more competitive, you can distribute points and badge and make sure that all the trainee gets timely feedback. Course management, a repository for files, REST API, plugin, lots of tools, offline support and surveys these are the core features of this LMS solution. eFront is a commercial solution and has different price plans.


2. EduKool

EduKool is a simple bur powerful integrated LMS (learning management system) and enterprise resource planning program that is rolled into a single, compact platform designed for high schools, colleges, universities to provide high-quality education and instruction to their learners. The solution provides a complete view of the user’s institution that helps you to make your institute more powerful and advanced. Their operations and facets are all easily accessible from a single dashboard that is completely customizable. All the processes are easily defined and automated; all the resources are monitored and efficiently assigned. EduKool is a comprehensive solution that helps you and your fellow teachers closely monitor the progress of your learner. It provides tools that enable you to go down to a very granular level and track the progress of your students individually. EduKool’s GPS-based attendance or roll calls system to make it more powerful. It also includes core features such as digital courseware, social learning, timetable, student groups, parent communication and much more. Overall, EduKool is one of the best cloud-based LMS solutions as compared to others.


3. is a cloud-based e-Learning platform that is designed to deliver online education, training, and instruction to your employee. The solution features a throng of media content kinds of lessons to help you devise and implement the effective online learning strategies based on requirements and preferences. This online LMS solution feature and easy to understand interface that users without prior experience can create their own e-learning programs in just a minute. It also comes with several language support functionality and customization options for skins that allow users to integrate their colors and logos to the interface. is known as a robust learning management system that can fully be leveraged by any kind of business. Among its very obvious benefit is it a cloud-based structure that means there is no need for you to invest in any hardware or purchase software licensing to make it work. With the help of this solution, businesses have a functional learning tool that they can utilize to further efficiency of their employee and get their new board faster without bursting their budget. is an ideal tool for most businesses that are keen to see if their employees are equipped with the skills they need to fulfill their roles in their organization. Unlike others, it also has some new features that make it better than others. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful platform.


4. Administrate

Administrate is a comprehensive corporate learning management system that offers top-rate online learning courses and operation functionalities. It is a popular yet affordable, web-based solution that is comprised of three different packages such as Core: Training Management System, LMS: Learning Management System and WEB: Website Integration. Each one has its own cost and core benefits. As a web-based solution, it has no need for installing any software that save your money and time. That allows you to do admin tasks like booking clients and managing all the other operations including sheets, evaluation forms, and course certificates, etc. Administrate is an ideal tool for most of the businesses that provide training, online instructors, internal training department and academic institution, etc. that provide web-hosted instruction. This comprehensive LMS solution includes core features such as manage your all courses and events, automated email triggers and templates, custom branding, share staff calendar, landing form creator, invoicing and easy certification, etc. Overall, Administrate is one of best LMS solution for all size of businesses.


5. TalentCards

TalentCards is advanced level mobile learning application that allows you to easily utilize a micro-learning method and deliver details in small chunks to make it simple to understand. It is a perfect mobile training solution that helps users to learn on the go. With this help of this solution, you can create learning cards on the web and deliver them via the application to train people. It enables learners to get a variety of easy-to-digest learning resources and learn everything in a fun way, take tests to examine the knowledge gained, use gamification to review performance, and train themselves anytime, anywhere. Anyone can easily utilize the solution up to 5 users, and after that, you need to subscribe to the pricing plan. TalentCards app makes online learning, simple, more engaging and effective. The company knows advanced businesses need in order to invest in online learning to make their employees more productive. The solution also strives to provide these companies with the skills, and knowledge they need to improve their online training processes. The learning application has combined its experience in corporate training solutions and thoughtful interaction design to create a mobile app that empowers you to deliver effective small-sized training. TalentCards focuses on ease of content creation, micro-learning on the go to allow you to create successful training programs and learner experience. It is a feature rich-solution and comes with all the major tools and features that make it perfect for all size of businesses.


6. EmployWise

EmployWise is a Corporate LMS and SaaS employee life-cycle management solution that is designed for all size of businesses. Its modules can track a diverse aspect of human resources requirements beginning from recruitment to retirement. EmployWise is an excellent solution for all the growing businesses and can be configured to fit your needs. With the help of this platform, you can easily choose various modules based on your businesses needs and even subscribe to the HRMS modules as your business needs them. It is also known as a cost-effective solution as it can offer you the lowest cost of ownership and no maintenance fees. With you can cover everything from hire-to-retire stare, and anything in between that covers the complete life-cycle of your employees. Think of it as a tool with a plug-n-play function that enables you to see what you need now and add more module ion the tool as you grow. It also has a dashboard where you can immediately set up and run their courses and upload and upload any kind of business data. There is also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out, EmployWise is best for everyone.


