Clarion is an intelligent online database for businesses designed to scale up productivity, efficiency as well as handles the wide range of clients-matters with advice. The tool is a cloud-based solution that supports the corporate attorney’s important activities easily and quickly.

Clients is an easy to use tool that understands the businesses and each client’s industry with ease. It has the ability to inform the clients with guiding and advising features. It provides the infrastructure and details of the company to understand the business batter such as company profile, entry structure, overview and management.

The tool gives the simple interface of the company dashboard with the category option in which you can see the total company revenue, explore the view of revenue by country, list of target obtain resources, searchable list of relationships and find the companies competing in same industry sector easily.

The core features of Clarion include conducting disclosure, acquisition of new clients, jump-starting due diligence, legal-pro virtual training and many more. It has an interactive map facility that provides the visual representation of the data for the sake of quick decision making. Clarion customizes the group or individual learning opportunities for organizations by covering the general products and overview of related content as well.


Clarion Alternatives

#1 MyCase


MyCase is an online legal practice management tool that reduces the communication gap between clients and legal experts. The tool is a cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized businesses developed by Appfolio Company.

It is especially for attorneys and paralegals and offers a complete practice management solution with ease. It allows the legal professionals to manage the online billing and invoicing, calendar management, scheduling, and contact management as well with all-in-one platform.

The core features of MyCase include Legal practice management, Tracking of time and expenses, Customizable templates, High-level online security, and much more. The tool integrates with Google, Outlook, QuickBooks, and many others.

It has a client portal interface that gives the facility to manage all the processes and operations in one place. It is compatible with the Web-based platform as well as Mobile-platform, such as iOS apps and android. It provides free trial and automatic payment plans for the pro version to upgrade more features.


#2 LEX247


LEX247 is an advanced legal practice management platform designed to automate the lawyer’s functions and streamline the tasks. It can deliver high-quality services and concentrate on the growing client’s legal practice efficiently.

It is a cloud-based solution that is capable of handling the user’s entire legal practice and allowing him to manage all operations and processes of legal practice with a single user interface. It is compatible with the web-based platform as well as a mobile platform that can be accessed whenever and wherever.

LEX247 allow the lawyers to view their schedules, send invoices to clients, enhance the case management, and review client’s cases easily and quickly. It has set up an appointment feature to handle all the appointments of clients and informs with a notification ping.

The core features of LEX247 include business intelligence reports, automatic conflict of interest checks, multi-currency support, core integration with multiple platforms, and much more. Additional features are Trust Accounting, 100% Translatable, Time Management, and Invoice Management.

#3 LawPay


LawPay is a payment processing solution designed for legal firms in Canada and the USA primarily. It is mainly a credit card processing tool that helps the lawyers to get paid quickly. It works on radical payment technology that handles all the needs of lawyers.

It is compatible with IOLTA and ABA guidelines that help to accept the payments comfortably. The tool handles the legal issues faced by attorneys in accepting payments with full understanding. It has a lawyer-friendly processor of payments that allows backing form state bars in Canada and the USA.

The Core features of LawPay includes Client Management, Document Management, Account Tracking, and many more. Additional features are Manage payments, Accept payments, Integrate Payments, and other payment issues as well.

It is easy to create custom payment pages such as law firm information with your logo. It allows you to add invoices, emails with a secure and seamless payment experience that links to your websites. It is also available in a mobile app that makes it easy to send, track, and accept payments.


#4 mattersCloud


mattersCloud is a revolutionary legal practice management tool that provides lawyers to manage clients and matters. It is a cloud-based matter management solution for small and medium-sized businesses to manage existing clients and develop new contacts and opportunities.

It is compatible with mobile and web-based platforms with the support of almost five languages. The tool can collaborate with colleagues and clients using a simple and UX interface. It is a product of the Cinelli limited, and it has data centers in the UK, Australia, and the USA.

Core features of mattersCloud include creating and sending professional invoices, capture expenses on time, build a relationship with business partners and prospects, and many more. It keeps you up to date and provides a complete view of matter information.

