Clappia Alternatives for iOS

#1 Blynk


Blynk is an all in one IoT platform for business and developers that permits them to have more reliability in their process. The platform provides you a complete advantage of the machine learning process that will let you not only make a smarter decision but make a prediction that favor your business to get the most productive results than ever. It does not matter what business you are in; automate each and everything like billing, user experience, historical data, permissions, load balancing, state syncing, device provisioning, and more to add.

Blynk is continuously evolving with its private clouds, device management, data analytics, and machine learning. The platform is surfacing the good scalability with the possibilities to connect devices on the cloud, design an app to control them, analyze the telemetry data, and deploy the products. Data is the most effective and reliable source of development in this technological world, and Blynk is doing things for you with the most comprehensive stack so you can combine the cloud with your applications. There are multiple features on offer: connection management, firmware API, public and cloud server, easy deployment, drag and drop interfaces, complete customization, and much more.