7. Versal

Versal is a cloud-based corporate learning management system that is designed to deliver effective training content for businesses with any kind of workforce. The solution helps you build online courses collaboratively by using pre-coded solutions. It is known as a robust solution that caters to the needs of enterprises, modern learning centers, and higher education facilities. Versal assists businesses in providing product tutorials, corporate training, compliance training, and sales training. The software is highly effective in training resellers, employees and customers. It comes as the alternative to Ammon LMS solution but introduces lots of features that make it better than others. One of the best thing about this platform is that it supports creative freedom that offers a course canvass and a lesson planner. In order to make thing simpler, you get to enjoy its drag and drop functionality that enables you to add new images, video and all the other kind of content. Versal also includes core features such as activity dashboard, collaboration tools, learner progress report, mobile course access, and customization, etc. All-in-all, Versal is an excellent Corporate LMS solution as compared to the others.


8. SkillBuilder LMS

SkillBuilder LMS is an all-in-one powerful corporate learning management system that utilizes a competency-based approach in order to train employees and customers. It is a user-friendly platform that comes with all the major functions, tools and features that make it complete for all size of businesses. The solution can be tailored to suit your business requirements that allow you to easily create and implement an effective training program that not only empowers your employee to engage but learn fast and retain their training. With this LMS solution, you can easily create complete courses and training functions that are simple to distribute, access and track. SkillBuilder also enables you to provide your content in the format that you want such as web-based learning, PDF, PowerPoint, and videos, etc. It also makes it simple for you to monitor your learners, track compliance and follow their progress. Just like Ammon LMS, it also comes with a simple dashboard where you can easily access it all tools and features to create courses and distribute to the learners. SkillBuilder LMS also includes core features such as online course builder, user management, white labeling, learning paths, categories and bands, certifications, and e-commerce, etc. Try it out, if you really need a powerful corporate LMS solution for your business.


9. Asentia LMS

Asentia LMS is a next-generation LMS that raises learning standards to higher levels by integrating elements of social, online learning and classroom in the state-of-the-art interface that offer businesses and their learner’s total control without compromising ease of use. The software equipped with two different editions such as the Corporate Edition and the Publisher Edition. The Corporate Edition provides small and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises the robust and powerful combination of user-friendly features, services, and tools. And the Corporate edition is the ideal solution for businesses that are looking to deliver learning, development and training programs for global audiences in hundreds or thousands. On the other hand, Publisher Edition provides training providers and courseware publishers a branded, customer-facing portal solution that is loaded with the visual catalogs and e-commerce features. The system also allows turn-key online course registration and access for audiences around the world. With extensive rule-based automation of administrative functions and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, administrators have unprecedented access to training functions beyond the scope of the standard learning management solution. It provides all roles with the mobile-responsive user-experience that extends the reach of your blended learning programs. There is also has a list of core features that make it better than others.


10. Courseplay

Courseplay is a web-based corporate learning management system designed for organizations. Because of a cloud-based solution, administrators and learners can easily gain access to the system anytime, anywhere that makes management and training more convenient. With the help of this platform employers, educators, and administrators are able to gain insights regarding their employees and learners training progress. It lets them measure the effectiveness of their course and training programs that enable them to develop more effectual strategies. Furthermore, businesses can also expect an adequate ROI with this powerful solution. This is because the app enables them to lower training costs and reduce the waiting time for new material introductions. Courseplay LMS gives administrators various flexibility when it comes to generating content. It supports the embedding of multiple multimedia that allows training and course manual preparers to make their content highly interactive. The best thing about this platform is that it is equipped with state of the art AWS servers that allow it to scale and adjust depending on the load. This ensures that users and organizations don’t experience outages that make certain that they can continue productive around the clock. Unlike other, Courseplay also has a list of core features that make it complete corporate LMS solution for all size of businesses.


11. Torch LMS

The torch is an advanced level learning management system that is designed to provide high-level training and learning solution to all size of businesses and organizations. Those needing professional customer training can benefit from the learning management system that is designed to manage and implement training solution and address multiple training requirements. Unlike most of the LMS solutions, it is also a cloud-hosted that is easy to use for administrators and employees. With the help of this platform trainees can view and access all of their needs in a single platform, and admins get a powerful dashboard that displays complete employee progress. Training managers can also be able to share and publish online courses, training, and materials. Torch LMS comes with social learning tools, dashboards, and automated features that make it better than others. There are also has a notification function to ensure everyone concerned are informed of their duties. Custom functionality, unlimited users, exam engine, grading email integration, reporting, branding, and mobile access these are the core features of the solution. Overall, Torch LMS is an excellent feature-rich LMS solution as compared to the others.