It has a task list option that enables you to track all tasks, details, and ensure the completion of tasks in time with the help of intuitive forms. It offers expense entry to edit, review, and finalize the expense entries. It integrates with multiple platforms such as Postcode Lookup, Logo Finder, Dropbox, and many others.

#5 Filevine


Filevine is an online cloud-based legal practice management tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses of legal firms. It handles almost 14,000 legal elites for the sake of investigations, matters, and project management.

The tool is built on AWS, which is considering as the world’s most dependable and largest cloud platform that provides automated security, reliability to the department of justice. It establishes a process with automatic workflow and specific task assignments with a secure collaboration facility.

It integrates with the number of leading tools that ensure your work to be done properly. Core features of Filevine include Project management and real-time collaboration, text-to-case-file, bill and expense tracking, settlement calendar, and many more.

Additional features are Records, Reports, Audit reports, Auto-hashtag, and legal document management as well. It handles optical character recognition, which indexes your documents in search to find precisely match results seamlessly. It has a periscope ability to refine workflow and data-backed decisions.

#6 CloudLex


CloudLex is an online cloud-based legal management platform that handles all queries of law firms. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and law firms. It has a matter management feature that allows you to collaborate with the help of matter-specific communication.

The tool is available on mobile and web-based platforms. It can manage the progress of cases by using the analytics dashboard and targeted reports that properly allocate the resources to needed areas. It allows you to receive and share vital case information with the help of a secure portal and client communication app.

Top features of CloudLex include Conflict Management, Document Management, Email Management, Expense Tracking, and many more. Other legal case management features such as case notes, calendars, client management, etc.

It allows to make changes to your excel, power-point, and word documents without leaving the legal cloud, and it also eliminates the need for physical storage by putting all existing cases into digital archiver. It offers the attorney referral network engine that gives the facility to share a secure network and track the progress of your referred matters.

#7 eZManage


eZManage is an online advanced legal project management solution that works especially for law firms to maintain their workflows efficiently. It is compatible with SMEs, Agencies, and large-sized enterprises to scale up the businesses by using the cloud-based hosting. It supports desktop as well as mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

eZManage is the product of Knovos that acts form case organization to the management of process with the highly customizable matter management solution. It offers performance budgeting and reporting to keep an eye on the process and hold on legal affairs. It gives reach to every client engagement with global expertise and delivers seamless support to organizations.

Top core features of eZManage include user control access, configurable workflow, billing and invoicing facility, Email integration, and much more. It has a customizable dashboard that handles all client quires and workflows with ease. It allows you to explore the data form every single angle with the help of multidimensional analytics.

Additional features of eZManage are Conflict & Contract Management, Legal Case Management, Trust Accounting, and many others. It gives the training with the help of documentations, live online, webinars, and also in person. It offers monthly and yearly based payment plans.



CSM-LAW is a revolutionary advocacy solution and law firm designed to serve SMEs, Startups, and enterprises. It supports the Windows operating systems in desktop platforms and android in mobile platforms seamlessly. It can improve your business processes with the help of reviews and operation analysis and proper road-map using technology transitions.

It has a multi-site practice management solution that gives the client engagement as well as schedule the professional work event of clients. It offers the engagement manager that enables you to track client application, client diagnosis management, and group session management with ease.

Top features of CSM-LAW include legal case management, conflict & calendar management, time tracking, billing and invoicing, and many more. It provides an advanced user interface that is easy to use and gives the role-specific security access. CSM-LAW offers an integrated task manager that allows assignment and tracking of tasks as well.

One of the core features of CSM-LAW is document management that allows you to collect and file returned documents and the ability to attach scanned documents using the Word, Docs, and PDF file formats. It offers secure and comfortable paid plans.

#9 Employment Foresight


Employment Foresight is an online law practice management solution that offers the legal case management facility to law firms. It is an AI-enabled platform that helps the lawyers to get clarity of many challenging employment issues regarding courts such as reasonable notice, classification of workers, drug testing, and many more.

