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Cisco Packet Tracer Alternatives

#1 Virtual PC Simulator


Virtual PC Simulator is an open-source software running on Linux and Windows, where only limited network commands can be used. It is an ideal tool to use in simulated networks such as GNS3 as it has developed from a simple to a robust testing ACLs tool. Because of the detailed output of ping replies and commands such as to see packet dumps, etc., made it a toolkit for the networking engineers.

Virtual PC Simulator simulates up to 9 PCs, and it is more useful than traditional PCs because it can send and receive UDP and TCP pings. From the virtual PCs, you can ping or trace out the other routers or hosts when you learn the Cisco routers in the Dynamips. It can substitute the routers or VMware boxes used as PCs in the Dynamips network.


#2 Free SNMP Agent Simulator


Free SNMP Agent Simulator creates a network of up to 100000 SNMP manageable devices on one server. The users can simulate any SNMP centered device with any of the public or private MIBs to run an enormous range of devices configurations with their SNMP management application. It lets users create thousands of traps to simulate disaster states.

SNMP feature includes multiple agents in one box, customized SNMP agent simulation, SNMP agent instance configuration, and extensible environment. It also offers real-time modifiable simulations, configurable SNMP Trap Generation, and recording environment.

#3 Router Configuration Generator Tool


Router Configuration Generator is an open-source application to use as an extension for GNS3 that spontaneously creates the configuration of all Cisco network equipment, which is part of the virtual topology. Through topology setup configuration files produced by GNS3 provides nodes like switches and routers without opening their matching consoles.

It provides you a standard that which configuration should be applied as it includes customized settings such as the routing protocol etc. To integrate with GNS3 and to run this tool, there are two requirements to work with this application on Windows that is GNS3 (latest version) sources files and the Latest version of rcg-tool.


#4 Live Raizo – Linux Distro for Networks


Live Raizo is open-source software and a live distribution based on a virtual Linux machine called Debian that comprises various network tools and services. It also includes tools to interrelate with real devices such as Wireshark and minicom, as well as SSH, HTTP, and TFTP servers.

Its core features allow you to build a complex virtual network with drag and drop options. You can link with hubs or switches and utilize server or router as a client because you have simulated machines based upon Debian. You can introduce your OS if it is compatible with Linux, Microsoft, and ASA Firewall. You can connect your simulated network with the physical system using drag and drop options.

#5 NetSim


NetSim is a software, an end-to-end packet level, full-stack, emulator, and simulator. It provides the network engineers a technology development atmosphere for protocol monitoring, network research and development, and military communications.

NetSim Pro version is suitable for commercial enterprise customers and the NetSim standard, and NetSim Academic targets at education customers. Users can check network libraries that show different protocols and technologies. They can also check the emulator to understand how it can be connected to real devices running the live applications.

#6 Dynamips


Dynamips is a computer program that is written in C language to emulate Cisco routers. It allows users to be familiar with Cisco devices, test, and experiment features of Cisco IOS and to check rapidly the configurations deployed on real routers.

To compile Dynamips, you need a working GCC or Clang compiler and CMake build system. You can accumulate two different varieties of Dynamips with this code, and to set the flags, you have to edit the Makefile.

#7 Agent.GUI


Agent.GUI is a structure to address the use of Multi-agent based simulations (MABS) and Multi-agent systems (MAS) for end-users of diverse domains. MAS is a computerized system of multiple interrelating agents. It can resolve severe problems that are impossible for an individual agent to solve.

It provides a Graphical User Interface that can be stretched by the developers to address the requirements of economists, engineers, and computer experts. It is developed in JAVA that enables the developers to constitute more dominant software tools than building them from the base. The numerous tools combined in its solution provide powerful agent technology to its framework.

#8 Cisco Systems. Inc


Cisco Systems. Inc designs manufacture and sell premium products related to a variety of technologies, crossways security, collaboration, applications, cloud, and IP-based networking. Its technology and products include infrastructure platforms, applications, and security, etc. The cloud-based services based on UCS (Unified Computing System) that provides for hosted versions.

The category of security products includes combined threat management products and advance threat security products of the enterprise. It also offers software that exploits the core network and data center on delivering the functions. And infrastructure category contains its core networking technologies of routing, switching, wireless, and data-centered products.

#9 GENESIS Neural Simulator


GENESIS Neural Simulator is a simulation to build accurate models of neural systems. It is used in matching supercomputers to simulate networks that comprise millions of multi-compartmental neurons. The software can model more intangible networks. Generally, it can be used both in realistic modeling of the nervous system as an instructional tool and for neurobiological study, which is a simulation-based tool.

GENESIS builds from modules that receive inputs, makes some calculations on the data, produces output as its simulator design, and the interface is based on building block approach.

#10 GNS3


Graphical Network Simulator3 is open-source software and a network emulator that allows the combination of virtual and real machine devices of almost any description used to simulate composite networks. GNS3 can run on a server VMware ESXi or in the cloud. Users can host topologies on cloud vendors such as Google and Packet net etc.

It is used for education and testing networks before they are placed into production as it offers limitless choices and variations for lab topologies. The users need several components to run recent versions of this software; they need the GNS3 Graphical User interface and virtual machine when using Windows or Mac. They need Cisco IOS images for their labs.

Cisco Packet Tracer Reviews

written on July 30, 2020

I will say that this software is very significant for educational purposes, but the functionalities do not provide a wide range of tools and advancements for research purposes. I like that it is powered by Cisco because it is the world largest leading company in network simulations; they always come with a guide in the program. It is very helpful and sometimes beneficial for teachers to revise the fundamentals, before teaching the students. My experience with this software has been great.

written on July 20, 2020

I am impressed with the functionality of the software. Cisco has outdone itself again. The software provides an intuitive approach to the simulation, and I have been practicing more and more to learn the networking course. The software includes both CCNA and CCNP simulations, and they can be convenient for both teacher and the students. If you are thinking of using it as research simulators, I will suggest that she contact Cisco to provide you a customized version. I don’t know that do that top-notch, but it will be beneficial.

written on July 9, 2020

It is one of the best software I have ever encountered because it can provide you a different type of simulation and kinds of function which you can initially used in a router to teach student how the simulation and networking works. Cisco has provided a learning platform for network professional, and I have been using it to teach my students how the router functionality works. It has tons of features and tools to use and learn. If you cannot purchase a device, you can download this free software for educational and research purposes.

June Mary
written on June 20, 2020

As you can imagine this is the best software to use in a CCNA course. I advise my students to use is on the router and see how the network simulation works. I have noticed that there is a limitation in the switching aspect of the software, but that is for advanced users. Everyone should download the software because it is highly recommended if you want to have good grades in your thesis.