12. Velpic

Velpic is a web-based learning management system that is created to simplify and streamline workplace training. The solution guarantees to bring down training time while enhancing content retention to as much as 60%. With the help of this platform, businesses no longer have to shell out thousands of dollars to repurpose their training or expend energy and resources in order to bring trainers and trainees together in the classroom. The solution takes out the need for lengthy manuals and brings in the extensive set of capabilities to make employee training easy and fast. One of the best parts is that it enables you to create videos and training content quickly and easily update them as often as you need. You can distribute your solutions or provide your learners with quick access to the materials and monitor their progress from a web browser. Velpic LMS incorporates a user-friendly video editor that takes out the need in order to launch and shuffle between several apps to perform multiple actions such as editing, rendering, and scheduling, etc. With this users can do all that within the unified platform. You don’t have to be an expert in video production to build fun and interactive training videos. Cloud-based deployment, mobile companion apps, detailed reports and automated or manual scheduling these are the core features of the solution. Velpic is a comprehensive solution and has multiple price plans.


13. Skillmeter

Skillmeter is an all-in-one web-based LMS and testing solution that is quite simple and intuitive. It is one of the best alternatives to Ammon and offers all the similar features with some new tools that make it better than others. With the help of this tool, you can easily create unlimited tests, assign them, and receive the results right away. It tests can be timed, scored, with fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice answers that helps you to measure skills very quickly. Skillmeter comes with the aim of to develop and cultivate the best skills testing so recruiters and organizations can get suitable talent while at the same time saving their time and cost. The tool offers everything that your business needs to create and assign customized assessments of your business to specific applicants. Just like other it also has a simple dashboard where you access it all features and tools. Skillmeter also includes core features such as access from anywhere, flexible branding and own subdomain, fast results and reporting, no IT skills required and much more. Try it out, Skillmeter is an excellent testing solution for businesses.


14. Ammon

Ammon is a cloud-based corporate LMS (learning management system) with a modular design that provides large corporations and organization a unified platform that is loaded with CRM, human resources, training management, and document management capabilities. With its CRM module, users enhance their relationships with their customers and maximize their sales and marketing efforts. Excellent conversation results in the delivery of essential information such as new courses, surveys, learning development, and all the other learning services. The training management module allows users to be in full control over their training courses. The automation of daily and redundant tasks free users from the mundane yet time-intensive processes, while a 360-degree view of their operations that gives a complete image of their business. Ammon is a powerful platform that provides you with a robust LSM solution in order to simplify and speeds up the way you plan, build and manage your courses. The solution is stacked with tools and capabilities you need to create perfect and effective training courses and then make modifications to these courses as business requirements change. With this you can easily plan and craft all sorts of training for all sorts of purposes, whether they are company’s specific or open courses or apprenticeship, Ammo always got you covered. One of the best thing about this platform is that it has lots of tools that helps you to connect, communicate and interact with your customers and potential clients. There is also a list of core features that make it more powerful. Ammon is one of the best corporate learning management system solution for all size of businesses.


15. eSembler

eSembler is a web-based corporate learning management system that comes with grade book and attendance tools that are intended for K-12 school districts. It is a product of Premio, and it comes with the aims to replace all the traditional methods with innovative programs in order to manage student details and assessment. With this administrators can easily run their schools more efficiently and completely a variety of task automatically. Using its standards-based assessment, it integrates with all the existing Student Information Systems as well as offers lots of new features that make the system feature-rich. One of the best part about this LMS solution is that it offers automatic class configuration feature with close to real-time student information updates. Through this administrators can monitor students’ grades, attendance and easily utilize these details to create reports. eSembler also contains tools to make teachers more productive such as customized reports, lesson planners, and more, educators can work more simply and enhance the quality of their service. Users are feel secured with this solution’s Active Directory or LDAP validation that authenticates all its users and grant permissions providing the highest access security possible. Unlike other Corporate LMS solutions, it also has some key features that make it better than others. Try it out; it is best for everyone.


16. Accord LMS

Accord LMS is a robust LMS solution that facilities SMB employees training with the modern features that you expect, also the functionalities needed to run on extended enterprise and e-commerce training. It is similar to Ammon LMS solution and comes with all the major tools and features. It is ideal for businesses that want to create online courses and training that is provided by an instructor. The platform offers a host of other features including gamification, compliance and certification management. Users can enjoy full integration of multiple application and functionalities such as HRIS synchronization, webinars, and HTML5 content authoring. Aside from these, you’ll likely appreciate its clean interface provided by its drag and drop feature that makes tasks faster and easier to complete. This LMS solution also allows a wide range of integration with your digital asset and 3rd-party applications. One of the most interesting facts about this platform is that it offers personalization functionality, users can easily tweak visual element to the suit their personal preference and to project their company brand. In order to make it complete solution, Accord LMS also includes core features such as learner dashboard, mobile learning, gamification, role-based assignment, easily manage learning content and solution engineer, etc. It is a premium solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