It gives a revolutionary way to find the factors and outcomes of cases. It uses machine learning that offers the idea of court rule in your scenario. First of all, it fills out the questionnaire, then AI compares your case with relevant previous facts and supports your position in the form of document to share with stakeholders.

One of the core features of the platform is a consistency that bolsters the research-quality across an organization and for the sake of developing law understanding, and it makes consistent decisions of employment & labor. Employment Foresight handles the structured database and weighs of relevant cases.

Top features of Employment Foresight include Case Notes, Conflict Management, Legal Case Management, Notice Calculator, and many others. It offers paid plans quickly to maintain the outcomes with ease.

#10 ProVantage Suite


ProVantage Suite is revolutionary advocacy and law practice management platform that handles the time and billing of law firms. It is available in mobile and desktop platforms such as windows and supports SMEs, Agencies, and enterprises to scale up the businesses. The main focus of the platform is time and billing that gives easy to use service to your clients.

It consists of a fully integrated G/L accounting system with numerous budgeting facilities. The platform offers a convenient browser-based with a remote system for fee entry. ProVantage Suite allows you an extensive and impressive list of standard reports with conflict management. It provides the exception alert system for reporting to maintain efficiency.

The core features of ProVantage Suite includes cost entry & configurable fee screens, records management, conflict management, marketing tools to attract and retain new clients, rules-based workflows for file intake, and many others. It has integration with other outside vendors and banking vendors as well.

One of the main features of the ProVantage Suite is to handle client requirements like unique reporting, exceptional circumstances, and custom billing, etc. The platform offers paid plans to scale up and upgrade your business.

#11 eLawSoftware


eLawSoftware is a law practice management solution that handles all the legal cases for law firms. It is compatible with small and large-sized businesses such as enterprises. It is available on mobile and desktop platforms like Web apps and windows.

It is a product of eLawSystem that uses the suite of SaaS systems. It has an easy to use that a comprehensive program that designed specially to assist the criminal defense attorney efficiently. The platform is a cloud-based system with the integration of APIs and customization support.

Top features of eLawSoftware include Legal Case Management, Calendar Management, Billing Management, Expense Tracking and many more. It provides client relationship management that helps in client management and client statements with ease.

Additional features are staff calendar facility, quick case notes, billing and invoicing ability, full document support to manage clients record quickly, and much more. It offers pricing plans according to the number of users with a secure and comfortable approach. It provides mobile support and allows you to use the solution in the mobile app.

#12 Dazychain


Dazychain is an in-house advocacy legal affair management solution designed especially for SMEs, Agencies, and enterprises. It gives end-to-end facilities for windows and web apps. The platform centralizes all aspects of legal practice easily and quickly. It allows you to get a legal house in order with ease.

It can manage, monitor, and report on resources and legal matters. Dazychain has the ability to access critical data such as documents, invoices, and emails at once. It generates strategic reports on legal operations with a dashboard in real-time.

The top features of Dazychain include Full-Text Search, Access Control, Retention & Archiving, Document Management, Version Control, and many more. Additional features are indexing, collaboration support, tagging of documents, and allows to create a more efficient legal team. It has a drag-drop facility of documents to file them easily against open matters.

The platform provides visibility over all the specific areas of legal operations that help you to manage the team workload with efficient oversight. It offers paid plans with documentation support.

#13 Ismartlaw


Ismartlaw is a law practice management solution that includes matters management software and case workflows for your law firms. It provides an end-to-end solution for enterprise business management that gives the facility to professional services organizations and law firms to run the operational aspects quickly and efficiently.

It is a cloud-based system that supports desktop as well as mobile platforms. It offers a built-in customer relationship management facility that increases the system’s availability with clients. It provides automatic invoice creation without any difficulty and gives integrated billing.

The core features of Ismartlaw include centralized practice management, human resources management system, litigation support & time recording, Calendars & remainders and many more. It allows you a customizable dashboard with a proper interface that works efficiently.

