Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines Alternatives for Nintendo DS

#1 SimCity DS


SimCity DS is a Management, City-Building, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by EA Games. It is a first installment in the series of SimCity available to play on the Nintendo platform.

At the start of the game, it allows the player to choose his area in the region with one of five advisors that will help the player in gameplay. These characters will provide a piece of advice and recommendations to make the city beautiful.


Cities: Skylines Reviews

written on July 10, 2020

Cities: Skylines obliges me to develop as well as expand different structures, buildings, and other infrastructure based on the size of the population. Such an excellent video game allows me to provide various facilities of daily life, including creating different roads all around the city and form different Schools, Colleges and Universities. I need to make a town a well-organized place to live by creating multiple infrastructures and developing different airports at some suitable locations.

written on July 8, 2020

Cities: Skylines is a fantastic video game that requires the player to remain engaged in building and constructing lots of structures. The player needs to manage multiple activities and tasks throughout the game. Such a brilliant Simulation obliges the player to develop and decorate the entire city by utilizing several factors. The player can participate as a solo with other virtual computer-controlled players who assist him in managing lots of activities.

written on May 12, 2020

Cities: Skylines is an excellent video game that stimulates me to remain engaged in building and expanding the entire town by performing numerous actions. I have to provide each facility of daily life to make citizens able to survive under suitable conditions. I must build different petrol pumps and manage all tasks required to offer fuel to different vehicles. I must take care of all citizens and attempt to fulfill their wishes by providing a brilliant environment.

written on May 11, 2020

Cities: Skylines requires me to manage numerous activities and tasks such as replacement of damaged roads, development of public transportation departments, take control of different Public Services, Taxation system, etc. The game aids me in managing and maintaining several activities to ensure the city’s health, happiness, population size, and more. I must develop different factories, improve traffic flow system, enhance the employment level, and provide all those other systems essential to create an augmented city.

written on December 19, 2019

Create and even run the entire town by performing various actions. I need to take control of each and everything and make use of lots of items, objects, and equipment required to perform well. I am capable of creating all those structures of real-life which are essential to make a civilized society. I must provide all those facilities which are necessary for the survival of people.