17. Edvance360

Edvance360 is a web-based learning management system and source social network that institutions can utilize to implement successful learning programs. The solution comes with organizations, schools, and corporations to revitalize residential courses implement modular courses. It is designed by educators for educators with the help of insight offered by multiple leading educational design specialists. One of the best thing about this platform is that it offers unlimited customization, personalized support and high return on investment that makes it better than others. With the help of this platform, you can easily engage your student and deliver more ways to learn. There are loads of features that help you to do so. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is more powerful and offers a secure way for your learner to learn key skills including networking, blogging and created their own portfolios. In order to make learning more effective, the solution gives you mobile application feature. All your students can interact better and work their group projects and easily carry out discussions in real-time. There is also has an automatic grading feature that reduces cheating opportunities; this enables you to generate a better result for your institute. Edvance360 also offers key features such as parent dashboard, skills assessment, surveys, content management, reporting, gradebook assessment, and performance tracker, etc. There are two different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


18. RomyLMS

RomyLMS is a next-generation LMS solution that is created on simplicity and functionality. The solution provides businesses a streamlined platform that gives them complete control and management overall learning-related tasks. It is a simple and affordable solution that comes with all the major tools and features. The software enables the user to create an online learning environment that enables customization without the hassles and hitches. With this, users can easily create training lessons and programs within minutes. Inserting images, videos, files and much more to each course can be done with just a single click. The solution also allows users to create auto-graded quizzes to save time while gasification that enhances learner engagement. RomyLMS is designed to fully address any business training needs by integrating features and functionalities that focus on the basics of learning management. These features include s creating and uploading users in bulk, using existing content or making new courses, etc. It is a cloud-based solution that runs on all major browsers on any device. There is also has customization feature with some new tools and services that make it more interesting. RomyLMS is a comprehensive learning management solution as compared to others.


19. MindTickle

MindTickle is one of the best sales enablement, and sales readiness software solution the empowers businesses with a variety of tools in order to ramp-up new sales rep faster, train them immediately, and have them up-to-date to prompt ethos of sales excellence in the new world order. It is an advanced level corporate learning management solution that comes with some new learning tools and features that make it better than others. The best thing about this solution is that it enables sales teams to wade through the disruption, volatility, and hyper-competition of the latest scope to significantly enhance sales performance. With the help of this platform, you can easily compare sales proficiencies to business performance that makes it easy to relate the impact of sales enablement to revenue. MindTickle also helps sales teams in large enterprise and organizations identify customer problems and prescribe the best possible remedy, as well as develop full-bodied strategies in order to win deals faster. It continuously measures capabilities while classifying knowledge gaps and deliver real-time readiness visibility. It introduces automated learning paths that are designed to expedite ramp time and deliver seamless onboarding experiences. MindTickle also includes core features such as sales onboarding, lots of new learning tools, micro-learning, skills and practice, and sales coaching, etc. It is a premium solution and has multiple price plans that depend on the size of the business.


20. Skillsoft

Skillsoft is a feature-rich learning management solution that offers a plethora of eLearning, online training and talent solution on a corporate scale that allow organization and business to furthered developed and more values to their most precious resource, its employees. The software provides highly effective learning solutions that aimed to turn their workers into high-value and top performing assets. These solutions include Training, Business Skills, Digital Skills Training, IT Skills, Compliance Training and Certification Training, etc. The software is built to ensure that your workforce remains efficient, productive, competitive and compliant as business requirements change and industry standards shift in this digital age. Export have noted that the best 10 work skills are essential today and will not be considered as important in a few year time. The best thing about this LMS is that it has a range of tools and features to help your company keep up with effective businesses skills training. It provides thousands of courses, videos, books, professional mentoring and certification-aligned content for your employees have access to several resources that help further their continuous learning and development. There is also a range of features that make it more interesting and helpful. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this amazing LMS platform.

More About Chronus Mentoring

Chronus Mentoring is a learning management system and mentoring solution that is designed to help enterprises and organization designed, implement and manage modern monitoring programs that are aligned with the goals and values of its users. It helps instill and drive values as well as skills to its user that allow them to create a modern mentoring solution that is engaging, interactive and productive with measurable outcomes. Chronus Mentoring LMS is an ideal solution for a variety of mentoring purposes and approaches such as career development and diversity monitoring, extended onboarding and peer coaching. The solution also delivers entire mobile experience through its iOS and Android apps to ensure that mentoring, learning and testing can be achieved even when there’s not a computer around. For you people, Chronus Mentoring is an excellent tool to help mold and develop their careers and drives their growth while achieving the best strategic value. It helps you to achieve a productive mentorship via automation that guides users through every step, so they learn better and faster. Simple and easy to understand Interface, easy to the configuration, match IQ technology, guided learning, program management, measure result, and program scalability these are the prominent features of the solution. Overall, Chronus Mentoring is one of the best monitoring solutions for all size of businesses.

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