Additional features of Ismartlaw are reporting, resource tracking, payroll, contact management, and client login. It offers quickly paid plans to handle client & matter management and financial management as well.

#14 LAWS/Pro


LAWS/Pro is a legal solution that specially designed for billing, time, and accounting for law firms as well as a legal professionals. It supports cloud-based hosting with free data conversion. The platforms provide access to internal accounting records, general ledgers, and accounts receivable details, etc.

There is no special software or installations required for the platform. It offers straight forward and cost-effective pricing to legal professionals with an accessible facility at any time, anywhere. It eliminates the need for spreadsheet-based and time-sheets systems with a single product approach.

The main features of LAWS/Pro include case defined timekeepers, calendar management, document indexing, accounting track, and many others. LAWS/Pro simplifies the reconciliation of cash balance by monitoring the activity of the bank throughout the month.

Other features are trust accounting, management reports, disbursements, secure signup facility, and much more. It allows document repository strategy that gives the document storage ability as well as locating and retrieval of documents based items.

#15 EliteLaw


EliteLaw is a revolutionary firm management solution specially designed for modern law firms to eliminate digital queries. It handles all the basic needs of a law firm, from registration to payments and billing and manages the clients, accounting, human resource management, and much more.

It is an indispensable tool that gives the digital management platform for cases to lawyers and professionals. It focuses on the policy of spend less time on tasks of administration and provides more time for clients to scale up the business.

Some of the core features of EliteLaw include the Exportation of reports to excel and PDF, an Unlimited number of branches, customizable forms and reports, Role-based access privileges, and many more. It provides secure links such as https:// for the sake of security and authenticity.

It has the facility of real-time automatic updates, easy and fast deployment, complete management solution, and file status access ability. It offers quick reporting in which, with the help of keywords, you can easily find your files or reports as well.

#16 CaseMine


CaseMine is a platform that offers a highly versatile legal research AI to enhance traditional legal research beyond keywords. The platform, through its AI, understands the facts, course of actions, law questions, and various other legal principles and provides searchable legal propositions. The platform offers different functions such as CaseIQ, CiteTEXT, Case Visualization, and Management.

It helps users in cases by converting the relationships into insights through mapping linkages between case laws. CaseMine covers the whole list of case laws to provide a holistic view to users of the case. Moreover, the platform enables users to manage cases in a single place through its easy-to-use interface. CaseMine also enables users to assign tasks to associates, colleagues, or interns and measure their progress by tracking the workflow.

Some other essential features are Case Visuals, Keyword Suggestions, Search History, Bookmarks, Case Alerts, Intelligent Judgment Search, and Judgement details. It also has three different ways of using this platform; one is through direct uploading of the document; the other is through its Intelligent Judgment Search feature, and lastly, through its Research Center. The platform comes with a 7-day free trial and a paid version with different pricing plans, while customer support is available online.

#17 Peachtek HotDocs


Peachtek HotDocs is an authentic document automation solution providing the platform designed for all kinds of businesses. The software is making things easier for you via converting frequently used documents and forms into ready to use templates. The solution also benefits you with the cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid deployment options. You can use a table of docket entries right from the pacer website to enter citations to the record in legal cases in federal court.

The legal toolbox technology allows you to reduce repetitive and time-consuming aspects of creating legal documents with automated workflow. HotDocs is making its reputation in the market as a leading document assembly software that developed for lawyers and is more productive via automating your office.

#18 LawPath


LawPath is an online utility that you can use for different legal works at a reasonable price and decent way. You can easily start your business here without any worry. Furthermore, you can register a company and start a partnership with your trusted ones. This software enables you to create legal documents and guides for every problem. It allows you to hire a lawyer for all your legal works for a fixed fee and enjoy the great feature where you can check your legal health.

The software allows you to read all legal guides, and it’s a stress-free, super-efficient way for preparing complex legal documents. It provides quick services that save time, where you can get a range of unlimited legal advice and different plans for your business in an affordable way. LawPath’s more significant features are: it performs professionally, easy to communicate, fast turnaround, and very informative.